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22 April, 2017 Battery Monitor Fully Accessible I used this app for awhile when the default system battery notification on my MacBook wasn't working with VoiceOver. This app is well worth the price. I especially like the fact that there is a checkbox for audible notifications of charge status. I highly recommend this app for those who want to know the percentage of charging from time to time, but cannot get this information reliably or at all just by looking at the screen.
15 December, 2018 Aira Fully Accessible No additional comments.
18 February, 2019 BlindSquare Fully Accessible No additional comments.
27 January, 2019 Naturespace - Relax Meditate Focus Sleep and Rest with 3D Sounds, sonic therapy for anxiety and stress relief Fully Accessible This app is fully accessible, and I've even baught some of the packages with no issues. Thanks for putting out a great app.
13 December, 2018 ZOOM Cloud Meetings Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 October, 2017 Classic Lemonade Stand Fully Accessible No additional comments.
1 September, 2018 Knight Commander Fully Accessible No additional comments.
14 June, 2017 Diced - Puzzle Dice Game Fully Accessible No additional comments.
21 June, 2019 Microsoft Soundscape Fully Accessible Voiceover works perfectly with this app.
30 November, 2017 Rock On - A SongPop Adventure Fully Accessible No additional comments.
8 December, 2017 Just Press Record Fully Accessible Everything you can do as a seighted can be done with voiceover and also the buttons are clearly labeled and the developers have worked very well to actually make this app accessible. I use it to make an audio diary.
31 August, 2019 CBS Full Episodes and Live TV Fully Accessible I just wanted to update this, version 7.0 was just released with a new interface and design, I updated it and it appears very accessible now, the episodes now fully read out instead of what it was doing, I don't see any issues with the new design what so ever, if anyone sees anything that might interfear with accessibility please feel free to post, I did not see anything that stands out. Very nice update, I'm not sure if this was done on purpose or an accident, but thanks cbs!
19 December, 2017 Seeing AI Fully Accessible Excellent idea and implementation, obvious enhancements in a quite short time
30 November, 2018 My Disney Experience Fully Accessible I think that my experience with this app is with a much more recent version, as I have not run into any of the difficulties noted. I had no difficulty finding the restaurant I wished and making the reservation, I managed to order my magic bands, and have thus far not run into any problems. I can’t speak to performance making Fas tPass reservations or using the app in the park, as my vacation is several months away, but it looks like things have greatly improved.
19 May, 2018 Seeing AI Fully Accessible This app has been what people with visual impairment have been waiting for .
13 November, 2018 Dolphin EasyReader Fully Accessible I just downloaded this app yesterday, after reading great things about it. The app is easy to use, just as the name suggests. The interface is very nice. I only had time to read through part of a book yesterday, but I really appreciate the wide array of content that is available to us from within the app. Registration upon downloading the app was very straightforward. Thank you Dolphin for giving us EasyReader for free!
12 April, 2018 YouPlayer - Video Player for YouTube Fully Accessible No additional comments.
18 June, 2019 Tonality - Music Reference Fully Accessible No additional comments.
31 May, 2017 Blackbox Fully Accessible The visuals are explained very well. You're even let to know when you'll need to change that actually works.
22 December, 2018 Frotz Fully Accessible No additional comments.
2 January, 2019 Microsoft To-Do Fully Accessible I just got this app today so haven't played around with it that much. Once the app was installed on my iPhone, I switched over to my Mac to sign up and configure it. I probably could've done everything on my iPhone, but I was once again in a bit of a rush. However, the app interface on the iPhone is very nice and everything is clearly labeled.
15 July, 2017 NOAA Weather International Fully Accessible No additional comments.
20 September, 2018 FEER Fully Accessible No additional comments.
25 November, 2017 Timecrest: The Door Fully Accessible No additional comments.
22 April, 2017 RS Games Fully Accessible No additional comments.