help with my airPods

Hello. I got my new airPods just an hour ago. I have a few questions.
Which devices do they work on and 'how can I see battery while charging the case?


I'll help answer those

Hi. Hope you enjoy them. they work on any iPhone. They also work on the Mac. The easiest way to discover what battery you have is this. Open an app, like messages or weather. Then flip open the lid and hold them near your phone. If you have connected them at one time, they will show something like Sasha's airpods, 25% charging, case 75%. Now that's if both airpods are in. If you take one out, it will say left airpod 20% I hope this helps. If you need more help, want we can face time. I don't know how to do it on the mac well. You can check david woodbridge. He did a podcast on them.

First page

Also if you slide on home to go to the first page, slide where you see battery of your phone, watch and I think airs. I think you probably could ask siri to tell you the llevel of the battery.


Is there a way to check what model I have? I know it is not pro meaning it has to be sries one or two.


Go to setting, bluetooth and slide until you see your airpods., go to info. I think there is what you need.

charging case

When you bought them, if it had a charging case come withit, you have the second generation. If you didn'tm and bought a case which is fine, then that would be the first generation. The info that Holger is telling you about, wouldn't help there. That is just to unpare them from the device. Hope that helps.


Yeah it came with a case that it is inh. I did not buy an extra case.

Found another way

I looked at Google, yes that is a good search, and saw I could check what model I had so I went to settings, general and about, then tapped on my airPods, which are Sasha's airPods, then looked up the model number and then I used the website and it is airPods 2.