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hello, i am looking for a app/game to do some braintraining like:
memory-excercises, speed-tests, logic questions like a set of numbers with a specific sequence :2,.4,.8... whats the next?
or some other ways to train the brain.

i found a link on the web from 2016 but there was no app connected to it as far as i have discovered.…

and on the applevis site, i saw no recent updated accessible program after a first look.

any ideas?

many thx for the responses and keep you all save and healthy



Submitted by Patrick Smyth on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

If you like those kinds of games, then great! But my recommendation for brain training is to practice and learn some kind of other skill, or, conversely, to just find any game you enjoy and play it. Learning an instrument or a new language is brain training and you'll have something fun to show for it, and maybe a new community to join.

If your brain like doing math-type or logical work, you may enjoy computer programming. That might mean learning the Python programming language. A year before I started learning Python I spent a summer's recreation working through a book of logic puzzles. Since then programming has filled that niche for me.

If you go the language route, I suggest trying out Duo Lingo. I was using it on the computer so I don't know the accessibility status of the app, sorry.