What are some free ringtones to download

What are some free ringtone to download


you have to by them threw itunes

i have not seen any free ringtones on the iTunes Store. however there are apps that let you download ringtones for free, but you have to use itunes file shairing feature, because you cannot import them just like that.


GarageBand lets you make free ringtones and allows you to save them directly to your device. No computer.

1. Open GarageBand on your iDevice.
1.2. Tap New Song to create a ringtone. Note that ringtones cannot be longer than 30 seconds.
1.3. Choose the instrument you are going to use to make your ringtone, or if you have a radio put that on and tap the Record button to record your favorite song.
If you are using an instrument, tap the Record button and play onscreen.
2. Once you are done, tap the My Songs button.
Note. Your song can only have 1 section, and it can only have 4 bars, 8 bars, or 16 bars.
3. Tap the Share button and select your song. Tap Share and then tap Save As Ringtone.
Note. If you get an alert saying it is too long, make sure to shorten it.
4. Name your ringtone and then tap the Export button. When an alert pops up, tap Done.

Now go into Settings > Sounds > Ringtone. Look, your ringtone is there.

How does...

How does this site work? How do you put the tones into your settings?
I don't have a computer

No other way.

There's no other way to import ringtones. You need a computer because Apple does not let you.


If you have dropbox and you put a tone that is already set for iTunes and another person also has dropbox that person can play it and I believe it will go to tones in setting.