Nightowl, strange behavior on launch.

Hi all. I can't figure out why this is hapening. I launched Nightowl yesterday to say something, I tweeted, sound went through I saw it. Awesome, however this morning, my timeline isn't updated, neither does my tweet seem to show up when I hit return after i say something. To my knowledge i haven't done anything, and as far as I know there isn't some update I am not aware should be installed. If anyone can figure this out, I'd appreciate it. I only refreshed the current tab, then all tabs, thinking that might help. I don't think i'm in silent mode either. so if anyone wants to help feel user name on twitter is Irish_storm if you want.


Restart/check network?

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Have you tried closing Night Owl, then re-opening it? What about restarting your entire Mac? It could also be a network connection problem; be sure your Mac is able to reach the internet. Finally, check that Night Owl doesn't have any windows open, by going to it and pressing vo-f1 twice to open the Window Chooser. Arrow through to see if there are any error windows or anything else going on that may not be focused on automatically.

I've done a few of those suggestions.

Hi. First, yes the Mac must be reaching the web if I can post this. :) I did also close and reopen it. i'll check the f1 suggestion and reboot the Mac. Thanks.

Restarted the Mac, no change.

Hi Medcaf. Thanks for your help. I went with voice over f 2, f 1 is the applications menu, and I saw something that just said "Window". i clicked on it, but there was nothing i could do. return, escape, space VO anything didn't help. I restarted, same problem, no update in timeline, curious if there's an update coming out. Becuase as I said this was fine ysterday.

Found part of my answer.

Hi all. well it loks like my twitter got suspended yesterday. interesting as I don't think i did anything to warrant that. However when I go to the help page on twitter, a menu popup sound is heard, where I see welcome to tWitter, Me, notifications, etc, but I can't do anything with it. I can't get out of the menu. Also for some reason there's an empty window on my window list, again once found, nothing gets rid of it. Today is not my day apparently. I even tried the mobile twitter site. If anyone wants to help, let me know. Thanks for the help, Iwouldn't have asked about night owl if i'd known my account was suspended.

I would contact twitter and

I would contact twitter and see if they suspended you because a lot of people reported you for somethingn or toher. You might also bein twitter jail. Iv'e been ther once or twice, or 10 times. Lol!

Take care.

Problems trying to unsuspend it.

Hi all. I can get to just fine. When I try to click ont he suspended account, a menu popup sound comes up, I hear welcome to twitter, notifications, me, discover, and a few other things. I can't do anything though. I can't escape out of it, I can't use voice over keys, quick nav doesn't help or even the trackpad. If anyone wants to skype so i can show them, let me know. Hoping i don't have to create a user name, I like my Irish_storm one. Lol i'm attached to it. ;) Thanks ke7


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I've seen VO do this on some websites, and I'm not sure what's going on exactly. If you try to tab, or use the plain arrow keys with Quick Nav off, you may be able to get out of this. Or, instead of vo-spacing the link, try vo0shift-m, then choosing to open the link in a new tab or window.

This is a hitor miss way of navigation.

Hi Medcaf. thanks for your help, I'm glad you have seen this behavior, I haven't. The VO shift M can sometimes work. i also think I might have not given them the right email address, ages back. Anyway once I can click ont he Here link, I can't click on the right edit field to start the appeal process.

I don't know how I got past the menu

Hi all. Well I don't know what exactly I did but playing around I got past everything to hopefully have my twitter account resubmitted. Soes anyone know if Twitter will tell me or will I just see tweets again? Also I almost asked @Ke7zum for herhelp, but audo boom's message titling problem reared its head and forgive me if that's to much to handle on a friday afternoon/evening.

Lol. I've been busy teaching

Lol. I've been busy teaching all day and I also have trouble with the menues. Thanks for thinking of me for help, how ever I would have not been able to help on time. There is a work around for the keyboard bug but I'll write to you off forum for that.

No worries sara

Hi. I knew you were busy,a nd if I ever do need your help I don't expect instant gratification. Ok I do if I give you a tonof money. :) Seriously I got that message, thank you for that. I knew there was a way I just didn't know. Now if only you can solve that menu problem or whatever, that'd be amazing. Thanks again.

it's the website. I suffer

it's the website. I suffer the same on where I store my stuff for research. it sucks and right now there's not much we can do about it but nicely let web designers know this method of menues is *not* ¬good

Glad someone else knows.

Hi. Thanks for letting me know. I'd never seen a site the Mac just, hated so much. Lol. Btw, the audio boom trick you sent, doesn't work on the iphone five. Thanks anyway. sorry if my boos are crazy. :)

Twitter and I are back

Just to say thanks for everyone's help. got twitter back, I am pretty sure they just saw Irish and went with it. Follow me if you want, but I make no apologies, and am sick and disgusting. You've been warned. ;)

glad you got the twitter

glad you got the twitter fixed and that night owl was not broken.

Take care and be blessed.