Weird punctuation issue

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all. I have an iPhone 12 pro and iOS 15.2. Everything has been fine up to this point however yesterday all of a sudden VoiceOver has started reading random punctuation. It’s not everywhere but if I scroll through list of emails or read out text messages it reads every piece of punctuation including apostrophes within words. I’ve checked my punctuation level and have it sent to none. If I touch the battery percentage at the top of the screen instead of saying 70% it says 70 so it’s all together pretty random. I don’t have any activity set up except for one app but this is happening everywhere.
So first question, does anybody have any idea what the hell is going on here and if not the second question is how can I reset VoiceOver settings without wiping my phone.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Maldalain on Monday, January 10, 2022

Make sure you are using the default activity. Use the rotor to cycle through available activity options.