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Hi. I know this is decades away, and this is my first post by the way, so I’m new to this. I’ve been hearing Leakes about the VR headset, the AR or VR headset, virtual reality headset that Apple‘s about to come up with, supposedly to replace the iPhone. Do you really think, they’re actually going to replace the iPhone? And if they actually did that, let’s say they did that, would it have anything to do with Accessibility? Because so far I’ve seen nothing regarding voiceover on those headsets or nothing like that i’m even hearing they’re gonna come up with glasses like that as well



Submitted by Charlotte on Saturday, May 7, 2022

May be decades away, but Meta has a roadmap that has AR classes coming out in 2024.

This is a worrying area for blind people - it's worrying this blind person anyway. I'm hoping the USB C port in the back of the head comes along sooner rather than later. Because the glasses age looks like being very difficult right now.

Maybe Apple will merge VoiceOver and Siri into an Assistive Intelligence that goes around with you describing what's going on and helping you interact with virtual worlds. They could call it a D.O.G - Digital Online Guide.

Or something new will solve all the problems in a new way, fingers crossed!

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Saturday, May 7, 2022

I'm not worried. Think of it as a couple of small iPhones close up. When phones were moving to a sheet of glass I was worried about accessibility but, look where we are now. Apple, for all its puritanical bullshit does have a certain image of inclusivity to sustain. I imagine something like seeing AI or, as another poster said, a running commentary of the world about us. If just meta were leading the charge this would be worrying but apple have had our backs with every device they've released, barring the apple pencil, for the last decade. I don't see that changing.

I'm excited for the glasses as it might actually open up possibilities, face-time assistance from our friends and family looking from our perspective. New apps to identify objects, surroundings, people. Reading menus in restaurants, apps such as the vOICe by seeing with sound, allowing us to see with a greyscale audible sweep... Check that out, it's really interesting but the actualisation of it, hardware, learning curve etc is pretty steep. Bringing it onto mainstream and well supported devices might make all the difference.

Submitted by Apple for all on Saturday, May 7, 2022

Hi Tree, to be honest, I've been hearing about these leaks regarding Apples AR and VR headset and glasses, and I have to say, there was no mention of VoiceOver and accessibility. its worrying, as I use my iPhone for everything, and I wouldn't want to use a headset or glasses for everything. there's also roomers that you'll be able to control the device using gestures too. for me, I wouldn't want to do that, as to me, it seems stupid. I really hope they don't stop making the iPhone. if you have any concerns, feel free to email Apple accessibility regarding this. what's more worrying about this is the first iPhone didn't have VoiceOver on it, and I'm worried that the same things gonna happen on the headset and glasses. the iPhones changed my life for the better. before the iPhone, I couldn't talk to friends and family independently. thanks to the iPhone, I'm now able to do this. I also use my iPhone to do my YouTube videos as well. I don't think they'd get rid of the iPhone, but its hard to say, and with these leaks going around, it does make you think and worry. but if your worried, email Apple accessibility regarding this.

Submitted by Tristan Bowen on Saturday, May 7, 2022

From the little I've heard about the Apple glasses, they are not accessible. As for the VR, i would love it if it was accessible, but I'm notsure how that would work. Asfor it replacing IPhone, I think you'll always have people who stick with IPhone. Also, I can't see Apple discontinuing IPhone even if the VR headset replaces phones because even though Apple will make money from the headsets, they will Lose money from not selling phones.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Sunday, May 8, 2022

I don't know where everyone is getting information on this unreleased product but even the rumour mill is still pretty sketchy on what the VR headset will be like, let alone the glasses which are still way off. We don't know the use cases of such devices, it they are a means to watch movies, then it's simply not a device for those without sight. If they are going to tap into an avatar based face-time, then there will be accessibility built in.

In short, if it is a device for purely visual consumption, then we won't want it and, and we won't be alone in this. Apple will continue to have a range of devices to meet customer preferences. The intractability of an iPhone/iPad won't be challenged by VR or AR glasses for a long time and by then, there will be a solid accessibility solution. Gesture based control is already what we use on the iPhone with flicks through items, could be exactly the same idea with items in a visual field.

As I say, they've not been announced, there are no solid facts on what they will do for general consumers so there is no wonder that there is no info about accessibility.

Not an apple fan boy here by the way, but they want everyone buying and using their products, this is one of the reasons IOS has one of the most complete accessibility suites out of the box. I'd not worry.

Submitted by OldBear on Sunday, May 8, 2022

Most of what I come across relating to virtual reality is regarding a visual experience and a tiny bit of haptic. I don't recall anything about audio being included. None of this is actual virtual reality as far as I'm concerned, like calling mono audio a surround sound experience because the audio can be heard from all points in a room.
I don't know how a sighted person is going to interact with these glasses. Perhaps the device has some sort of proprioception with a pointer or the finger of the wearer. In that case, It could be made accessible like the screen of an iPhone. People walking around waving and pointing at nothing will become common place, like seemingly talking to oneself while ignoring those around you has.
Now if they could tap into my visual cortex, maybe I would get excited about this pseudo-virtual reality. Or even if those retainer-like things that electrically project images on the roof of a blind persons mouth became available/affordable and were adapted to this.

Submitted by Apple for all on Tuesday, May 10, 2022

I'm seeing all these roomers on 9to5 Mac and websites like that. although some of you might like apple to bring out a headset, I wouldn't. AR and VR isn't accessible to the blind from what I can see. reading these leaks and roomers ar quite worrying if I'm honest. yeah it might not happen, but then again, it might. if apples gonna release this product, it needs to have VoiceOver on it. the first iPhone didn't have VoiceOver on it, no one wants to be faced with that again. yeah some of these Leakes sound cool, if it was accessible, but I don't want them replacing the iPhone with a headset. I know facebooks bringing a headset out, witch to me is stupid.

Submitted by Siobhan on Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Ok so there are rumors. You're making mount everest about sketchy rumors. Of course they are rumors, how else are the marketing and media outlets making money? They generate enough interest, so Joe Public will purchase the headset the moment it comes out. That means there might be bugs, that might mean a high price until the demand slows. that might mean the first generation isn't accessible, so what? You don't hear about accessibility at all in apple's keynotes or WWDC because they don't put a big spin on it. It makes me wonder what the internal team really do except close their eyes, screw around for ten minutes, ship it off to Quality control, done! Remember the first Apple watch? Someone obviously never tested it when using a wheelchair or they wouldn't have been so stupid as to not release an accessible workout that they can use. Apple's bottom line will always be, money. Why do you think we pay over a thousand dollars for two pieces of glass, hoping apple will make us buy the upgrade program, because i gotta have that new phone next year, even though this one is working just fine? I'm not an apple hater, I dislike rumors and people worrying that until we have solid information know absolutely nothing, just chill out. Now if apple makes a wireless charging mat and stops screwing around with other bigger better, faster stuff? then I'll be a little happier.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A couple of things regarding rumour sites:

1. They are rumours.
2. Their track record, aside for pretty obvious guesses such as a better camera on the iphone, a better chip, a redesigned refresh of existing hardware, has really gone off the boil.
3. These sites, annoying as it is, are aimed at sighted users of apple products. When did you last read a rumour about accessibility improvements or changes on such sites?

Even if the first iteration isn't accessible, the ones after will be, for absolute certain.

The fact that the first version of this is likely to be £££, purchased and used by a very specific user base, should also give comfort. In years to come maybe we will all be wandering around with headsets on that does sound, monitors movement and gestures, connects us to the world, but that is a way off. Foldable iphones and a variety of other devices will be coming along too. Apple would not put all its eggs in one basket. For one thing, they want us to have an iphone, ipad, apple watch, macbook, apple tv and not one device to rule them all.

It'll be golden.

Submitted by Apple for all on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

people are aloud to worry. to be honest, I love my iPhone, I use it for everything, even for my YouTube channel. so to hear that Apple are looking to replace the iPhone with the AR or VR headset at some point is quite worrying if I'm honest. I do agree though, I hate roomers too, and they should be stoped. if I'm being honest, I didn't know that the wheelchair workout wasn't built in the first apple watch. that's what I'm talking about, accessibility needs to be built in straight out of the box. it goes back to my point, VoiceOver needs to be built in from the start. if its not, that's a problem. we shouldn't have to wait for the next generation of the product to be able to use it.

Submitted by Apple for all on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

that's true, its just roomers. but still, I feel that accessibility should be mentioned too. the thought of wearing headsets for everything sounds crazy haha.

Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

In reply to charlotte: yeah, it may be decades away. But the thought of it it's just completely scary. I mean, I feel, since there was no mention of VoiceOver, I feel like I'm going to have to go back to all the way when I was 10 years old. When I received my first cell phone which was a flip phone, I had to rely on my dad to help me make calls, or I have to be top one specific button that calls him specifically. And my blackberry smart phone I had to rely on this thing that said hi how can I help you, call Mom. Calling Mom. All I could do is make calls and rely on everybody else if I want to listen to music. If I ever wanted to do something like go on Facebook, again, I had to rely on my parents or my siblings. And now, ever since I discovered VoiceOver, the iPhone has changed my life and transformed my life completely as a blind user. Needing nobody's help for no one, doing everything on my own. Including iPad and Mac and everything else. And I feel like those virtual headsets all of us are gonna have to go back to square one. I really really hope, that it is accessible, plus imagine how weird we're gonna look, walking in the streets and wearing these things in our head?

Submitted by Charlotte on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Which is why people are worried. Even if this isn't going to be next year, people want it so it will happen if they can make it happen.

It probs won't be like we think it is going to be though - not like a Niel Stevenson novel perhaps.

Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The only reason why I'm worried, I mean I get your point with the glasses, if you FaceTime a friend, somebody cited a friend or family member, because I don't really have too much sighted friends, you FaceTime somebody yeah they would be able to tell you what's on the menu and everything else and you don't have to worry about positioning your camera, I'm just worried these glasses won't have Voice over since there was no mention about it. I don't wanna have to rely on a parent, or a sibling to help me FaceTime or nothing like that. And plus, my issue with these glasses, what if we bump our head into a pole. It could break. Unless there's some protective cases for these glasses. And as far as the headset, virtual reality doesn't make any difference for us visually impaired people I believe, AR and VR just makes no difference. So hopefully it's accessible. Plus, it's not gonna be the same, I prefer to hold a handheld device, or even where my device in my wrist, but on your head, face, or anything like that? It feels very silly. I mean I know there are pros and cons, Ira made glasses like that but you have to pay, to have somebody help you and at least you won't have to do that with these other glasses but still. I just hope they're accessible

Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, May 11, 2022

You speak my mind. I agree 100%. Exactly my point. Remember the beautiful days where our parents would tell us that someone's calling us on the good old house phone. Remember those lovely days, if someone had a message for us we would have to be told? The golden days of you not feeling like speaking to a certain person but yet you don't know who's calling the phone you answer the phone and it happens to be that person you don't really want to talk to, and you have no choice but to talk to them? Thanks for the iPhone, we don't have to do any of this. None of it at all. Just like the golden days, needing dad and mom's help, mom and dad's help come up with everything to stay in contact with our friends. Thanks for the iPhone we don't need all that either. It has changed my life for the better, just look at it this way, if they really did this and it has no voiceover, it'll have a psychological damage effect on us, because we were once able to navigate the world independently with it, and now we can't. No offense, but it's not a big deal to those who weren't born and didn't grow up with iPhones, they might be used to it by now. I never liked having to rely on my parents, at all. People that grew up in the payphone ages, are not gonna see a problem with it. I love my iPhone and it does worry me. Eventually when I get out of my Chi comfort zone I will email Apple Accessibility. Because this cannot be happening. And just because it was a rumor, who is it to say that it's not gonna be true? Look at the iPod yesterday, bye-bye. We don't wanna have to say that to the iPhone

Submitted by kool_turk on Thursday, May 12, 2022

You're all worrying over something that is mostlikely decades away.

When the iPhone first came out it wasn't accessible, but when it was, it was done right.

I say let the early adopters have their fun.

I for one, am in no hurry to jump into the metaverse.

If I really wanted to, I'd have another crack at Second Life, not that my first attempt was all that exciting.

Sure, hearing your surroundings is great an all, but it doesn't help the experience if you can't see.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Thursday, May 12, 2022

I understand concerns. The prospect of, having been given access to this wonderful world of technology only to have it crumble away, is scary, but change is.

Apple have said nothing about, well, anything around this. Maybe in a couple of weeks we'll get a better idea of what is on the horizon, but until then, who knows. It could be a flop. it could be the best experience we've ever had. Apple has made it clear over and over again that accessibility is core to its strategy. There is no reason to expect that it will suddenly change on, if you are correct, such a key device.

Yeah, they 'should' include accessibility out of the box but, 'should' statements are slippery things. If you want to be an early adopter and a lack of accessibility is stopping you well, tough. There are billions around the world that have financial barriers to such technology. Entitlement is a real thing, even in margin communities such as those of the blind and partially sighted.

... But, I'd also take heart in this. Not everyone is going to want to wear a teapot on their head, not everyone is going to be able to afford such things. There will be formats of interaction where such a device is significantly inferior to a physical input. An example of technology that was touted as being something that we would all be using, Siri/any voice assistant. I use it, you probably use it too, but I know a hell of a lot of sighted people who do not use it for various reasons.

There is this worry that big tech is squeezing us down these tubes and, if we opt out, we opt out of life. I get that, but there is a huge diversity of needs and wants in the market they supply. They only have a certain amount of control and many vote with their wallets.

Let's face it, we're all nerds, at least I am. I do want the latest tech, I want that thrill of being on the bleeding edge of what is possible and, well, I'm a sucker for the 'what might be' kind of advertising that apple is so great at but, outside a select number of people I know, users don't want the latest tech. They don't like change for their own reasons. Diversity is the key word here, I know our particular wants and needs are not necessarily by choice, but its not just those of you who dread the idea of such an unproven, untested and seemingly dystopian piece of technology.

Personally, I'm excited for such a device, remember, nerd... Not because of what it won't be able to do, but what it might be able to do for us in the future. It's a new format, a paradigm shift as was the iPhone. That did not change over night, nor did it kill off other forms of mobile computing such as laptops.

Yes, we might not have access to a virtual visual world but, well, we don't really have access to a visual world at all. It might even be that, in a world constructed with the user at the centre of the experience, we gain something here, rather than lose out.

Sorry, I'll stop chipping in here. I'm sure you're getting fatigued by my argument.

Submitted by Charlotte on Thursday, May 12, 2022

We don't know how much to worry, that's true. But it is probably going to be sooner than decades whatever it is.

Submitted by OldBear on Friday, May 13, 2022

You would think if they can come up with a VR headset that's so powerful and perfect that they could just cancel producing all other Apple devices, they would be able to come up with AI good enough to manage accessibility. AI that can actually recognize the icons and either describe them or figure out what they do in real time without depending on a network connection, along with more detailed picture descriptions, etc, AI that liberates accessibility from its dependency on cooperative developers and website designers, who often don't know, don't care and, in some cases, are hostile and malicious toward accessibility.

Submitted by Apple for all on Friday, May 13, 2022

yeah, them days where we wasn't able to use our phones independently, and things like that. I didn't like that. bear in mind though, technology has gotten better since them days. but still, this is still worrying. if its accessible, great, but if its not, that's an issue. like you said, the iPod got discontinued, witch is a shame. so that could happen for the iPhone, and that would be a shame. like I said, email Apple accessibility regarding your concerns. even know Apple haven't even said anything about this at all, just hearing about this on websites is still worrying, and annoying. I say this, if its not on the Apple newsroom site, its not true. but some of the Leakes in the past have been correct. so its hard to tell what's true, and what's not. all I'm saying is, I don't want to be faced with VoiceOver not being built in from the start until the second generation of the product. the first iPhone was like that, and yeah it didn't bother me then, as I didn't own an Apple product back then. but it does bother me now, as I use Apple products and I love VoiceOver. the iPhones changed my life too, and there awesome. so as long as voiceovers built in from the start, its all good.

Submitted by Tree on Friday, May 13, 2022

Sorry for saying decades. Perhaps you're right it's not even decades anymore. Since people already talk about it, it is just rather worrying. It's like imagine everybody boycotting Apple because nobody wants these virtual headsets, except for people that don't really affect blind people, people like the people from the side of generation it doesn't affect them, but it has a great effect on us. And honestly I just never ever think anything is as perfect as the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac everything else we've got, virtual reality headset will not be perfect at all. Not even at all. I don't wanna be walking with things around my head or ears, all the time unless they're my AirPods when I'm listening to music. I mean what are we supposed to say, headset, call Mom. Headset, call dad. Glasses, call mom. Or hey Siri call dad. Something like that, on our heads and people are gonna think we're just talking to ourselves. It is worrying now that it's not decades away then, every reason to worry

Submitted by Tree on Friday, May 13, 2022

My point exactly. Glasses are not accessible at all. Virtual reality, seeing things in VR is still something to make a difference for people who are visual. Or AR. I don't think it would make a difference for us at all, because regardless, no mention about Accessibility. So I hope they put these virtual headsets with VoiceOver or at least Siri if not everything, or voice control, even though it would sound so silly. Headset, play music, do this do that do this. It would just seem very silly walking around with a headset on our head, talking to the device, other people will look at it as talking to ourselves like we're out of our last mind. So you're 100% correct, glasses are not accessible, and I hear rumors about Facebook, making glasses like that, again, it is not gonna be accessible at all. That's what I think

Submitted by Tree on Friday, May 13, 2022

I hope they would make some of these glasses, like the screen of an iPhone so we can touch it. Or if not the glasses the headset. Yeah pointing at nothing? People who would look at us that don't have these headsets are gonna think about that's crazy, they were pointing at nothing. Even though two of his current places because of virtual I meant to us its common places because of virtual reality. But still, I will always keep on saying this, it will look really silly to wear these funny things in her head. Yeah I don't even know how excited person would have to be able to navigate through their glasses either like that, or through their headset, what are they gonna be able to see behind their head? I guess with virtual reality you never know. But all that doesn't even matter to me, what matters the most to me is Accessibility and Voice over, and I hope it will be usable. I don't wanna go back to the very old days, of having nothing and depending on people

Submitted by Tree on Friday, May 13, 2022

Exactly. there are some people who are happy about the headset. Some people might say we are just being negative about it. But in reality, all we care about is accessibility, and that is that. I am not excited at all. Its like I feel like protesting to apple not to do this

Submitted by Tree on Friday, May 13, 2022

The way I see it, if people want us to stop worrying about it, here's what to do, the news just needs to stop putting up all these rumors and leaks about these virtual headsets, this is the only way you and I can stop worrying about this but we can't, it's not our fault that we were born blind, and that the first iPhones did not have anything to do with Accessibility and we had to rely on our family and friends. I don't wanna go back to page One or square one. It's like, going to college and then going all the way back to nursery school or preschool. I don't want that at all, the rumors and Wicho is worrying us

Submitted by OldBear on Friday, May 13, 2022

Don't get too twisted up in worry there. The world of accessibility doesn't usually regress in that way for the long term... unless it's due to a catastrophe. You can use an old NASA approach of no single point of failure to manage anxiety over changes, and sometimes catastrophes, the reason I've learned multiple operating systems.
So a future Apple CEO of the "profit is the only purpose" ilk decides that accessibility is cutting into the till, and makes all apple products required to be inaccessible. Apple phones are not the only accessible phone. You might not like the other phones as much as an Apple phone, as far as accessibility, but you still have an option until Apple share holders are upset because US government contracts and device usage are being canceled over this new anti-accessibility policy, and stocks are taking a hit, or not. So why not look into the other phone systems and get a feel for their accessibility usage, gestures etc.

Submitted by Apple for all on Saturday, May 14, 2022

I agree, I get what you mean. all you can do at this point is email Apple accessibility and explain to them your concerns. even know there just roomers, and Apple haven't said anything regarding this, its still a good idea to make the accessibility team aware of your concerns. I don't like this either if I'm honest.

Submitted by Apple for all on Saturday, May 14, 2022

exactly. don't get me wrong, some leaks about apple products are cool, and some are not. but I do agree with you, the leaks regarding VR and AR need to stop.

Submitted by Apple for all on Saturday, May 14, 2022

I get what your saying. to be honest, I did google the accessibility features of android, and I have to say, reading them, I didn't understand them. I prefer using voiceover if I'm honest. VoiceOver seems so much easier to use. in my opinion, iOS is better.

Submitted by OldBear on Saturday, May 14, 2022

We're worrying about a dystopian-anxiety-nightmare where Apple discontinues all devices except a teapot you wear on your head and is intentionally inaccessible to blind people. You have to use one of the other phones if you want to use the phone. Or... you could worry about if all technology is made intentionally inaccessible to blind people--I mean, we've already put one foot into the deep end, why not leap in...

Submitted by Apple for all on Saturday, May 14, 2022

to be honest, I wouldn't wanna use another phone, as VoiceOvers great, and it works well for me.

Submitted by Tree on Saturday, May 14, 2022

I didn't get to get to you on time madam, because I was replying to everybody else, and there's a lot of comments to look through, but I finally got to you now, if this was a platform like FB or something like this, I could speak my mind and say whatever the heck comes to my head, but this is the website of the moderators and everything else, so I'm gonna have to just take my champagne glass and hold my cool inside of the glass. But let me explain something missy. So, the reason why we worry, is because who isn't to say that these leaks and rumors yeah they're right now they're rumors but who is it to say they won't come true? Look at this, the apple rumors of the iPod being discontinued, guess what? Wala Wala. The iPod has been discontinued ladies and gentlemen. Do you wanna talk about a wireless charging cable, guess what. Ladies and gentlemen drumroll please, clap clap clap clap clap clap, they're discontinuing that too because they wanna make the unthinkable, iPhones with USB see cable, starting in 2023. And I agree with you with the wireless charging part and my lightning cables and everything else, but they're about to discontinue that I think. They want a world of USB-C cables because apparently it "" charges faster. So who is it to say, that rumors cannot come true, yes I agree, rumors are only rumors but there are many rumors that do country. Ever heard the saying come up when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you, the rumors are coming true, it's like the wish comes true. So, I don't need to be told to chill out, I don't need you to agree with me either, I don't need anyone to agree with me for that matter if they don't want to, but I don't need to be attacked either. But I'm gonna be a Christian and I'm not gonna attack anybody because this is not a platform to do that. I can argue my point about opinions, but there's a right way to go about it.. However I get your point about paying $1000 for two pieces of glass, and that is where I stand on.

Submitted by Tree on Saturday, May 14, 2022

It's understandable going through the list of why they are rumors, but my thing is, if it's on 9 to 5 max yes it's on Mac rumors, but it's also a 9 to 5 Mac, it's also on patently apple, it's also on I'm more, and so many different Apple sites on the Apple news place. If it was only on MacRumors it would be easy to say OK, scary but OK it's a rumor. But if it's everywhere else, it's hard not to believe it. I'm even subscribed, or my partner is also subscribe come up to this YouTube or name Aaron Zolo, and he partially mentioned a little bit about it. If I can remember correctly. So that is alarming to me and that is scary and that keeps me awake at night. This is why it's hard for me not to believe it, it's OK if people think I'm naïve and I just believe everything, that's fine with me, been there. But, it's all over the news platform, and if it got announced in my local news on TV, I would really, really worry

Submitted by Tree on Saturday, May 14, 2022

hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa. Oh my God oh my God somebody help me, I can't breathe, I can't breathe I can't stop laughing. That was funny. Panic button. Alert, you are currently panicking, are you sure you want to panic, OK button. There you go the panic button is not accessible. L O L. Oh shoot I got a notification of my Apple Watch, your heart rate rose about 120% for panicking. Please calm down. Well I can't calm down, because the Warriors piling up. Hee hee. L O L

Submitted by Datawolf on Sunday, May 15, 2022

Lol, this happens when tech illiterate people find a rumor and go absolutly bonkers about it.
People, let's step back for a second and look at this hole thing.
Do you really think that Apple would just go and scrap all their devices for a metaverse with only a peace of hardware and a metaverse that is not even in it's alpha stages? Come on, be real for a second.
The fact that they, as someone said discontinued the iPod or the switch from Lightning to USBC can't even compared remotely to a VR headset or even a complete metaverse, given that, as an example, the EU put forward the regulation for a standard charging cable, apples switch to USBC was to be expected, also looking at the transfer rates of Lightning and USBC standards.

The problem on here is that many people know their little iOS bubble and walled off garden and instantly panic over some rumor that might not even become reality, just because advancements are made in that direction, doesn't mean that it will come into reality.
The VR headset, yeah, that will come out eventually and yes, the majority of things will be inaccessible if companys don't use the API or port their apps to the device, if that will be possible, noone knows these things yet.
But, untill these devices will reach a wider audience, there will be some accessibility in it. Think back to the appel watch, did you think that this would instantly become accessible? And see how quickly that came.

Get your pitchforks out, but I stand by this, to many people on here don't know enough about tech or how accessibility works to make a clear statement on the matter.

Submitted by Vash Rein on Monday, May 16, 2022

The people on this website generally sicken me. Most can barely use their devices. They can barely spell. And they attack each other and pretty much everything under the sun because it doesn’t fit their specific thinking.

Submitted by OldBear on Monday, May 16, 2022

I was enjoying pondering how Apple could go horribly wrong for people who need accessibility on their devices, and the implications of everyone wearing VR helmets. I remember that love scene from the 1993 movie "Demolition Man," and people are still trying to figure out what was going on there...
That being said, there is also a rumor Apple will have an adapter for lightning devices to use with their USBC ports if and when they switch, just as they had the headphone adapter. I'm glad to have a suitcase full of superfluous adapters, I'm not joking, some thirty-five or more years old. Anyone ever hear of or use a null-modem serial cable, or an RS232 smart cable? So Apple will have some sort of teapot adapter for accessibility when they switch over, but maybe not for that panic button...

Submitted by Apple for all on Thursday, May 19, 2022

to be honest, when I hear about these leaks, I can't help but worry. I get what your saying, but the iPhone has changed my life. and the thing is, if they did replace it with the VR/AR headset, if its not accessible, that would be an issue. yeah its just roomers and everything, and it might not happen. but if it does, we need to make sure that its accessible. I new that the applewach would be accessible, as I've heard of talking watches before, so I figured the watch would be accessible. I love iOs.

Submitted by Apple for all on Thursday, May 19, 2022

your comments a bit out of order. this has nothing to do with the topic at all. your a bit judgemental. honestly, this websites about giving advice about apple products, not putting comments like you did.

Submitted by Charlotte on Thursday, May 19, 2022

Not decades away, maybe only months away.

This might not be accessible in the same way cars aren't accessible.

Computer vision might make cars accessible in the future.

Submitted by Siobhan on Thursday, May 19, 2022

Apple for all, you use IOS because you say it "changed my life", also something about how you've never used another operating system and to quote you again, "IOS is better." I say neither system is better because we don't want to learn anything but what's extremely comfortable and we don't want to adapt. I bring this subject up, when the apple watch came out the wheelchair users were left out for a time, as for 99.9 percent of them are unable to stand up. Apple did fix this, I blame their internal whoever the hell tests their software because even Sighted Joe Idiot should've realized that. we learn to figure out new ways of doing this to get the job done. I didn't grow up with a cell phone, and my first few I needed help contacting people. then the iphone was released and until it gained accessibility I had Mobile speak. I'm simply saying, you have to expect accessibility or lack their of in a first generation product. It's just how things are done. Flipping out over how someone looks because of what you wear on your head, they already look at us amazingly because holy crap, we can text?! We can take photos?! we can cross the street?! see where i'm going here? We are speculating over absolutely nothing that's true. as for feeling attacked, I'd honestly rather see well thought posts then, I'm scared, where's my teddybear? In all honesty, if you aren't willing to even go outside of your comfort zone, in any area, you have the cross to bare. I'm simply asking for a valid argument as to why it freaks so many of you guys out. I'd try it, provided I could buy it, give valuable feedback, increase the likely hood of adoption. Ok, you are worried what you would look like, I'm not. data wolf where've you been on so many topics like this? Congrats on a great post.

Submitted by Tree on Thursday, May 19, 2022

Oh no it sounds like we're gonna have to get our notebooks out, and are no takers out. This person is offended of how we spell and how we write. Can I borrow your pencil please? Oh I forgot I'm blind. Would you like to borrow my Mac? Let's take notes, what grade did you get, an F. Oh shoot, let me see, oh I forgot again I'm blind. Why did you get enough though, or apparently because a lot of us can't spell correctly. Oh no. Oh no, that professor who just criticized our spelling told our parents, run run run Apple for all, get the note that he just wrote, throw it away before your mom sees it. Because, obviously our teacher is upset at the spelling that we just made children come here, let me talk to you. Your teacher just called me and said that you had a bad grade, why did that happen? Sorry mom, my grammar and spelling is bad. Well you're grounded go to your room. Goodness big deal

Submitted by Tree on Thursday, May 19, 2022

Apple can do anything they set their mind to whether it's rumors or not. You would probably say back in the day, come on people, would they really get rid of the iPod, but look what just happened they just got rid of it. So who isn't to say that they wouldn't get rid of other devices to? Yeah they don't get rid of iPhones with HomePods, buttons because they make newer models that have the home button like the SE. But will they make a new model of the iPod, probably not. So if they can do that, they could get rid of everything else, that's why I can't help but worrying because the iPhone changed my life forever

Submitted by Tree on Thursday, May 19, 2022

Professor, I didn't mean to offend you please don't tell my mommy please don't tell my mommy. What on earth. This is not English 101 class, this is not literature. This is Apple this, and all of us are here to speak our opinion about what's going on with devices and devices in general, not to be corrected by Professor V, by our spelling. We're not taking an English course because I've already passed all my literature classes thank you very much. That comment was unnecessary

Submitted by Apple for all on Thursday, May 19, 2022

I agree with you on one thing, and thats, someone at apple should of built accessibility into the first applewach from the start, thats my point. and yeah, I said iOS is better than android, because in my opinion, it is. it has nothing to do with not willing to try different systems. I mean, I tried googling the gestures regarding talk back, and it went over my head. but iOS gestures? there easy to use and they are easy to understand. so yeah, I love iOS for how easy it is to use, and besides, its more secure than android. I'm not an apple fan boy by any means, this is just my opinion, and you don't have to agree with me on this. what I'm saying is, we don't want to be faced with the same problem we had with the first iPhone not being accessible to us, I don't want the headset having the same problem. no one should have to be faced with that in a first generation product. if sighted people can use it straight away, we can too.

Submitted by Apple for all on Thursday, May 19, 2022

oh wow, this is the funniest thing I've read on hear today. lol. this is just so funny. hahahahahahahahahaha

Submitted by Apple for all on Thursday, May 19, 2022

I read about that. these roomers are getting real by the second. people have the rite to worry about this.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Friday, May 20, 2022

I'd have to disagree regarding VO and the first apple watch. It absolutely should not have had VO built in from the start. When it finally did come it was worse than awful though, as I under sand it, sighted peers weren't too blown away by it either.

Accessibility, as in any interaction with these devices needs to be worth while. I really don't care if the VR headset is accessible. If it's built for sight, then why would we want it? It's like complaining that colours of pain in a hardware store are inaccessible.

But, the title of this rather gloomy and bizarre thread is wrong. it is not a VR headset, at least according to reports. It is a combination of VR and AR, suggesting there are sensors that catalogue and parse information about the surrounding environment. If that's not a useful methodology, then I don't know what is.

To be honest, I'm totally pissed off that there is no accessibility built into the Apple Pro Display XDR. It's an outrage... I should be able to see what's on the screen...

For the less observant, I'm being facetious here. Even if I could see, I'd not drop £5000 on a computer monitor.

By the time this emerging arm of apple finds a reasonable cost to benefit ratio and it has become a consumer product, rather than a professional/nerd product, if it ever does of course, then accessibility will be included. It won't cover everything, to be honest I'd just like the cameras/accelerometers, compass and lidar rig matched with apps on my phone, but we buy TVs don't we? Why? The screen is redundant most of the time.

No point getting anxious or, as my mum would say, your nickers in a twist, over something that hasn't been announced, is years off general adoption and, something that, we may consider a pile of shit anyway.

I dread to think what the threads will be like on here should the apple car ever see the light of day... Spoiler alert, self driving cars won't be accessible/usable by the sightless. Not for a long time.