WWDC update 1: access for the visually impaired is demonstrated

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No big announcements yet other than the fact that so far 30 billion apps have been downloaded and that the Store has 400 million accounts but, guys, this is really terrific! WWDC attendees are now watching a video in which a blind person who lives near a jungle can find his way there using his iPhone. A developer is also talking about how his app can help the visually impaired. Yet again, this is Apple's difference with the rest of the big companies out there. Accessibility has a special place in a high-profile all-purpose event like this!

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that sounds good, bit random

that sounds good, bit random though someone visually impaired wanting to find there way to a jungle. does wwdc have a live webcast?

link to wwdc live stream

for anyone wanting to watch the 2012 wwdc live stream, go to http://www.justin.tv/livetechkeynotes#/w/3232161104 it is streaming the actual address live not a blog.

looks like iOS and OSX are more integrated

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Bringing iMessage, Game Center, the Notification Center, and other things in to OSX really does point to the eventual migration to one OS for all devices. I also like the new 512 GB flash disks! Even better still is the drop in price from upgrades. To update to Lion, it costed $30, but to upgrade to Mountain Lion, it's only $20.


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Yes, that is very interesting in how much integration is going in to the OSX! GameCenter to the OSX along with the new iCould syncing all across the devices. How sweet is that?! Yes, I saw that video at the beginning of the Keynotes about the guy that is blind and how he uses the Siri to help with his life. Any company as bit as Apple is and to put that up front gets a huge backing from my part. So that makes me feel good that every penny I put in to Apple devices is worth it. I don't see Google doing this at all for those that are disabled. Did you like all of those Android jokes at the beginning about the Android? Loved it. ;)

Hopefully, acknowledgement of blind users means more braille sup

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Hopefully, acknowledgement of blind users means more braille support in iOS 6. They wont' mention that though, so I guess we have to just wait. I wonder when it'll be available to the public? Stand by for a partial list of iOS 6 features that have been announced. I have to get back to teaching soon though, so won't be able to stick around till the end.

iOS 6 has more than 200 new features

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Yes, it's even more exciting than I could ever imagine. Siri has been dramatically enhanced to launch apps and find a whole host of information, the Phone app has a "Do not disturb" mode along with the ability to filter in and out certain people (it's very similar to a powerful "blacklist" app), the new Maps app has worldwide turn-by-turn navigation and a 3D mode (don't know what would happen to poor map providers on the iOS with their super-expensive applications), the Passbook app for passwords and cards, direct Facebook integration, enhanced Sofari with synced tabs on different devices and computers and the ability to add pages for later browsing, special features for autistic children, the ability to force the OS to keep an app in the foreground, and a lot more. Coming from iOS 5's example we can safely bet that 99 percent of these would be accessible out of the box. iOS 6 will be released in fall and all notable iDevices other than the original iPad will get it -- even iPhone 3GS can be upgraded to iOS 6!

And a word about the competition

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Again it's worth mentioning one more point. 85 percent of iDevices are now using iOS 5 as opposed to 7 percent of Android devices which now have Android 4, according to the information presented at WWDC. That's quite impressive especially considering the fact that anyone all over the world can download their iOS update whenever it's updated.

I don't see two much to be excited about in iOS6

Hi, Having followed most of the wwdc live stream, I don't see two much to be really excited about. I suppose turn by turn navigation might be good if you can get an accurate enough gps receiver. But I think most of the stuff they have put in is just a few tweaks around the edges. I guess I am not excited mostly because I still regard siri as a gimmick and don't use it. also, I don't use cloud storage as I just don't trust it. I suppose the phone app enhancements could be useful, though lets face it by the time you have located the option to automatically respond with a text, the phone will have probably stopped ringing. I also don't bother with facebook, I use the chat feature and that's it I regard things like wall posts and status updates as a frivolous waste of time, and I don't like the way it encourages people to share everything in public very disturbing. I also won't be using that new passbook feature, its trusting more of your life to a single device, which if it gets stolen, lost dropped etc just causes more trouble for you. I will find it quite easy to live without the update until a new jailbreak is ready.


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Amir, Do you have a link or know of one that would list all of these new features in IOS6?

But I am excited about iOS 6

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Alex, unlike you, I do think Siri's enhancements this time are more than a simple selling point. Neither am I a Facebook user (yes I admit it), but I can understand how many people will appreciate it once it comes out. Basically coming to terms with the consequences of sharing data isn't easy, but the situation is really worse with Android and its data-devouring nature under a single umbrella. Your observation about the Maps app is very true, but isn't it the case with all GPS-oriented devices? I've always been more excited about GPS as it works reasonably well here. Furthermore, free turn-by-turn navigation would kill one of the major benefits of Android for iOS users. Now even Google wants to offer it freely to iOS users whereas it would be unlikely for Apple's maps to be offered for Android. As for the Phone app, I don't think it's going to work the way you've described it -- basically in its general sense the "Don't disturb" mode can be enabled whenever you want it so you do not need to enable it while the handset is ringing. And, last but not least, in terms of the exact number of features given the 1-year time span I tend to call it a true and honest update to a mature OS.

Hi Amir, I agree that

Hi Amir, I agree that facebook is better than google, but only slightly, they both still make society vulnerable and I just can't believe how much information people are trusting to them. I imagine that most of the siri features for example restaurant look up will probably work best in the US. I guess we will have to wait to find out about any VoiceOver enhancements, I guess I can see the feature to issue reminders or not disturb until you leave a location being useful, though I probably won't use them much. I would have liked the option to disable game center completely, I am amazed that it hasn't occurred to apple that people might not want game center at all, for example parents with children. I would also have liked a way to have low battery warnings as banners instead of alerts, there is a jailbreak tweak for this, but I think it might drain the battery or not monitor it accurately, but I am not sure about that for certain. I guess they did say there are about 200 new features in iOS, so we only got a brief overview, I guess developers will leak more as the beta cycle goes on.

VO Features

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Just read an interesting article over at AppAdvice discussing all of the new IOS 6 features as we have mentioned above. What caught my eye was at the bottom of that article was that it said to watch for articles in the next couple of days that will discuss about the VO features along with some new Custom Vibration for your device in IOS 6. So when that does surface I'll be sure to post that here. Now it is a sit and wait game for VO features to be seen. I am excited for the new IOS 6! I'm actually looking forward to it. However, I am due up on my contract so I'm waiting out for the iPhone 5 myself and which with the new IOS 6 on it. It will be a big leap for me. I don't seem to understand how anyone can say that IOS 6 doesn't bring much to the table? I think the integration to the OSX is huge. Siri coming to the iPad is also a big deal as well. What I was really surprise to hear is the 3gs will be able to get the IOS 6. I'm sure that will be in a limited flavor but none the less. They didn't drop them out! I understand the iPad 1 and the iTouch 3rd Gen but keeing the 3gs in the loop. Wow! Also, let's not forget the new line of the new Mac are sweet.

Cauciously optomistic

Well, after hearing about all the features in iOS 6 I have to say at this point I'm a little underwelmed, but I know i'm in a minority. I own an iPod touch, so unless apple will include Siri in iOS 6 for the iPod touch 4th gen, I'm once again out of luck there. Apple stands above all the rest when it comes to accessibility, so I hope there are some improovements with VO. I did hear something about a dictionary feature, which suggests to me that if of the VoiceOver voices pronounce something incorrectly we can fix it, similar to the way someone would do it in any of the other screenreaders I've used. I'm really not sure if anything else will be announced but again, at this writing i'm a bit underwelmed but i'm not saying i'll expect things to stay that way.

sounds good iOS 6

hopely iOS 6 works grate at iPhone 5 and just hope that iPhone 5 comes bilt 4G who all people are waiting 200 new futures is very good point from apple. because I don't want be waiting one more year to next generation of iPhone devices. I hear the iPhone 5 comes with 1 GHZ proceser and 4G how ever is not LTE. and the competition has already 1.5 GHZ proceser, 2 Gb of ram and 16 or 32 Gb + SD Card and 4G LTE. i use an iPhone 4S is good using VO but too slow.

Are all 200+ features on IOS 6 available for both the 4s and 5?

I want to know if all the features in IOS 6 will be available on both the 4s and 5. Besides 4G LTE on the 5 what else will I miss out on if I don't upgrade from my 4s to 5? Anyone know about that specific list of features that will be different between the two?

No one knows for sure

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It's said that the next iPhone is thinner and will have a quad-core processor, perhaps a more improved camera, larger screen, a better battery, more Ram (perhaps 1GB of it), higher internet speeds, and so forth. It's not clear which iOS 6 features will be exclusively available for it, but if you can upgrade or buy a new iPhone now, waiting for a couple of more months wouldn't be bad at all.

I think...

I think it would be pretty nice if ciri were to be included in the iPod Touch 4th gen, though I don't see it happening. The voice control, I think, will be improved, though I could be wrong. I just heard of this yesterday, so this is all new to me. Maybe I should start keeping up with my news of apple more often.