Google Search

Hello, All. I just read a post about the lack of accessibility in the Google Maps app. I would simply like to jump on the Google bandwagon to ask why they have neglected to lable most of the buttons in the Google Search app. Granted, I love the app and use it more than I do Siri for searches, but most of the buttons are unlabled. this really is inexcusable. I hope Google is not operating under the notion that labeling the "Voice Search" is sufficient for people who are blind with regard to accessibility for people who are blind or have low vision. We need and want access to all the features of the app, whether we can use them or not--at least we want to know what they are. I realize we can click on each and see what happens, but this really is not an acceptable work-around for a company who once claimed to "Do No Evil!". Often, doing nothing is just as awful.


General problem of Google Apps

Dealing with accessibility seems not to be a priority in Google. Google search seems to be a good app, but I don't like it because it have many unlabeled buttons. Same thing happens with the Gmail iOS App. Another app which I would like to be able to use is Authenticator, which will let you to produce codes for 2 Step verification. I don't like to depend on pressing many times a buttons so that if I'm lucky enough, the code will be read. In my household I'm the only person using an iPhone. My wife and kids use Android, but I have not to bother to try accessibility on their phones because my experience with Google iOS Apps make me feel that using Android must be a Nightmare.