When composing a message in the Mail app with a Perkins-style keyboard, the cursor will jump around randomly during typing



The title describes it well. This issue has been significantly addressed in iOS 17.3, so it has been downgraded to minor.

Steps to reproduce

1.Open Mail.
2. Either open a message and reply to it or create a new one.
3. Begin typing in the message body and enjoy the classic iOS with braille experience in the Mail app.

Bug First Encountered

iOS/iPadOS 17.1

Device(s) bug has been encountered on


How often the bug occurs



Compose your email messages using another app such as Drafts or Notes. Then, press space with 2-3-5-6 to select all, space with 1-4 to copy, and then go in to the body of the message and press space with 1-2-3-6 to paste the text. Note that under Humanware firmware version 2.0x and earlier, you will need to utilize the VoiceOver rotor to perform the above actions.

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By Marco

4 months ago

Isn't this bug actually one that has been plaguing the native Mail app as well as any other app that uses that rich text composer, such as Gmail and Outlook, since at least iOS 14 or 15? I actually don't remember when I was last able to compose an email in all of these apps using a Braille display with grade 2 input etc. Don't get me wrong, it is great that you filed it again, it hopefully piles up with the other reports around this issue many of us have submitted over the years. I just wanted to point out that this sounds like a familiar bug that is much older than iOS 17.1.