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3 January, 2018 Game World: Play With Friends Fully Accessible It is a really good App for Blind People that are using VoiceOver
4 May, 2019 Be My Eyes – Helping the blind Fully Accessible Perfection; couldn't be any easier or more accessible
24 July, 2018 Loadstone GPS Fully Accessible No additional comments.
21 December, 2017 Duolingo Fully Accessible No additional comments.
11 December, 2017 Actiview - Movie Access Fully Accessible It is no longer necessary to connect to a theater's wireless network to use the app. I used it tonight with only my cellular connection, and it worked fine. It should also work when watching movies at home that are in the database. Audio Description files are stored on your phone and download very quickly. And the sync adjustment slider llows you to sync amplified audio exactly to the sound from the theater's speakers. I cannot recommend this app enough.
24 June, 2018 BlindSquare Fully Accessible No additional comments.
1 June, 2017 Blackbox Fully Accessible It's accessably addictive. I love it.
27 January, 2019 Naturespace - Relax Meditate Focus Sleep and Rest with 3D Sounds, sonic therapy for anxiety and stress relief Fully Accessible This app is fully accessible, and I've even baught some of the packages with no issues. Thanks for putting out a great app.
5 March, 2019 Grab Fully Accessible The app is very much accessible to VO, however there some unlabeled buttons which can be easily delt with
24 September, 2018 FEER Fully Accessible it is fuly accessible
29 December, 2018 Timecrest: The Door Fully Accessible Just downloaded this app a couple days ago, upon my brother's recommendation. All buttons are clearly labeled, and the music player seems to be very accessible as well. Game notifications are working well when my iPhone is locked.
21 May, 2018 Hosted Games Fully Accessible Works great!
30 June, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible See for some accessibility hints.
19 May, 2018 Ears Fortune Wheel Fully Accessible This game, like the others the developer has made, is completely accessible.
19 July, 2018 Land of Livia Fully Accessible The game is fully accessible with voiceover. Anyone who is looking for a really good game to play this is the one. Follow this link to download and join the fun.
16 July, 2019 Fing - Network Scanner Fully Accessible works perfict with voice over
6 October, 2018 Blindfold Bop Gesture Game Fully Accessible This app is great for blind and visually impaired users. However, I do have some edits to share. What about if people cannot go is fast in the jesters. I am talking about people with hand difficulties.
29 August, 2017 Byword Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 July, 2017 Seeing AI Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 December, 2018 Aira Fully Accessible No additional comments.
22 December, 2018 Frotz Fully Accessible No additional comments.
9 February, 2019 LetSeeApp Fully Accessible this is verry simuler to looktel recogniser.
29 September, 2018 Signal - Private Messenger Fully Accessible I love this app! The team did a great job.
14 October, 2018 Blindfold Doggy Fully Accessible No additional comments.
24 April, 2017 King of Dragon Pass Fully Accessible No additional comments.