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Hi, guys.
We would like to tell you about the great application for future parents that supports Voice Over. (iPhone and iPad compatible) - MyBabySim.
My Baby Sim is a real baby behavior simulator that allows users to try themselves as parents of a newborn.
Try it and you`ll learn how to take care about a baby – change diapers, play, feed or stop your baby from crying. You can get all basic knowledge about parenthood and first three months of infant`s life from our app.
My Baby Sim analyzes how good you are as a parent, storing all data in a log. Compare your progress with recommendations to test yourself. There is also an ability to share your experience within the community and ask for advice both from baby care experts and from the other community members.
We would be grateful for your feedback and impressions about the game. We would also appreciate an information about any bugs or errors (hope you`ll not face them), and we’ll do our best to fix them.
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My Baby Sim is now available for Android! It works with Voice Assistant (Talk Back) and is ready for download! Please, tell your friends who have Android device about us and share this link:


Notes about MyBabySim Game modes!
- Game Mode:
actual game time is equal to 16 days if you wish to grow your child from the very birth up to 4 months (4 days= 1 month).
- Training Mode: actual game time is equal to 7 days of the game time (7 days=1 month). In this mode your child does not grow, you simply choose baby’s age and play the game, in this mode you have no possibility to save the game.
- Fast Forward mode (paid feature) speeds up the game in 10 times.


True We Can't

True, we can't do anything while the nanny is there.
It just bugs me that my lovely Maurice is so calm with her and so fussy with me.


Yeah, I wrote some suggestions on their facebook and one of them was interaction with your baby through camera and microphone. I'm pretty sure I posted it in the wrong place though, lol. And what does the baby do differently with the nanny? Does he just keep making very happy noises? Anastasia is usually very happy, unless of course she's hungry, sick, just pooped, or I just got home from school or woke up, in which case she will cry bitterly foh about ten minutes until I can get her to be happy again.

Happy Sounds

With nanny, he just makes quieter, happier sounds.
By the way, I saved and continued, because a checkpoint came up, while the nanny had time on the clock.
Maybe that'll freeze him for a while in time, like it seems to have done with Rosalind.
Then I could get a nice long break without spending any more credits.
See, my health isn't that good, and I didn't realize how tiring the game would be for me.


I'm still so confused; what do you mean they freeze in time? Can you take care of them at once, or alternate?

baby sounds

Its not to get the baby happy you have to get him or her very happy. If I'm busy and I just clean her up I just kiss her and give her 1 of the rattles or toys. When you check the log you will see an entry I am very happy.

Freezing? Not With my Primary Baby

I guess you can't "freeze" the baby for a while.
That is, stick the game at a certain point and come back to it later.
While Rosalind seems to be frozen in time, with nanny still on the clock, Maurice is not. Nanny's time is steadily winding down, even though I saved it.

Yeah that's what i do, when I

Yeah that's what i do, when I do what I need to do with Stasia I give her a toy, pick her up, massage her and tickle her. I always do this before school so she's content before I leave her! And I think I finally understand, you save a game while the nanny is caring for the baby so the nanny cares for her for longer? And I just had a random idea, when you bathe the baby you should actually have to soap them down and give them a rubber ducky or bath toy and rinse them and towel dry them, just to add another fun element to the game.

Saving and more questions

So does this mean you can't save the game, then end it for a while then return to where you had saved it?

And no offense, but why did the nanny have to go up by two more credits?

Also, I'm playing in training mode and still have to feed, change and basically take care of him. Is this how you guys play it?
I've never played game mode so I don't know if it's harder than training mode.
Which mode do you all play it in?

Hmm Still Working With This

I saved the game after I saved and continued, passing the checkpoint.Now it says nanny has an hour and two minutes. Somehow I've lengthened her stay, and maybe time has frozen.
The hard thing about this game for me is being on call 24/7.
Kudos to anyone out there doing this on your lonesome. I found it hard doing this in real time and I had a stay at home husband. He was blind also and neither of us worked.
Now that I'm playing the game, I'm alone and I find it tiring.
I hope they come out with a simulated partner. With or without kids. One that will virtually massage your feet, sweet talk, and take you on virtual trips to Vegas and Hawaii. Don't want much, do I? LOL

Game Mode Most Def

I think most of us play in game mode because in training mode you can't grow your child.
I'm still working with this to see if I can put baby on hold and return to him when I'm feeling better without having starved the poor thing to death or something like that. I'm working on re-saving the game while nanny is there, thus making sure I get a full night's sleep, no notifications or baby waking up. )I did that twenty years ago, and it was hard, then; lol)
But yeah, we all play in game mode. Training mode doesn't allow for growth, and a conclusion to the game.

Sometimes stressful

Yes, this game can get a bit stressful at times. That's why I have to end the game sometimes. I've never finished the game.


I agree, the nanny should go back to 1 credit per hour. And yeah, I play in game mode. It is the same az training, but longer and with save availability, which I need, (my baby dies a lot, so sad!). One time I bought a credit pack of 100 credits and used nanny through-out the week with nanny. I actually ended up winning that game. So far, in my current game, Stasia is almost 2 months one week and I haven't used nanny yet. We'll just see how it goes!


I guess it's stressful because the original intent of the devs was to provide a taste test for those who want to be parents.
To that end, I have to say, this is nothing compared to the real thing. First of all, if there is no support person to take the baby off your hands for a bit, you're stuck.
Second, a month of life takes 30 days, or 31, depending on the month, and you have to live every second of that month, every day of that month.
Months do not go by in four days.
Plus, once you've reached 4 months, you still have a long way to go. The game doesn't conclude till they leave home, and even then, depending on the child and the circumstances, you are still parenting to at least some degree--that is, unless they join a missions team and go to Borneo, and you never hear from them, or only on holidays. Actually, I wish I heard from my grownup kids more often, but we don't live in the same country. It's a little lonely, but I'm not a handy baby sitter should someone get in the family way.

For Me

I really love this game! Sure, at times it can be very stressful, but it's really fun. It makes me excited to have real kids when I'm older. But yeah, I'm sure a game can't replicate the true experience...

Let us know

MissThea, please, let us know if your experiment with saving the game with your nanny there works. I'd like to know if we can come back to it at a later date as long as we have saved the game.

Nanny Save

That would be totally cool if that worked! I could save the game before school or before I went to bed so my baby could survive through those times.

saving the game.

You could save the game in game mode after 24 hours of the time you made it. Once the game is saved, you could quit the game and when you come back click on saves and tap on the baby's name and the game will continue from where you left off. If you hire a nanny and quit the game the nanny won't be working. The game would just be frozen. When you continue it and the nanny still has time left she will work for her remaining time. To Paige, you say you have school. So maybe make a new game maybe an hour or half before you leave so the next day when you wake up you will get a notification to save the game. You can then save the game, quit and go to school and when you come back you could continue but remember the next day the check point will change because you returned to the game at a different time. I hope this made sense.

Game Center

So I decided to try to see if the game center letterboard feature was accessible, but it told me to enable game center. I checked and I am already loged in. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just not working?

Nope That Didn't Work

With Maurice so close to his 4th month, I didn't want to end the game. Anyway, what happened is my phone died during the night.
When I woke and started charging it, and found your comments asking me to see if saving while the nanny is there works, I opened up the ap to find 'oops something went terribly wrong'. I bought another 100 credits so I could get the ambulance, because the baby is already 3 months old, and he's normal now.
But I found some of the log entries interesting: "hungry ... can't hold out any more" and "I don't want to do this any more ..." A three-month-old losing his will to live, I guess.
I feel like I've gotten him back from the dead. So, it looks like my idea did not work.
But maybe the devs should think of a free sitter, like a relative, for people who are going to school or work. It's not fair that you should have to have your baby die, start over, then have the same happen.
Bad for self-esteem you know. And even though it's only a virtual baby, still, you feel bad a little bit. So they should think of a free sitter, a relative, partner, etc. or some other way of ensuring your baby doesn't die while you're at school or work.


Yeah, I always feel really sad when Anastasia dies! I don't think they would make a free sitter, but I really wish they would reduce the nanny back to 1 credit per hour. They increased the prices on EVERYTHING when they made the ability to earn credits.

I suggested

I suggested something like that as well or to pause the game in the night time but It won't happen because with out the nanny they can't really make much money. Plus they said you can't pause a baby. There are children who play this game and doesn't have credit cards to buy gift cards so I was saying that we get unlimited credits and we could listen to a lot of videos so the devs could be paid or even reduce the price of the credits. If it were up to me I would sell 100 credits for 99 cents 1000 for $5 and maybe 15000 for about$10.00. To me that's a good deal and they would even make more money that way.

Lower Prices

I have an Itunes gift card, so I would be willing to pay 10 dollars for 1500 credits. I don't like to pay for things like credits as much because once you use them, they're gone. But I'd be willing to pay if we got more credits out of it. It would be like a kick-start, start with 1500 credits and earn three more per day, you would never run out that way!

Amen, Ornella

I agree whole-heartedly.
True, you can't pause a baby, and as a grand old lady of 51, I've done it and know that.
Still, this is only a game, and if young people are playing this, there should be a way to put the game to sleep because your schoolwork and your own growth is more important.
No game should be intrusive.
Plus, they can make money with new clothes and toys and locations.
I agree that there should be things to do in the playground: put the baby in a swing; sounds of walking in the park; a baby pool at the lake, one of those inflatable ones.
Also, one should be able to take food and toiletries along. Lots of people feed their babies out of doors.
Thea, AKA Maurice's mommy


I got a note from because I'd sent them an email about the nanny and credits and a few other things.
They told me they were considering nursing in a future update.
If you are planning to have a baby someday, breast feeding is much healthier for a baby than formula.
Jamie was born premature and couldn't latch on. But Amanda was a "nursin' fool". LOL Not only does breast milk help a baby's immune system, it's way cuddly to hold her and let your body nurture her once she's out of the womb, where you've nurtured her for 9 months.
It's a high like they don't sell on the streets. All that tactile, touching contact. Plus, breast feeding heals your womb after birth--I could actually feel it as slightly painful pulls for the first few days--and your body is flooded with oxytocin and endorphins, the body's two major love hormones.
OMG, it's incredible. To this day, I feel the bond between me and my daughter more than I do with my son. I love my son, but we're not nearly as bonded.
Unfortunately, that's one thing the devs will never be able to do: provide that tactile contact. That endorphin high combatted irritibility when she needed me and I needed sleep. Really, there's nothing like it.
This from a woman who didn't want to become a parent at all. But accidents happen. Well, in God's eyes it wasn't an accident, and I'm glad I had them.
But with the game, there isn't the tactile, touchy-feely high so when Maurice fusses, there's no furry warm barrier between that sound and my nerves. Where's a holodeck when you need one? LOL

Weird Ideas About How to Make More Money

It seems these devs, and probably most devs, don't realize how much more money they would make if they kept the prices low, remembering that most of us are on limited income.
You wouldn't think twice about hiring nanny for ten hours while you did school and homework, worked at a job, or raised actual kids.
In fact, I'd really like them to create a game-freezing or pausing action, because if you do have actual kids, you will be spending most of your time with them.
At the same time, you could teach your child how to look after a child, since they would probably be interested in the game.
I understand the devs' motivation, that in real life you can't pause a baby. Neither in real life can a month-old baby say "hi" or "mama".
So why not add a game pause feature? When you unpause the game, you and your child, for instance, could give baby a bath, change, feed, etc.
This would be an invaluable tool for teaching little kids to nurture.
In my opinion, there aren't enough nurturing games out there, and kids are learning and tapping into the violent side of their nature.
Puzzles and word games are great for the brain, and I have many of them.
But how many games are there out there that teach emotional intelligence, nurturing, unselfishness, love?

Weird Question

Would the nursing just be another button you press in the feed menu, (milk, water, and nursing)? Or would it be like a button you would have to hold down?

Reply to other comment

I agree people would be more apt to pay the same amount of money if they got more of the product. I am not really willing to pay 10 dollars for 100 credits, but if they increased it to even 200 or more, then I, and probably lots of other people, would be much more happy to buy them. And I agree with you about games; we have so many shooting games and puzzle games, and not enough sweet, realistically pleasant games, (virtual pet and childcare games in particular). That's why this is my favorite game, I am always looking for care games like this.

Replies to Misthea and Paige

Misthea I agree about everything that you said. I mean when we take the baby out they just lay down in the stroller doing nothing. I showed my mom the rabbit and she said the rabbit was next to the baby she wasn't holding it like when I gave her the teddybear. That was kind of funny about the teddybear how my mom said the baby was holding it by the kneck squeezing it. lol. And to Paige I agree with everything you said. The more cheaper we get a good quality product customers will go for more. I agree with supporting the devs but they have to do it at a lower price and give much more. I will compare this game to dice world in a way that for diceworld, I haven't spent a cent on that game and now I'm up to about 15000 gold because for one I listen to the videos but not all the time. I play a lot of the ternaments which gives plenty gold depending on the payout and plus when you move up a level it doubles and you get even more gold. And they have so much sponsers that they don't know what to do with them. So for the baby sim game if they make this game more life like and reduce the price things could work out well in the end. I never play in game mode again because it takes a toll on my body and I can't get 5 minutes to my self. Plus when I go out I have to quit the game because I'm not sure when I will be back and I can't stop in the middle of the road or in the bank to deal with this. For the breastfeeding feature maybe we might get to hold down a button of some sort and yes we should be able to pack a bag with baby stuff to take outside. I used to be able to feed my baby in the park and now I can't do that no more. For the park we should be able to drive the buggy or a stroller to take the baby for a ride and for the playground we could put the baby on the swing and ride and for the lake we could have the blanket near the pool so the baby could play with toys. For the garden maybe we could pick a flower or do something. And another location could be a petting zoo and another interior of the home could be a nursery with the play mats and pens and different things to do.

That's weirc that the baby

That's weirc that the baby doesn't actually hold the bunny. Does she hold the rattle? And yeah it would be nice to feed the baby outside again, and I love your ideas for doing different things outside and having new locations! And for credits they should also also let us earn unlimited per day", (I mean I don't necesarilly need both to happen, but it would be nice if they either gave us more credits for those amounts of money or let us eaq unlimited).

the rattle

yes she does hold the rattle so when you shake the phone its like she's shaking it because its in her hand.

O, that's adorable6 Can she

O, that's adorable6 Can she hold more than one toy at once or does that take away the other toy? Like if she has the rattle when you give her the bear does she hold both?


Maybe under 'milk', you get the option of bottle or nurse.

Sweet Games

Me, too. I've been looking for games that are more about the heart, or at least games with female heroines instead of the first person hero always being male.
I'd like a relationship game, too--one that ends when you get married.
I have a real pet, so no need for a virtual, but if I moved somewhere and couldn't have my cat, Heaven forbid, I'd consider getting a virtual cat game if there is one.
Thing is, though: Any scientist will tell you that it's the touching their fur, or their warm bodies in the case of babies that really up the endorphins. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

Right On

I agree, since most of what we get to do only involves the care and responsibility. Endorphiny for the first day or two, but after that, it just gets repetitive. Every time the little tyrant cries, you have to drop everything or hire a nanny ahead of time.
Those are the realities, yes, feeding, changing, not getting any thanks, etc. But if we had more play things to do as suggested, including in the house, as opposed to things just being in a room which sounds dreary, I mean, that would add to the fun.
Playing and breast feeding and even bottle feeding is very bonding and makes the yucky stuff and the sleepless nights worthwhile.
But there isn't much to do other than care. I'd also like to see the lullaby bits under 'care', rather than 'toys'.

to paige

the toy would disappear. If she has the rattle and you click on the bear she would only have the bear. She can't hold more than 1 I'm guessing. Her fingers are so tiny. And to misthea If you want a life sim try alter ego. Its $5.00 and you have to choose your character and play from birth to death when ever that is. No sound effects only text.

Bottle feeding, and really disturbing

I think they should change the method of bottle feeding. You should have to press and hold the bottle button until the baby is done eating.

Also, when I got these messages that you, MissThea got, it really disturbed me. Yes, I agree you shouldn't starve your baby, or do other things that might harm her/him, but these messages really disturbed me and made me feel really bad.


I totally agree, Alter Ego is amazing ant totally worth the money! I love it! I guess the x2line games fall under the category of sweet games, but as I've said before, they have a great concept but don't have any real depth to them. This might sound really strange, but when I got this game I didn't think I would get so attached to this virtual baby, but I am. When she cries I always want to try to see what's wrong, and when she makes those adorable noises...she's just so cute and lovable! And you're so right about the lullaby, it should be moved to actions or care, same with earn credits. Also they should add more lullabies. And thanks Ornella, that's what I thought about her holding toys but I wanted to make sure I was right. I thought of another way of feeding by holding a button but without having to keep letting go of the bottle to check the food bar. Have you guys ever heard of the Realcare Baby Think It Over? I didn't have one for school, but I''ve watched videos about it. Anyway, when the baby was done eating, it would make a cooing sound to symbolize it was finished. Maybe that could be implemented. And I totally agree Vulcansummer, that message honestly creeped me out. I don't want to do this just sounds so...depressing

the baby

I've watched real-care baby videos but some of the babies don't really have nice sounds. And about the messages when I got that at one time I was really sad . Because its not like I meant to harm or leave her unattended but things happen. And I prefer this game because I'm very much attached to this baby she's so sweet. I really love the giggle feature. They should add a hug feature to the menu and the lul and lullaby feature should be moved to the actions menu.


Sorry, I guess I didn't explain myself very cleary. I didn't mean they should implement the realcare sounds. Earlier, I suggested just holding tha bottle and swip+ to check her food stat then pressing done when she was full. But rather than having to let go and swipe to check the stat then hold down the button again, she should make a sound when she's full, much like the realcare baby does. For exapple, she makes that adorable little giggle when some actions have been completed. Maybe you could hold the button and when she was full she could just giggle to symbolize that you could let go of the button because she's eaten enough. And yes, hug feature would be AWESOME!!!!!

Text Sims

I have King of Dragon Pass and such games, but I'm rather fond of sound effects.

baby sounds

I agree with the holding down the bottle and yes she could make a cooeing sound. I was thinking about this. When the baby is sleeping we could hear a tiny breathing sound or a little snore. And if the baby has the cold we could hear a baby cough. The only sickness in this game is the fever. And maybe when she's bored she could put her thumb in her mouth and I know that babies throw up for some reason. So maybe that could happen and we only have to wipe her off and change her outfit. Just another suggestion.

I'd Prefer a Belch LOL

I wouldn't mind hearing a belch when Maurice is done eating, myself. LOL
Yeah, I'm attached to the little guy. He's my li'l black man.
The other day we were out in the park, and I imagined having ... does anyone remember ghetto-blasters? Well I imagined I had one of them, and we were bopping to Roger and Zap.
I shook the rattle in time to the music, and he laughed.
It really felt like an outing.
Does anyone know if there are slightly different sounds for boys and girls? Or is it the same baby no matter what you pick?

Hug Feature Already

There's a hug feature. When you take the baby in your arms, it says 'cuddle'.
Is that what you were thinking?
I know they have a lull feature, but I wish the rocking sound would go on longer.

Burp Ups

When a baby drink, she will swallow air with the milk.
So when you burp her, she sometimes throws up a little of the milk. They get air bubbles trapped in their tummies, and it's quite uncomfortable to them.
But that is one reason they throw up when they're not sick.
Gotta go. Li'l Maurice needs me.

to misthea

when you click take baby in your arms you are just holding them you're not actually hugging that's why I suggested a hug feature. And when you tap on berp and you shake your phone you would hear a belch.


I love the idea of the breathing sounds and the coughs for the cold! And as for spitting up, sometimes babies do that when they aren't burped so they could spit up and like you said you would just change them and then bathe them. And I never thought of them just throwing up even when you burped them, good idea! My friend had a boy baby once and she said he sounded lower, but when I had one they sounded the same.


for this game the boy and girl sound the same.

Baby's age

I think it would be nice if there could be some way for us to determine our baby's age. Maybe it could be displayed after the baby's name.

Also, does anyone know why we can only save the game when it prompts us to? Why can't we save it whenever we want to?


I think the boy sounds should be the same but they should just lower the pitch. And it would be nice if it told you your baby's age. I don't know why you can't save more often, that would be nice.