Little Girl Magic

Hi, Anyone know how I go about feeding the girl I adopted in little girl magic? Double tapping on food seems to do nothing. Am I missing something?


how you feed the girl.

Hi. If you play baby adopter it is the same way. But if not. Basicly you do a three finger swipe up or down depending on what direction you want the screen to go then double tap the food you want to feed her. I am not sure why this is like this on these games. But it is. I wouldn't say it is an inaccessibility issue. But it can confuse people at points. Hope this helps. Jessica

Lovely Name, But ...

Little Girl Magic is the loveliest sounding name for a game I can think of.
But I don't know that it's my cup of tea.
I don't see a help file. I couldn't hear the names of the other two choices. I can't decorate her bedroom, and apparently one can't interact with her when playing with toys or anything.
Each act of care must have a wait of five minutes, and the smallest things cost so many points.

I think I'll stick with My Baby Sim. I won't delete Little Girl Magic just yet, but it sounds, at first blush, more complicated than magical. And since she is seven, I really thought I could have simple conversations with her, using some kind of artificial intelligence or something.
It's still on my iPhone for now, but I think My Baby Sim is more for me.