Apple Releases iOS 13.6.1, iPadOS 13.6.1, and macOS Catalina 10.15.6 supplemental update

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Apple has today released iOS 13.6.1, iPadOS 13.6.1, and a supplemental update to macOS Catalina 10.15.6.

According to Apple's release notes for iOS 13.6.1, via MacRumors this update:

  • Addresses an issue where unneeded system data files might not be automatically deleted when available storage is low
  • Fixes a thermal management issue that caused some displays to exhibit a green tint
  • Fixes an issue where Exposure Notifications could be disabled for some users

According to Apple's release notes for macOS Catalina 10.15.6 Supplemental Update, via MacRumors this update:

  • Fixes a stability issue that could occur when running virtualization apps
  • Resolves an issue where an ‌iMac‌ (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2020) may appear washed out after waking from sleep

As these are minor updates released to address a handful of specific issues, our expectation is that they do not contain any accessibility changes for blind and low-vision users. However, if you do notice any changes, improvements or regressions in your use of these releases, please let us know by posting a comment below.

How to update

iOS 13.6.1 and iPadOS 13.6.1 are available via Over-the-Air Update (Settings > General > Software Update) via Finder on a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, or via iTunes on a PC or Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier.

Before updating, we strongly recommend making a full and complete backup of your device (either locally or in iCloud, depending on personal preference). This will ensure that, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong during the update process, you will have a current backup on hand in case a device restore becomes necessary. Also, if using OTA update, we recommend plugging your device into a power source for the duration of the download/installation process, so as to prevent the unlikely event of your battery going dead during the update.

More information on how to update the software on your device is available on this Apple Support page.

macOS Catalina 10.15.6 Supplemental Update can be downloaded by going to System Preferences > Software Update.

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Submitted by Khushi on Thursday, August 13, 2020

hey all
I just updated my IPhone to IOS 13.6.1 and to my dismay, the text deletion bug where we experienced voice over playing the 'boundary-reached sound' has still not been resolved. so please keep in mind before updating, I updated because I thought it has been resolved but I do not notice any change from the previous version.
this bug was first mentioned at:

Submitted by John Gurd on Thursday, August 13, 2020

I assume we've all been reporting this bug. I think this is proof that something in Apple's Accessibility reporting chain is seriously broken. Why are they fixing minor bugs with minor updates but not Voice Over bugs they must know about. Maybe we should ask apple for an update just addressing Voice Over bugs?

Submitted by Jo Billard on Thursday, August 13, 2020

In reply to by mendi

Then why haven't they fixed it? No, I don't need an answer, it's just frustrating that they know and they haven't given any indication of when they'll fix it. Good thing it's just a minor problem.

Submitted by Kerby on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Also, when you double-tap and hold the delete button, that seems to have stopped working. That has been the case for the last few updates.

Yeah, they know...

And as I have been saying for many years, the reason Apple hasn't seen to fix any accessibility but since they released iOS 13 is because they aren't really serious about accessibility as they'd like everyone to believe, if they were, each new update to the operating system would include at least several accessibility bug fixes or improvements.

In truth, the only companies that care anything at all about accessibility are those companies that are actually in the assistive technology field. Apple, like some many other companies, only cares about accessibility as a marketing strategy to hopefully sell a few extra devices. Beyond that, like most other companies, they don't really give a damn about accessibility.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Thursday, August 13, 2020

Using iOS 13.6.1 and 11 pro max. After I installed it, I unable to see battery percentage for watch. I see phone but not watch. Watch is connected to phone. Bluetooth is on.

as someone who has recently switched to IOS an year ago, it's better.
it is way better than android. again, it's my own opinion. it is more swift, smooth and accessible.
there is a hope they fix the bugs, at least it isn't like you get an android phone then you realize Oh this won't receive any updates and then you're at a loss what to do.
so yeah. it's a miner bug, it should be fixed but then it will be I think.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, August 14, 2020

The issue got fix. After doing a force restart on the watch, I can see my watch battery percentage on phone.

Submitted by peter on Saturday, August 15, 2020

I am sorry to see that the problem of not being able to find the "Back" button any more after reading an article in the News app with VoiceOver has not been fixed.

One used to be able to find the "Back" button after reading an article by either moving one's finger up the left side of the screen until encountering the "Back" button or simply swiping left a number of times. But now this button has disappeared as of iOS 13.6 and now iOS 13.6.1.

Apple accessibility suggested that, to get around this issue, one could dismiss the news article by doing a two finger scrub. Although this works, it turns out that not only the "Back" button is missing after reading an article, but so are the "Share" and some other buttons. Thus, after reading an article, if one wants to then share the article, one has to first dismiss the article, then get back into the same article, and then activate the "Share" button.

Oh well.


Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, August 16, 2020

I just updated both devices on Friday morning. The deletion "bug" on iOS is definitely still present. I put quotes around the word bug because perhaps some of us are still able to delete things. I happen to be one of these people. But I guess some people just for the life of them cannot stop whining. Enough said.

Submitted by HCSF on Monday, August 31, 2020

In case you don't know yet, go to Voiceover -> Sounds -> Boundary reached and turn it off.