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At one time the native iphone calendar app had a view that listed only days with events. How do I get this view after updating to ios 7.1.1?
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



Submitted by Steve Holmes on Thursday, May 8, 2014

To get a list of all scheduled events, find any date and double tap the button for that day. that will bring up a day view. Now find the List button near upper left of the screen. Double tap this and it will toggle a list view on and show all your events even from past years if still in your calendar. Note that this will only work inside a day view.

I also discovered that this will only work on an iPhone and probably the iPod Touch. On the iPad, the behavior is completely different. There you can still bring up a search button and that will produce the event list like before.

Submitted by RLH on Thursday, May 8, 2014

This may have been in prior versions of IOS 7 as well, and I just missed it. It's definitely in IOS 7.1.1.

When in the day view, your rotor will have a new option for "Events". This will only show up while you are in the actual day's section of the screen (i.e., not on the back button). Like an actions rotor setting, this one is automatically selected when you are in the proper section of the screen. Try touching the center of the screen, then one-finger flick up and down to read through the list of events for that day.

Thanks folks for the suggestions. Steve nailed exactly the problem I was experiencing. Also, I was unaware of the rotor event function so thanks for that one too.