Hey Everyone, After updating to the latest voxer, has anyone found that you are no longer able to send a message by holding down the talk button? When I updated, and held it down, nothing happened. I also wasn't able to play any new messages people had sent me. Did I miss something in the release notes specifically if they've changed how you're able to send and receive messages?



Ok. Here's my workaround for the problem. 1: go into settings in Voxer. You will notice that your audio from Voiceover sounds like it's playing at a lower quality. 2: Tap Audio and Notifications. 3: Tap back. Once you do, your VO audio should return to normal. Once you back out of Settings, Voxer will work normally until you close it out completely. When you restart it, repeat the process. It's not optimal, but hopefully they'll fix the error in the next update.

work around

I tried that and it still isn't making much of a difference. I tried toggling speaker phone and that seems to help but its still no where near perfect. So, guess for now, I will stick to what's ap.

I'm sorry it didn't work for

I'm sorry it didn't work for you. It's a little squirrely for me, but it does work. Unfortunately, I am stuck with Voxer, as none of my people use anything else.

Actually I'm experiencing the

Actually I'm experiencing the same thing, well a friend of mien is anyway, it will work for a while then it will no longer send messages. He tired it with vo on and off. It will make the send sound but not the sending sound when you lift your finger.