two voices that I want apple to add in IOS 14

Hey my apple experts! IOS 14 6 months away, and I want to ask apple to add two voices for voice over. the first voice is for English scotland, and the second voice is the enhance version of the Indian voice, witch is added. What do you think? And what other voice you want apple to add?


these voices

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theese voices make perfect sence because they are vocalizder ex[ressive and are all ready on the Mac. Apple should also do a vocalizer update in ios/iPad os 14. that will be also nice as the latest version has new voices which are in Android, especially if you're beta testing the vocalizer expressive app for that platform.

I would love to have Vicki come to iOS one day

I love the Alex voice both on my iPhone and my Mac. However, I think it would be cool to have Vicki, which is one of the built-in voices made by Apple, to come to iOS. Oh, and the Siri voices are available on the Mac. You just have to download them. However, they are a bit sluggish.

My choice

To begin with, I haven't heard a lot about this wonderfully human American Siri voice lately - the one that came with IOS13 last September and that Apple said was utterly brilliant. It would be nice to get that experience with the Siri UK voice and other Siri voices. Or is it that the American enhanced Siri voice wasn't actually that great after all? I do remember folk at the time feeling a little underwhelmed.

Beyond that, my choice would be the Ivona voices. If I could, i would have Brian voicing my iPhone. he's the best non-synthetic voice I've ever heard. He reads all my Voicedream texts. I doubt he's coming to the iPhone though as he appears very much incorporated into the Amazon ecosystem these days.


Sometimes Apple over state their new things and when they come out, they have more bugs than a hotel from New York. I would just be happy if iOS 14 be stable, free from bugs and work well. If I want bugs, I would go and stay in a hotel.

you are right.

I agree with you all. They should fix existing bugs, and add more human voices like alex.

I fully agree

I fully agree with you. I love the Siri SA and Siri USA female voices plus Ava enhanced, but I will really be grateful if the pronounciation errors can be fixed.

the problem with vocalliser.

The problem with the voices are: some times, the they sound more human, and sometimes, they sound more robotic. I love alex. Apple worked on him very well in turms of inflection. I hope that Apple adds more voices of their own.

Fiona and Jill

As everybody probably knows by now, I'm neutral regarding all these voices and I like what we currently have. Furthermore, I heartily thank Apple on their diligent accessibility efforts. But along those lines I do have a question. Back at the end of 2013 when I first got my Mac, I specifically remember having both Fiona from Scotland, and Jill from Vocalizer. That was OS X Mavericks. But somehow I managed to remove those 2 and haven't been able to get them back. Perhaps they don't like me anymore after I did that to them, lol! I'm not exactly begging for anybody's sympathy regarding this, but if Jill and Fiona could return they'd be most welcome.

IVona, Acapela, and touch sounds.

Hello everyone. I’d love to see UK Siri female voice given a bit of a makeover. She needs some touches on the pronunciation, and to be made a bit more expressive. I’d also like to see Samantha being made a bit more expressive. I actually sent in a recording to apple, of Samantha asking for a makeover. It was funny. Nothing came of it though, obviously. But she would sound perfect if she was just a little more brighter and cheerful. I’d also like to see, and I know this is probably a bit far fetched, but I’d like Ivona, Acapela, and touch sounds like you get on the samsung phones when you double-tap on an item, you get the little bubble sound. That would be really cool. Either that or the ability to customize which sounds you hear when you select an item. I’m probably getting too carried away. If I was working for apple accessibility, I’d make sure we all had the requests that are on this page, and I’d probably create an API that would make it possible to record our own voices, or the voices of family and friends, and import them to an IPhone, so I could have certain people reading for me. I’d be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on this post. I hope you all are staying safe during this difficult time of year.


well.. I know people will call me very old for this but still, even if it is quite far fetched, I'd love to have dear old elequents. I love reading novels, blog articles and other things with that. somehow for me, may be its because ever since I learnt to use a computer I have only worked with elequents most of the time, I love it a lot :).
also, I'd love to have an enhanced much more.. better version of Indian voices.
well apple you did a smart move by putting Rishi as the voice for us.. a shortcut actually but I seriously hate that voice. and the Siri female, though its a little better, I'd love to see it enhanced.

the Vickie voice is already

the Vickie voice is already there.

Unless you're refering to another one, the only voice that I know of by apple is Victoria.

I'd like more voices too and would be willing to pay

Hi, At least once a month I submit via Apple's feedback site asking for more voices indicating that I'd be willing to pay for them too. I'm not asking Apple to give me something for free at all. I'd love access to many of the voices I currently have in VoiceDream Reader too numerous to name but Julie is a particular favorite of mine. Perhaps others would be willing to submit feedback via Apple's feedback site as well. Just a thought. Take good, good care.

Agree with you all.

Hello. One of the poster has a very nice thought about several new features in voice over.

I personally think that Alex

I personally think that Alex while I like him he needs more inflection and also make Samantha like she was before ios9. She sounds like she smokes 20 packs a day. I don't know if they would do this but the amazon alexa voice would be a good voice as well.

I feel this is something Android actually got right.

I really feel that Apple really does need to get on-board with this. On Android, there's built-in voices, but manufacturers can release apps on the Play Store so their voices can be downloaded. I think it would be cool for Apple to do this. The apps could control what voices were displayed in settings. If you didn't download the voice through the app, it wouldn't appear in the Settings app. There would need to be headings to separate the voices from different companies, so things wouldn't get all mixed up--or maybe a picker item to only display voices from a certain company. For example, both Nuance and NeoSpeech have a voice called Kate.

Speaking of Kate, I'd love it if NeoSpeech made their voices for Apple. Kate and James are my favorites from them. I'd also like to see more voices from Nuance get added, like Nathan and Fiona.


I believe those voices you

I believe those voices you speak of are 32 bit. As android and apple no go 64 bit, they decided to actually pull eloquence from the play store and not even code it for us anymore. You can still use it if you have it, but if you do-not ...

I like your method, but I don't see it happening any time soon. I've written to apple accessibility several times over the past few years and get the reply that "we will pass it on to our engineering team." They probably have, but I don't think again this will indeed happen.


People forget that iOS is a close system and you need to go through many steps to meet apple guidelines. Specially regarding security. I just be happy if apple send Siri for therapy for her speechproblem. She can not say "yesterday".


well, I agree with @Holger Fiallo. I wish yesterday was back...
I was thinking this.
how about cortana? the voice is good, right? what if.. though it cannot happen. but what if apple brings it to us? it'd be amazing!