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19 July, 2019 BitLife Fully Accessible No additional comments.
17 July, 2019 Talking Typer Fully Accessible I remember using this in Windows, and probably the AppleII computer that my parents had. I just purchased the iOS version this morning, and have found it to be completely accessible with VoiceOver. The app is a lot of fun to use, as well as educational. Great documentation too!
16 July, 2019 Fing - Network Scanner Fully Accessible works perfict with voice over
14 July, 2019 YouMail Voicemail & Spam Block Mostly Accessible When I upgraded to the professional plan, I couldn’t edit the auto-attendant menu. They listen to feedback as well. The email address to send accessibility feedback is and their phone number for their customer service is 800-374-0013
14 July, 2019 FEER Fully Accessible No additional comments.
9 July, 2019 Texas Hold’em Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
9 July, 2019 Swamp castle Fully Accessible No additional comments.
25 June, 2019 Just Press Record Fully Accessible Very easy to use.
22 June, 2019 Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Inaccessible Very disappointing. Very disappointing
22 June, 2019 Sonarium Fully Accessible The game-play is not conventional, as it uses a "virtual joystick". Once the concept of this is grasped, though, I think it's fully accessible and playable.
21 June, 2019 Microsoft Soundscape Fully Accessible Voiceover works perfectly with this app.
19 June, 2019 BARD Mobile Fully Accessible Works perfectly.
18 June, 2019 Tonality: Piano/Guitar Chords Fully Accessible No additional comments.
17 June, 2019 Voice: OCR Document Reader Fully Accessible No additional comments.
5 June, 2019 The Life Simulator Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
3 June, 2019 Hokusai Audio Editor Fully Accessible No additional comments.
1 June, 2019 Facebook Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
31 May, 2019 Hokusai Audio Editor Fully Accessible No additional comments.
29 May, 2019 NFB-NEWSLINE® Mobile Fully Accessible I just got this app earlier today for my iPhone. The interface is very clean, and all buttons and links are nicely labeled. The additional audio alerts add a nice touch too. This app will definitely be staying on my i-device, and the wide array of available content is awesome.
28 May, 2019 Alt-Frequencies Fully Accessible its fully accessible
24 May, 2019 Scrivener Fully Accessible The only thing I would change is that we could write in markdown, at least for the formatting of bold and italics and such. When I type, I either use braille screen input or a braille display, so I have to either exit out of BSI or show the keyboard then type the word I want in bold/italic/whatever then turn off the formatting and type out another word to make sure I don't screw the formatting up before continuing. Other then that, this app is perfect and there's no way I could live without it now that I've started using it!
23 May, 2019 Mobile aquarium Mostly Accessible Most buttons are clearly labeled, for the rest you can just tap to see what they do then label them yourself. Although I haven't figured out how to put hats on the fish yet. I've only had them for not even a full day though so maybe I have to wait until they get bigger? We'll see.
16 May, 2019 Bose connect Fully Accessible From what I can tell, the latest update has fixed my last big remaining bug, Voiceover getting stuck after flicking to the, "About," button. In addition, recent updates have addressed poor labeling of settings and buttons, and product selection is better defined.
15 May, 2019 Landlord Tycoon Partially Accessible Not all parts of the game can be played. Newly added features (like the „Buy Map“ part) simply don‘t work with VoiceOver. Also, in many areas, VoiceOver reads elements in a confusing order (it would in many instances first read multiple labels and then read multiple values, leaving it up to the user to figure out which value corresponds to which label. In list views, VoiceOver keeps changing the order in which elements are presented, sometimes skipping information altogether. So yes, there‘s definitely room for improvement here.
15 May, 2019 Smart Chef Smart Food Scale Partially Accessible The talking scale feature can be accessed and controlled using Siri shortcut commands. As for VoiceOver Accessibility, the app is difficult to navigate and many areas are not accessible at all.