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Hi, guys.
We would like to tell you about the great application for future parents that supports Voice Over. (iPhone and iPad compatible) - MyBabySim.
My Baby Sim is a real baby behavior simulator that allows users to try themselves as parents of a newborn.
Try it and you`ll learn how to take care about a baby – change diapers, play, feed or stop your baby from crying. You can get all basic knowledge about parenthood and first three months of infant`s life from our app.
My Baby Sim analyzes how good you are as a parent, storing all data in a log. Compare your progress with recommendations to test yourself. There is also an ability to share your experience within the community and ask for advice both from baby care experts and from the other community members.
We would be grateful for your feedback and impressions about the game. We would also appreciate an information about any bugs or errors (hope you`ll not face them), and we’ll do our best to fix them.
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My Baby Sim is now available for Android! It works with Voice Assistant (Talk Back) and is ready for download! Please, tell your friends who have Android device about us and share this link:


Notes about MyBabySim Game modes!
- Game Mode:
actual game time is equal to 16 days if you wish to grow your child from the very birth up to 4 months (4 days= 1 month).
- Training Mode: actual game time is equal to 7 days of the game time (7 days=1 month). In this mode your child does not grow, you simply choose baby’s age and play the game, in this mode you have no possibility to save the game.
- Fast Forward mode (paid feature) speeds up the game in 10 times.


Never Met a Kid

I agree. I never met a kid who didn't like his blanky.
Also, instead of teaching them words which no month-old, or four-month-old can speak, they should have the baby suck his thumb. They do that in the womb, you know.
Pacifiers can be dropped; thumbs can't.
Also, I'd like to see the freedom of speech thing dropped, since babies can't talk anyway. In its place, I dropped my soother.

To The Devs:

Using the increment button, I got it up to 17 hours, which is the longest you can hire a nanny for.
I pressed on the 'hire for 17 hours' button. But when I went into the ap, it told me my nanny's remaining hour was 11:59 minutes.
I didn't hire her for 12 hours; I hired her for 17.
This sucks. I'm getting jipped.
I'm sure I'm paying for 17 hours, but all I'm getting is 12.
What's up with this, devs? And has anyone had this same trouble? I've had this happen several times before I wrote this message.


I totally agree with having an option to cook or use store-bought food. And for feeding, like Ornella said, you should have a button that you hold down to feed. Stop holding to check food stat, and continue holding. When food is at 99%, press done. And they should add a thirst stat now that they added water. As for changing the diaper when she's sleeping, that really depends on a lot of things. If it's late and I'm tired and I just got her to go to sleep, then I leave her sleeping. If her energy is low i let her sleep, but if it's at 100% I wake her up to prevent an increase in discomfort. And yeah, I'm a virtual parent, (i am waaaaay to young to have real kids, lol!!!!!). MissThea, have you looked at the help menu? It offers great tips and is kind of like a parenting pamphlet. Instead of making a new game, they should just add that the baby grows to one year. I don't think I would want Anastasia to be a teenager, I want her to stay little, lol! (I also wouldn't want her to get older than me, that would just be weird!). And if they made it last until the baby was one, they could have their first birthday and then the end of the game. That is a great experiment, which I would totally try, except I use my phone with audio books to help me fall asleep. Maybe it would let the book keep playing??


Hi, Paige. Yes, having a kid older than you might be awkward.
I'm 51 years of age.
I think having the game end on a first birthday with a party and all would be a lovely way to end the game. The last part of the game, just before it's all over, should be when the baby says his/her first word, rather than the words they have now.
That would be a total endorphin rush.

Keep the Ap Open and Read

Hi, Paige. You can keep your baby ap open and read an audio book without losing the functions of either ap.
I had Apple music open yesterday, while out with Maurice. We definitely found the funk.

Baby Sounds Much Too Irritable

Can the devs do anything about this?
The baby sounds so irritable when it's supposed to be normal or happy, I end up shoving the soother in his mouth to shut him up. Not an endorphin rush.
We definitely need some happier baby sounds. Most of the ones we have now get on my nerves. Anyone else notice this, or am I just too old and ornery for this game? LOL


Yes, that would be a great idea! Like, at the end of the party, the baby just says `hi mama` or something like that. LOL. And yay! I will probably try to keep the appen tonight then, and see how it goes. Or maybe tomorrow night, because I have school tomorrow. Either way, I'll try it, thanks! To me, the baaby's happy sounds are kind of on the verge of cranky, and normal is just . kind of blah. Which I guess is kind of the point rf normal, lol. Oh yeah, and I think I figured out why my baby sleeps longer at night. For her daytime naps, I lull her to sleep, but at nihgt i use the lullaby. So i guess if you want a longer sleep, use lullaby, and for shorter little cat naps, use lulling. Or maybe it's just a fluke, I don't know.


To MISTHEA, I agree that sometimes the baby sounds fussy when she's normal or happy so you have to get her to be very happy. And there should be more baby babbling sounds and a different bottle sound for the milk and use the current one for the water. Only when my baby's energy reaches 100 percent and the diaper is dirty then I wake her up but I leave her to sleep when her energy is low by the time the comfort reaches to 0 percent I think her energy will be 100 so either she wakes her self up on her own or I wake her up. When I woke up this morning she wasn't feeling well and her food was at 10 percent and comfort was 0. When ever I wake up I always check to see if she's sick then I change and bathe her and then feed. Everytime she goes out I always give her a bath. I always dress her in one of the coats for the park and I sometimes let her wear the school suit for either the lake or garden I probably let her wear the pink dress to go to the playground. And yes the baby should be up to a year and then after a birthday party the game ends. That would be really cool.

I kind of do the same the

I kind of do the same the same things you do, but backwards. I change her, feed her, then if she's still crying I check her temp, pick her up, tickle, kiss her, and play with her. I have only purchased pink dress and marine suit, so I just walk her in those interchangably. And I don't know if this is true, but I think of this as when it says `diaper doesn't look very fresh` she peed, so I use wet wipe and dusting powder, and when it says `what's that smell?` she pooped so I bathe her and use dusting powder. What do you guys think the two different diaper alerts mean?

to Paige

Wow I didn't really think of the different Diaper alerts like that lol. The reason why I chek her tempts first is because when I fall asleep in the night I leave her unattended till morning so that's why I may think she's sick. I do it that way because the game may end on me just like that so if she's sick I just give her the medicine real quick. Because at one time I didn't check if she was sick and while I was feeding her the game ended saying that the baby is very sick so I had to start a new one.

Good Point!

I leave my baby unattended at nightime too because I like to save my credits for new features. But I never thought to check the temp to prevent the game over message! I will definitely do that tomorrow before I even change her. Thanks!

no problem

I'm saving up my credits to buy the remaining clothing that I haven't bought yet.

Diaper Alerts

That's what I think too.
Doesn't look very fresh equals pee, what's that smell equals poop.
Sometimes I bathe him when he poops, and sometimes I double wipe. That is, I use two wipes on him, just like I did when I parented real time.

What is Considered a High Score?

I wonder how the scores work? I see a number, but I don't know what it means.
And since the babies cannot tell us what great parents and fabulous human beings we are, (that's something the virtual partner could do), I guess that's what the scores are for.


To anyone who plays the game seriously, as in preparation for the real thing: Do you ever get irritable with your baby? What do you do in the game when you feel that way? Hiring the nanny is of course the obvious first thing. Do you do anything else?

I am kind of hesitant to buy

I am kind of hesitant to buy all the clothes because I don't really know what they look like. I really love that you can choose what your baby can wear, but I am probably only going to buy clothes that are self explanatory. For example: pink dress is obvious, it's a pink dress. Sure, it might have designs or bows on it, but I know the basic idea. But what is the mommy suit? There are no clues in the name as to what it really is.


The one piece clothing is like the jumper suits and the outer wear is like coats and dresses. And to misthea, I get mad sometimes when the baby gives trouble but I don't hire a nanny because its 2 expensive. I remember I changed the baby and when I was done and I came out of the game she messed up again and I had to change her and about 5 minutes after I had to clean her up again. I really wish the game could be a little more explained to say how clean the baby is so we'll know if we have to use more than 1 wipe or powder. I always use 1 wipe because after the baby is already dressed her comfort level is 100 percent.

According to Lulu's podcast

Lulu mentioned that the comfort levels were somewhat deceptive.
Maurice's comfort levels have been at 100, his food at 99, his energy 99, and he's still throwing a fit. This after I check his temperature.
I usually have to resort to tickling. But gosh, I couldn't play this game without the nanny.
I needed a break often in real time, and I notice that I do as well in virtual time.
Maybe I'd be better off playing Grand Baby Sim--you know, the one they haven't developed yet, the one for grandmothers. LOL

Thanks for the descriptions!

Thanks for the descriptions! I got descriptions for the ones i'd purchased, but not for all of them. (my dad said the one-pieces are like tank tops with flowers, and the pink dress is just a dress with a flower, and the marine suit is a jumper, and my baby sim suit is like a white jumper but more like PJS than day clothes). And I'm not preparing for a baby, but when she's crying I just play with her, and sometimes I change her a couple times because like you said Ornella she sometimes needs more than one wipe, (although usually using one wipe for pee and a bath for poop works. And i've noticed that sometimes in the middle of changing she'll go to the bathroom again, it says `I sure could have used a diaper just now` lol!!!)

I got that notification

I got that notification once when I took off the diaper she said I sure could've used a diaper just now. I was like sure she probably messed up while changing again lol. There should be a store to buy diapers and wipes and food and other things but not with real money. Something like the hatchie store. We could use the coins to get it so we could know how much we used just to make the game fun and worth while.


Maybe I just don't understand your idea. We already have to pay for so much with credits. Why would you want to buy something else with credits? The diapers and wipes and powder are already free.


When I get anxious with my baby crying so much, I slide the mute button on. It doesn't effect voiceover in any way, it just makes the baby sounds muted.

Also, I think it would be nice if the app had a description of each piece of clothing. Maybe it could be available for when people have voiceover hints enabled.

I like most of the baby sounds, but some of them do sound like they're fussing.

I think we should have things to do with our babies when we take them to places like the playground. There, you could have them swing or something. Or taking them to the garden, you could pick a flower.
Because when you take the baby somewhere, there's nothing to do but sit there for a bit.

I've never had the app tell me that my baby, William, has made a mess before I put a new diaper on him. I guess I've been lucky, lol!

Also, when the baby is sick, I think there should be an option to take them to the doctor, instead of getting an ambulance for a gazillion credits. That happened to me the other day, and I know it's just an app, but I felt bad that my poor boy had died. I know, I'm strange.


I think it would be fun to raise your baby to a toddler age, because there's so much more you can do with a toddler. You could have them play with blocks, do small kids puzzles, have them sing a song, teach them to talk, and all sorts of other things.
You could even have them try different foods, and they could tell you whether they liked it or not. But maybe this would have to be another new app entirely.

Good Ideas

I love your ideas about descriptions of clothing with hints on, and interactive areas when walking and toddler game. But I don't know how they would do a toddler mode.

to paige

I was talking about game coins not real money. Like how the hatchie has coins when we do certain things like that. We already spend credits on the clothing and features.

Coins And Credits

So their would be coins and credits? And if so, how to get coins...

Toddler Sim

Hi, Page,
As I said, maybe the toddler phase would have to be a separate app, and they could call it toddler sim or something to that effect.

I also like the idea of holding down the bottle button while feeding. It would seem more realistic.

not yet

I was saying that we should get fake coins to do things like what we did with hatchy game. there isn't any at the moment. I was suggesting that it could happen. And a toddler sim would be great. If you go on youtube and listen to a playthrough of the sims you could know what I'm talking about with the new ideas.


Ok, makes more sense. Speaking of youtube, have you listened to the my baby sim youtube channel? Do you know what's going in them? All I hear is music and baby sounds.

the same thing

I've been hearing the same thing as well. They haven't updated their channel recently.


It's easy to figure out what's in the videos if you've purchased the features they're demonstrating, but I wish they were more descriptive.

Could Have Used a Diaper

I've never had that happen in the middle of a change. In real time, yes. With my son, Jamie, I sometimes forgot to point his little manhood down, and the cool air would make him pee. Upwards at my face. EEW.
Never had to learn that lesson twice. LOL
But in virtual time, that never happened. For the most part, Maurice is an easier baby.

More in the Store?

No thanks. Like a wise person said, we're already paying for so much. True, it helps the devs, and we're all fine with that, but I would think that some, if not most of us are on limited income.
While in real life you do have to pay for diapers and formula, this is only a game.
Anyway, that nanny is a concern. I had 85 credits today, hired her for 17 hours, only got her for 12, and am out 30 credits.
I wrote them on Facebook about it. I hope that gets rectified.

Not Strange

No, I don't think you're strange. This type of game can feel more real because it's tapping into your maternal/paternal nature. We all feel bad if someone in our care comes to harm, even if it's only virtual.
There's a part of our brain, I'm told, that can't distinguish reality from fantasy--the limbic system, I shouldn't wonder, because that's where our primal emotions are. This game taps into that, because we're supposedly caring for another human being. Maybe we have a back story, that is, our own little story in our head, about how we got the baby. This ap doesn't specifically state we adopted the baby, so we could have had the baby.
I know I have a little story about how Maurice came along. And if I get irritable with him I sometimes feel bad about myself. I have to remind myself that this is only a game after all.
My real life kids will tell you I was irritable with them alot and my mom was irritable with me. It's hard to go on, caring for someone's needs and sometimes you don't get your own needs met. Thank heaven for nanny, even if she is a thief!

to Misthea

I never suggested to spend real money I said we could earn fake coins to get those things like either the hatchy game or the sims4. You get to buy furniture decorate and do much more. Even control the mom.

Origins of babies, and thanks

Hi, MissThea, thank you for making me feel a bit better about how I felt about my virtual baby.

If it's not too personal, could you share with us the origin of your baby? I never thought to create a little backstory for William. It's a good idea. I'll have to give it some thought.

My Bad

Sorry, I was responding from my email client, rather than reading through all the coments.
I'm all in favor of fake coins. And I do play my 3 videos a day to earn the 3 credits.

The Stork--Not LOL

I'm glad I made you feel a bit better.
Well, you know the band Earth Wind and Fire? Their leader, founder and front man is Maurice White. I've been in love with him since I was 14.
During my twenties, I wrote him fan letters. One night the phone rang, and someone asked for me. Of course, the only Earth Wind and Fire albums I didn't have were the ones they didn't do yet. Haha.
When the caller said he was Maurice White, I nearly fainted. Anyway, I knew it wasn't a prank caller. He told me about his son, Gibran, then 11, and we talked about Kahlil Gibran and Theolonious Monk and Pythagorus. Maurice was very charming on the phone, told me he was touched by my letters. In fact, he called me twice, and I've been involved with Earth Wind and Fire fan sites, and Maurice White sites in particular, such as the defunct Star Talk.
Maurice White, my love, died in early February, the third, I think, of complications of Parkinsonism. He was 74. For 3 months I grieved inconsolably.
What's more natural, then, when I found this ap that I should create an African child called Maurice, in loving memory of someone who still captures my soul with his voice? I imagine that I had Maurice, and that his daddy is in Heaven, smiling down on us.
Maybe imagining that Maurice is Maurice White's son helps me with the times of irritation. If I'd had the opportunity in real life, you can bet little Maurice would not have been virtual. LOL But, alas, our interactions were only on the phone.
OK, that's probably more than you wanted to know. But there it is. Smiles.

Where Did Rosalind Come From?

Rosalind, on the other hand, is adopted. She is European. I think of her as my adopted baby.
I imagine that my sister had a baby but she and her husband were killed in a car crash. So I'm raising my niece, Rosalind, as my own.
And for anyone who wonders, yes, I do write stories.

That's really great!

MissThea, I really enjoyed hearing both of your babies origins. They are very touching and interesting.
I love writing stories too.

Getting Too Old For This LOL

Well I got irritable again and hired the nanny.
Looked in on him, just to see what kinds of sounds he was making, and darn if they aren't actually pleasant to listen to for the most part.
What is nanny doing that I am not? He's mostly quiet; his vocalizations are soft. He never raises his voice, but talks to himself in baby talk.
When he's with me, his normal sounds are loud and strident.
With nanny, he's completely different.
Besides stealing my credits, what is this woman doing that I am not?
Does anyone know how much nanny costs per hour? I thought it was one credit per hour, but that isn't what I am paying. I'm paying far more than that.

the credits

I think its 3 credits an hour now. They raised it. And I love hearing about your babies origins. I don't think we could do anything when the nanny is taking care of the baby. I don't like to play in game mode too much because its more work and I don't get no time for my self. I took my baby out to all the locations today even though I was busy her last location was the garden and now her energy is 10 percent so by now I'm guessing she's sleeping or close to falling asleep.


Your baby's origins are very interesting! Anastasia doesn't really have a back story, I just kind of like that name, lol, and already raised a baby named Mariah, my favorite name, (Anastasia is also adopted). And that's really weird about the nanny, I've never really stuck around while she's working, I only use her when I have to, (so I can't be there), but when I have enough credits I should just hire her and listen.

baby names

I never made any other name for my baby except Arianna because I love that name and a few of my favourite tv show actresses either real name or tv name is Arianna and I just love it.

Different game modes and names

I've had this explained to me before and still didn't get it. What are the different game modes, and which one is easiest?

Also, I think everyone's baby has wonderful names. I still haven't thought of an origin story for my baby yet, but I'm working on it.

I can't remember if someone already mentioned this, but it would be cool if the babies could hear us through the built-in mic, and respond back to us somehow.

2 modes

There are only 2 modes and 2 levels. In game mode the game lasts for 17 days and you watch your baby grow from 1 month to 4 and in training mode the game lasts for 7 days. The baby doesn't grow you just choose the month and play. In advance level you have to manually change the diaper and heat up the water every time for feedings and bath times.

Thanks to everyone

Thank you to everyone who has so kindly helped me to learn this game. I sincerely appreciate it.

Baby Names

I love my baby's name. I think the sexiest name a guy can have is Maurice--not pronounced Morris, like they do in some countries, but pronounced more-reese.
I changed Siri voice from American to Australian because she insisted on calling my baby "Morris". Some people are named Morris. But my baby's name is Maurice, pronounced More-reese.
So I changed Siri to an accent that will pronounce it right.
And I think the loveliest girl name is Rosalind. That name just slays me.
I love my own name too; in fact, I chose it for myself. I like any name with a th in it, because the th is the softest sound we can make.
And because I have touch/hearing synesthesia, th words tend to feel feathery when I hear them.