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12 July, 2017 Seeing AI Fully Accessible No additional comments.
27 July, 2019 Live ATC Air Radio Fully Accessible I found the app to be completely accessible. I’m not sure if the interface has been re-designed since the original rating and review of this app, but I can’t find anything that’s hard to figure out. I guess if you know about radios and or flying maybe it’s more intuitive. Very cool app, I like it a lot.
13 December, 2018 Aira Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 July, 2017 Amazon – Shopping made easy Fully Accessible Sometimes you have to lift your finger and move it ot a different part of the screen, but it is certainly completely accessible as far as I can tell. Granted, I don't have an Alexa.
28 December, 2018 Cash Reader: Bill Identifier Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 November, 2017 Reverb for Amazon Alexa Fully Accessible I finally managed to locate the proper version of this app for the Mac, and installed it earlier today. I should point out before going any further, that the phone representative at Amazon with whom I spoke was incorrect in saying that the app would only work with another external device present. I immediately saw Reverb in my Applications folder and opened it. I'm still figuring things out but it seems to work well on here.
1 March, 2018 Audible audiobooks & originals Fully Accessible This is the app I would say I use the most.
25 October, 2018 Amazeng Fully Accessible It's cool that VO says which directions can be traveled in on any given square of a maze.
24 May, 2018 Boop Light Detector Fully Accessible It's 100% accessible. I really love this app.
6 March, 2018 Land of Livia Fully Accessible This game is awesome and the creator has taken pans to make it accessible to us.
17 July, 2018 Ferrite Recording Studio Fully Accessible Persistence will pay off, it takes some getting used to, read the user guide persist, and then enjoy.
23 August, 2017 Blindfold Flappy Fully Accessible No additional comments.
31 August, 2019 CBS Full Episodes and Live TV Fully Accessible I just wanted to update this, version 7.0 was just released with a new interface and design, I updated it and it appears very accessible now, the episodes now fully read out instead of what it was doing, I don't see any issues with the new design what so ever, if anyone sees anything that might interfear with accessibility please feel free to post, I did not see anything that stands out. Very nice update, I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or an accident, but thanks cbs!
4 February, 2018 Blindfold Color Crush Fully Accessible Like all of the other games in the Blindfold Games series, this game is completely accessible.
4 November, 2017 Aurora recorder Fully Accessible No additional comments.
19 December, 2017 Seeing AI Fully Accessible No additional comments.
29 August, 2017 Byword Fully Accessible No additional comments.
1 September, 2019 AudioWizards Fully Accessible No additional comments.
15 December, 2018 Aira Fully Accessible No additional comments.
24 January, 2019 Blindfold Bobsled Fully Accessible fully accessible and verry easy to use
2 August, 2018 Peapod Fully Accessible I have no issues with this app. Peapod have been great about fixing the ones I point out as soon as possible.
11 April, 2019 Subwords Fully Accessible Although this app is accessible with VoiceOver, I'e noticed that VoiceOver can sometimes lag and focus can jump.
3 June, 2017 Creatures Such As We Fully Accessible No additional comments.
4 July, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible No additional comments.
19 May, 2018 Blindfold Basketball Fully Accessible This game, like the others the developer has made, is fully accessible.