Free iBook: Mastering the Macintosh with VoiceOver

I've published a free guide to using VoiceOver on the Macintosh on iBooks. The guide covers Macintosh Basics, Mail, Contacts, Safari, Pages and Numbers. I hope that AppleVis users find it helpful. You may find it at:


Getting the text version

Good afternoon Tim. I work for State services for the Blind in MN and would like to know if there is a way to get a .TXT, .RTF or .DOC version of this book. WE'd like to make it available to our clients and those who ask for Mac information via our communications center which records printed material for no charge. Thanks.

Congratulations: Great Job!

Hi Tim,

I just wanted to congratulate you on a great reference iBook. Although I probably am not your target audience--I am a young college student with a few years' Mac experience--I appreciate where you are coming from. I appreciate your humor and your efficiency; most step-by-step guides show the simplest, if longest, way to do things. You want to get out of the way and to the point, and isn't that why we all got Macs in the first place? I will definitely be putting some of your gestures in my Trackpad commander preferences.

I liked that you focussed on the new iWork suite. Most things I can figure out, but some apps just need a walkthrough. I love Numbers because of its auto-read features, and you taught me so many new things. this scientist is very happy.

Go for Yosemite. I'm excited to see what will come out and what you can do with it.

As an author: What was writing the book and getting it into the iBooks store like? I have played around with iBooks Author, but have not been impressed. Some illumination on your process would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for taking the time to add to the ever-growing Mac resource pool.


tip: reading "mastering the macintosh with vo" on the mac

Hi everyone,
I am not sure about the legalities of this but since ibooks on the mac is rather inaccessible with a braille display and even though you can use a braille display on ios it just does not feel as comfortable as reading braille on a mac to me.
So, i got this tip from an acquaintance of mine and thought i would share.
Since this is a free and apparently unprotected ibook (this does not neccessarily go hand in hand, some paid ibooks are protected others are not).
It is actually possi ble to read the ibook on the mac with safari. Epub apparently is just a container, at least the text of the ibook is some kind of html.
to do this:
- imho its easiest to download the book on ios, make sure to open it as well on that device.
- then open ibooks on the mac, it will ask you for your apple id so it can sync with icloud
- open the book on the mac once as well.
- then go to the finder and use the go to folder commando (cmd+shift+g) and paste the following path
this is the folder where apple stores the ibooks that you have downloaded onto your mac.
The books are given a random number, in my case since the book was the last one i added it was easy to find just by looking at the date modified column.
- go to that folder and then to the underlying ops folder. Here you will find the chapter files.
Its perhaps a good idea to copy the whole book to a different folder so that it will be easier to find in future.
Greetings, Anouk,

Customized VoiceOver Settings

I've been an iPhone user for over three years, and just purchased an iMac for my sighted wife figuring I could use VoiceOver to help her tweak it plus learn more about it myself. Tim's book was so helpful that I'm now extremely close to purchasing a MacBook Air for myself. I will be retiring from my current job at end of May and hope to continue to work as an Accessibility consultant going forward. I'm posting because I really would like to get hold of Tim's customized VoiceOver settings file, but after e-mailing a couple of times I've not gotten a response. Is this file posted anywhere that I could somehow pick it up? Thanks in advance!

downloadeble version of the book, please!

The book seems to be available in the US iTunes store only. If at all possible, I'd rather avoid creating separate account for a single free book... :(
Thanks in advance!

Mastering the MacIntosh...

Thanks for creating and sharing this resource. I first downloaded it a couple months ago and it continues to be a great help as I transition from PC to Apple world...much appreciated.

Thank you

I love your writing style. This is one of my favorite Mac resource books.
I have to second the motion to make it available in .txt or .docs formats. This would greatly help those of us who are still straddling the line between Windows and Mac. I would love a braille copy of this book so I could work as I read.
Again, thank you for a wonderful resource. Honestly, you probably should have charged for it. *smile*

How to download?

Hi! May I ask how to get the book itself? I can see only it's description and users' reviews. Thanks

Looking for this book

Hi, I'm a new mac user and came across this post a few days ago. I've used mac for a month now and still struggling with a few things. So, i'd love to go through this book. But, it seems to be unavailable in both US store and in my country. Can anybody please tell me how to get it or send it to me?
Thank you

Trying to get this book in South Africa

Hi Tim, I am in South Africa and struggling to access this book via iTunes as it is not available in my region. I am desperately looking for another way to access this in pdf or through iTunes in South Africa - I have tried to change my region on my iPhone and it is just not working. Any Assitance will be appreciated.
Thanks, Regards, Chris Venter aka BlindScooterGuy

Great Resource

Thought I replied here already but I guess not. Anyway, this is a great book and I'd recommend it to anybody who is thinking of purchasing a Mac and needs to use VoiceOver. I downloaded my copy and was able to read it in iBooks with no problem. I do have one question though. Is this book going to be updated, since lots of improvements have been made to VoiceOver? Just curious. Thanks again for a job well done and keep it up.

Book doesn't available anymore

Hi guys, I've tried to download the book today, however, it doesn't available in the US App Store anymore. I got two Apple IDS, one in my country, and another one is in US App Store. I have switched Apple ID, however, the thing doesn't available anymore. If anyone have the book, could you guys upload somewhere?


Hello Ekaj, can u please tell

Hello Ekaj, can u please tell me a way to get this book or share it with me? It is not showing up in itunes in my country. I also changed it to US store for no use