what are the best international voices (french, spanish and russian voices in particular) for voice dream reader

Hello everyone: as someone who attempts to speak more than one language I wonder what are the best french, spanish and russian voices for voice dream reader, including the new voices, also where can I find free voices for these languages for voice dream reader. For those who speaks other languages let us discuss other voices for this app. Thank you.


Russian voices

Hi. i use russian voice alyona from acapela in voicedream and also tatyana from ivona. Free russian voice for voicedream is milena.

russian voice

I also use алёна (sorry I don't know latin spelling for russian) in voice dream reader. I like it a lot.


Hello, Eva wrote that she uses alyona tatyana what are the advnatages o alyona over tatyana and vice versa? Also I am unable to find milena where can I find it please? If I buy these voices in voice dream can I use them with my iphone? Any suggestions for french and spanish voices? Thank you.

Hi. Vy the way i'm Seva, u

Hi. Vy the way i'm Seva, u made mistake. Tatyana has more intonations in voice then alyona. To use milena open russian text and i think that you can use it

French voices

The best voice in french is Margo. You can also try Manon and Bruno

what about other voices

Hello Abdel why do you think that Margo is the best french voice? Anyone has different suggestion and why and what about the spanish voices? Many thanks for your opinions. Seva izwini moyu ashibku kak dela? Zdenek

what are the best spanish voices and why? Any other opinion on f

Sorry guys for bugging you with this question again, but still did not get any advice about the best spanish voice or voices for voice dream reader and why do you think that they are the best? Also any other opinion about the french voice and your reasoning behing it? Your help is greatly appreciated. Zdenek

so what about spanish voice?

Sorry guys for bugging you about this again, but what is the best spanish voice for voiceover as far as pronunciation or and speed? Many thanks. Zdenek

French Voice Antoine


Antoine is the french voice i use, very human like and good for long readings like books. Margot might be better in quality, but Antoine sounds the best to me for long sessions.

Spanish voices


I do speak Spanish and love Ines from Acapella. She is from Spain which makes it possible to recognize spelling details when reading.

depends on desired accent

App Developer

I am a fluent Spanish speaker, but my accent has been Latin American. Therefore, I prefer the acapela voice Rosa, and also sometimes use the built-in IOS voice Paulina. However, this is a very subjective thing. One thing you should consider is to use the free version of VDR to test the voices. They will speak very little, but it allows you to choose your accent. Also, if you do not yet speak these languages, it may be worth starting the learning process before randomly acquiring the voices to do so. Also, the latinization of алёна is Alyona. I have learned some Russian, but not enough to have a voice choice for that. You can easily just use the built-in voice until you choose one. I do not speak any French.

you are right

Hola Nathan que tal? You are right on both accounts, the choice of voices is very subjective thing, but that does not prevent us to talk about it, why do we like certain voices, I believe similar threat was comparing English voices, I agree with you that it is important to learn the language first. I can speak a bit of both languages perhaps to geet by as one would say in english, therefore i would like to read easy texts with voice over and for that reasons I want to know which voices might be good. Zdenek

I like Marisol

Hello. I am an Indian, and I live in United states of America. and I use My I phone in Spanish. In Spanish-Spain, I love Marisol, and in Spanish-Latin American, I love Paulina. But I thing that Why do not they have a Colombian voice for Iphone. I also use Windows Pc, and using Jaws, I found the Colombian voice. it is strange.