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Metronome Touch. Style of pendulum.

Metronome Touch is created with one objective: to design a classic metronome with a unique style, so we combined a precise pendulum, perfected accuracy, and realistic interaction. Made of aluminum and glass, Metronome Touch proves a huge statement: It is as exclusive as your device. Launching Metronome Touch, your device will become a metronome.

Anyone can try to make a metronome app, but success only comes when listening to customers. That's why Metronome Touch centers around functions that musicians are looking for: The ability to tap a beat, use customizable presets to save your favorite sets (bpm, time signature and accentuation), and multiple useful ways of adjusting the bpm. Metronome Touch even goes far beyond that: Neither analog nor digital metronomes can synchronize pendulums. But Metronome Touch can. This opens completely new ways when practicing, performing on stage or doing studio recordings.

Should you be teaching students, they can follow your lesson more accurately while concentrating on their own devices synchronized with Metronome Touch. You will gain your student's attention when using this outstanding technology. If you have ever been on stage with bad acoustics, you will love Metronome Touch: It will provide every single band member with a perfect steady and synchronized rhythm on stage. Even when recording a song in separate soundproofed rooms, Metronome Touch keeps you in perfect sync.

Easily adjust Metronome Touch to your likes and needs with the light or dark design - relying on absolute clear vector-based display graphics - and many well chosen professional metronome sounds.

Metronome Touch is constantly being developed further to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.


• Precise engine

A completely new developed engine makes this app one of the most precise pendulum metronomes available on the App Store. Highest accuracy is supported on all iOS devices.

• Ableton Link synchronization technology

Metronome Touch was the first metronome worldwide offering pendulum synchronization on iOS devices. You can keep band members‘ metronomes or a whole orchestra in sync.

Ableton Link provides new ways of practicing together or in a group.

• Memory function

There is an infinite number of customizable presets to save your favorite sets of bpm, time signature and accentuation.

• Numerical entry

Using bpm display let‘s you directly enter tempo values from 20 up to 999 bpm.

• Tap2bpm

Use the tap field that will interpret your finger taps as bpm.

• Beat count and accentuation

Choose a beat count from 1 up to 12 beats and free customizable accentuation.

• Styles and sounds

Customize Metronome Touch to your likes and needs. Choose between dark and light design as well as chosen professional metronome sounds.

• Retina display

Metronome Touch comes with a complete set of vector graphics for all display sizes and looks simply perfect on your device.

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This app is extremely accessible with VoiceOver! Earlier versions of this app used inaccessible bitmap images to display on-screen content. From version 3 and above, Metronome Touch now uses accessible Apple programming framework standards to deliver a truly VoiceOver-friendly user experience! All controls, menus and options are clearly labeled for full-accessibility.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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Some years ago, I needed a metronome app, by where I could sync up all the other band members. I am a drummer for a Contemporary Christian band, Channels Of Blessings.

I thought it would be so cool to be able to start my metronome, and have all the other Musicians be in sync. There was such a metronome on the market. It was called Metronome Touch. Imagine my good fortune to have found this app, out of hundreds of Metronome apps, already in the App Store? Wait, not so fast! I purchased the app, and to my surprise, it was completely, totally inaccessible! Well, I just couldn't have any of that, especially since at that time, it was the only metronome app to offer the ability to start and stop (sync) multiple metronomes.

I then reached out to the app developer, Uwe Hollatz. He was not all that familiar with programming for VoiceOver at first, but he got real familiar fairly quickly. Now, we have a very accessible metronome app,, with the ability to control other metronomes on the same network. Thank you Uwe for taking the time to research how to bring your metronome app into the lives of other visually impaired students and Musicians!

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