Long games and tycoon/simulation games; recommendations and wishlists

I am working on My Master's and so usually I don't have a lot of time. Quick games like the blindfold series are exactly what I'm looking for. But with some extra time on my hands between semesters, I want games that last a little longer. I can finish a choice of games story in a night, and I'm looking for something that will last me at least a week. What are your favorite longer games? Additionally my favorite sort of games are tycoon and simulation games, although I love almost every type of game. Does anyone have favorite tycoon or simulation type games that they enjoy? THis seems to be a very underdone category in the blind gaming world, which is surprising to me because I would think they would be easier to code. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.


On simulation games there are a

Hi Brianna. On simulation games, there are quite a few. Although, it depends on what type of games you are looking for. If it is audio games, then There is audio rally racing, and I am not sure if these are simulation games, but also nebula game, and a blind legend. Also, there is a new audio game it's already out for Mac and PC, and it will be available for iOS very soon. It is called Space encounter. And, there is also audio defense zombie arena.

Long Game

I do agree that the Blindfold Games are good for when you only have a few minutes to play them. A longer game that you might enjoy is King of Dragon Pass. Although this game is quite expensive, you may find that it is satisfying, particularly because the game has many ways that the story can go. Many people have given this game reviews both on this website and other websites for people who have vision impairments, but mainstream reviewers like the game. The game is available on other platforms, but iOS is the only platform where the game is accessible.

for longer games, I can

for longer games, I can recommend you a blind legend and soul trapper, both are good adventure games.
for soul trapper, you need to have lots of patience for beating chapter 18, because you have to memorize the buttons to block the attack.

Another long game

Another long game is adventure to fate battle arena. This is a free game.

explained badly

Sorry I think I explained what I'm looking for in a simulation game badly. Thank you for the longer game suggestions. I've already played a few of them, but I spotted at least one new one through the comments. What I mean by a simulation game is more of a tycoon simulation experience. Owning a business, simulating parenting, something similar to the Sims for sighted people, roller coaster tycoon type games. For any that play games on windows, something like Umart, Pawprints, or park boss.

A dark

Try A Dark Room. It is not exactly building a business, you start building an echonomy.

More long games

Though I said that the Blindfold Games tend to be quite short, Blindfold Tile Puzzle can take a long time to complete if you get good at it. Also, if you like A Dark Room, you might also like the prequel to it—The Ensign—which is a much longer game than A Dark Room.

a dark room

I love a dark room, but never got far in the sequel. Time to try it again. thanks.

Not sure if I'm on the same

Not sure if I'm on the same page with you, Ms B, but what I long for is an accessible game similar to games such as 'Civilization' or 'Railroad Tycoon' by Sid Meir. (sigh)

I love the following games


I love the following games:

Stem stumper, Audio archery, Solara, The inquisitors heartbeat, and the baby adopter game.


I thought that this game was not playable anymore since the developers have abandoned it.

No you are thinking of audio

No you are thinking of audio defence and papa sangre. They are pulling the apps from the app store and opensourcing the game platform

No, I was thinking of Solara

Solara has not been updated in over two years. Also, people on this website have been writing that they are encountering problems with it. I am a little sad about the audio games that you are mentioned are going from the App Store. I only ever tried The Nightjar. The audio was very impressive, and it was the first ever audio game like it that I had ever tried on my iPhone. I also was surprised how low the cost was, and how brilliant the game was. I never finished it because I found it a little boring, but I might try it again.

A few good games.

Hey, a really good game is Turf Wars! Check it out.
Another good one is Godville.
Also try Lords and Knights.
Hope this helps!

thanks, and suggestion

Zaiana thanks. I just downloaded all of those. Also, I just saw Superstar Band Manager suggested on another section of the sight. For anyone else following this thread, or looking for these sort of games, it looks like a good one so far.

Superstar BAnd Manager

Superstar band Manager is a good game but the accessibility is certainly something the dev Needs to work on.
There are two other games on this site by the same developer: Football Chairman Lite and Football Chairman. A third Version is available but it isn't on the site yet.

Superstar Band Manager

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I haven't played Superstar Band Manager but I have played the Football Chairman games by the same developer. They are playable but I thought they were probably accessible by accident rather than by design. They appear to be coded in HTML.
I also found that it was almost impossible to progress very far without spending a lot on in-app purchases. I wonder if Superstar Band Manager follows a similar model?
PS: I would love to find a good football manager game that is accessible if anyone knows of any? By football I mean soccer :)

band manager

Paige, to choose your avatars turn off voiceover, and tap in the middle of the screen. There is a grid there I think it is two rows of four avatars. You can choose one by tapping on it while Vo is turned off.
Dave, I have gotten almost through band manager without using any real money.

i'm also looking

I'm also looking for those simulation games like owning a park or restaurant simulation games.

Re band manager

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Thanks Brianna, good to know. I might give it a go :)

I don't get the connection

What do Stem stumper, Audio archery, Solara, The inquisitors heartbeat, and the baby adopter game have to do with the topic? My understanding was that we're talking about games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Park Boss and other such games that aren't available in Voice-Over friendly iDevice format.

soul trapper.

someone else mentioned it in this thread, but soul trapper is a very good, long game. The buttons can be a bit fiddly to do, but I have to say, it is probably one of the best games I have ever played, comperible only to the games from something else. It is very sad those are getting pulled. Another good audio game that is even longer than soul trapper is called freeq, and it has a thousand ways to do things in it. The devs went to a great deal of work to implement accessability into it.
One type of game I would like to see is something with magical realms, unicorns, mermaids, etc. I would also like to see something geared towards girls a little more, makeup, dresses, princesses, faeries, etc. I think both of those things are huge gaps in the accessible games world.
Reguardless, I hope that you have found lots of good games via this thread to fill your break with, and I hope you are having lots of fun with them. Games are fantastical.

Star Traders is definitely a

Star Traders is definitely a good business sim game. It's kind of like the old Space empires game I used to play with sighted friends. There is also one listed on this site called Eurocanonia or something like that, which is another business sim game. My friend recommended one called Venture Capitolism, but I haven't even tried it to see if it's accessible yet.


I've tried eureconomia and the game is not accessible to VoiceOver.
when I launch the game, it's in landscape mode, but I can't flick or explore by touching the screen.
for freq, what game is it? is it an adventure game or a simon game?

Star traders

Last time I checked star traders wasn't accessible

Freq is one of the most

Freq is one of the most brilliant games out there. Every time you think you've discovered the last ending, SURPRISC, you find another. The achievements system is very well implemented as well, because it shows you all the possible outcomes and which ones you've done. I still can't get Vincent and Amy together though. I wish there was a hint system that guided you to new endings, but that game just can't be beat in terms of plots and replayability. Don't confuse it with Freeq, spelled with two e's. One is an adventure game, the other is one that helps tune your pitch sense. The game is the one by Psychic Bunny. They have trailors out that you can listen to before you buy the game, to make sure it's something you'll want. Also, Star traders is, as far as I've heard, accessible, or at least mostly so. Another game that you might like is Global supremacy. It's by the same company that does Turf Wars, but I find it more interesting, although certainly not a full-on sim. The best full-on sim I know, of course, is KODP. @

Audio archery is a long game.

Audio archery is a long game. Stems Denver is also a long game. So Laura is a game where you make a castle and build your kingdom. The inquisitors heartbeat is also a long game. They via doctor is a fun game, and a simulation game.

Global supremacy is a game

Global supremacy is a game where you are trying to build several bases around the world. It is less accessible van turf wars, so in my opinion, it is not as fun. Four games for girls that dresses, try style studio. It is a fun game where you make clothes and try to dress up models.

what is the name

what is the name of the doctor game and is it accessible?

Battle Nations

Has anyone tried Battle Nations? It is semi accessible and I think is also pretty long.
I haven't got a response back from the developer about accessibility improvements from what I remember, however.


I got bored with baby adopter I'm almost done with that game and some of the other x 2 line games, there's nothing much to do there.

Battle nations

I downloaded this game but all the buttons are unlabelled, how does it work?


I'm confused. I downloaded Freeq today and it doesn't seem accessible at all. I start it up and voiceover cannot do anything. Did it become not accessible on an update or something?

another long game, it's

another long game, it's called final fantasy record keeper.
the game has some accessibility issues, but it's still usable. I've played that game and now I am at the final fantasy II dungeon.
in this game there is also event dungeons, quest dungeons, party sorting, and others. dungeons and events are frequently updated dayly.
the part where the game has issues is selecting a dungeon that you want to play. to select a dungeon, turn off VoiceOver and swipe to the right or to the left, and touch the screen. when the dungeon is selected, you'll hear a closed door sound. and when you hear a music of that dungeon, for example final fantasy VII, turn VoiceOver back on and you can select which level you want to play. it will give you the info of the dungeon, how much stamina required to complete, and you can select which party twho will help you in battle.
the game is in a web-style format, but clickable elements are not shown as buttons but it can be clicked. when you click an item, you will hear a confirmation sound. another issue is sorting party members, using equipment, and drawing relic gems. you need to turn off VoiceOver for that.

freq, and style studio

In freeq, you have to toggle accessability mode on. You can do this by doing the activate zoom gesture, pushing 2 fingers on the screen out from each other, the opposite of a pinch. I have gotten Vince and Amy together several times. Connect them as much as possible, and when you get a choice between vince and Amy, choose Amy. I havn't gotten as many of the endings I was hoping, I havn't been able to figure out the pizza guy from new york, or alchemy unplugged. As for style studio, maybe I downloaded the wrong one because the one I found was totally inaccessible. Could you possibly post a link?


can somone post the app store link I can't find it in the app store. Thanks.

Possible Campaign

Do you think we would be able toossibly campaign for the games from Square Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, or FINAL Fantasy Tactics: the War of the Lions.

for final fantasy tactics,

for final fantasy tactics, the game is very unplayable.
but for final fantasy record keeper, it's playable, but you have to deal with turning on and off VoiceOver.
as I said in a few post back, one of the issue is to selecting a relm. you have to turn off VoiceOver, and then slide your finger from the right to the left or from the left to the right and touch the middle of the screen to enter the relm. you'll hear a door closing sound and you will hear various music, from final fantasy I to final fantasy XIV, depending on what relm you play. for example, if you slide left and touch the screen, you hear a closing door sound, and you hear the final fantasy VII main theme, you mean you are playing the final fantasy VII relm.
another issue which is very important to note is battles. you can't leave VoiceOver on when a battle music is playing, and the most bad thing is you can't see your stats and your enemies stats. to do the battle, turn off VoiceOver and touch the following:
bottom corner of the screen is to use your phisical attack, bottom left is to defend, left corner of the screen is to use your weapon, right corner of the screen is to use your magic ability, top right corner of the screen is to use a soul break, which is your party's magic attack. for soul break, you can only use 2 times per dungeon.
in the victory screen, you should also turn VoiceOver off and press the bottom of the screen and you will hear several sound. the first is your experience point, the second is your party's experience point, and the final one is the items you get after battle.

question for paige

how do you play the fashion game? I downloaded it but vo not reading anything for me on the screen. unless if I downloaded the wrong one.


I will definitely try out the game when I have the time. How acessible is the exploring? Seeing as it probably is a big element, can you move easily?