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Hello to all!
I need help, i wanted to restore mac, but i not attantion and i dilete sumthing that has cold:"apple disk osx".
The system is not restarted. I Am not can to apload voiceover olther to acctivat it's disk utilletis.
I no have backup of the system.
All data is stored in dropbox.
What i need to do?
Thenk you!


If you deleted your recovery

If you deleted your recovery partition thr'es not much you can do but boot from a bootable flash drive and erase all of the data on yoru internal drive, then reinstall mac and migrate from a time machine back up if at all possible.

Take care.

Internet Recovery

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If there is no recovery partition, you can start up the computer using command option r to download a recovery image from Apple. Unfortunately, this process is not accessible with Voiceover.

Recovery wizard

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Fortunately, the recovery wizard (command+r) on startup is accessible. I use it to reimage my MAC Book Pro after running OS betas. The recovery wizard will download the newest release of OSX. Unfortunately, it reinstalls the newest release of the last version you had installed. If you lost your recovery partition, then you might need a sighted person to reimage it for you.

if you deleted the recovery partition

If you deleted the recovery partition, there isn't much you can do without sighted assistance. I deleted my recovery partition by accident once, in which case I proceeded by using my OS X Lion flash drive which I purchased from Apple three years ago. Unfortunately, they no longer sell these for OS X Mavericks, so you would have to use the internet recovery, which is not accessible with VoiceOver. Well, it is somewhat accessible, but I would recommend you use an actual cable connected to both your computer and modem/router when connecting to the internet. The actual set up process is accessible, connecting to a Wi-Fi network isn't though.

internet recovery

Is there any reason why internet recovery isn't accessible?

I'm guessing it might have to do with loading the bare minimum from apple's servers, much like windows users are unable to use a soundcard in safe mode, mac users are unable to get speech during internet recovery.

I've never used, nor do I own a mac so thought I'd ask.

Reading about internet recovery on various forums made it sound like a useful feature, only to find out that it doesn't work with Voiceover is a bit of a let down.

Internet recovery

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I find it 100% useful, but there is a hangup when trying to sign into Wi-Fi. For some reason, attempting to sign into Wi-Fi renders the main window without focus, and you can't get focus back without having a sighted person click on the main window. I ended up taking mine back to my university's help desk, and they reimaged it for me.

what about Ethernet?

Would connecting using an Ethernet cable have the same result?

Ethernet is not only faster, but more reliable.

If you do not have an eather

If you do not have an eather net cable then it woudl not work. I just use a bootable recovery flash drive as tha'ts even faster. it takes me about an hour to both install and migrate my data from my time machine back up.

You can use Ethernet with no

You can use Ethernet with no problem; the issue is selecting the Wi-Fi network in the firmware, before the recovery image has been bootstrapped. In fact, similar comments apply to the entire firmware interface except for FileVault; you can't use the boot picker either. Solution is to be prepared and have your USB key with an installer or recovery image in advance of needing it, or else to make sure you can have or get Ethernet. Note too that Ethernet through USB or Thunderbolt works equally as well as any hardwired port, on supported machines. Then press Command+Option+R at the chime to boot into the recovery environment, and prepare for a long download.

Edit: please make your displeasure at the situation known to Apple if you'd like it fixed. Ethernet is increasingly being deprecated, however I may feel about the situation, and I think this scenario is one we should be able to withstand.

This is why I make a bootable

This is why I make a bootable usb stick. It takes just a half hour to install. no downloaded needed. Google diskmakerx to know how to do this.

Take care.

I mmanaged

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Hello to all.
Thenk you for yours help. I managed, and i am installed the system all is work.
Thenk you for evry one abut the help.