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Hi, guys.
We would like to tell you about the great application for future parents that supports Voice Over. (iPhone and iPad compatible) - MyBabySim.
My Baby Sim is a real baby behavior simulator that allows users to try themselves as parents of a newborn.
Try it and you`ll learn how to take care about a baby – change diapers, play, feed or stop your baby from crying. You can get all basic knowledge about parenthood and first three months of infant`s life from our app.
My Baby Sim analyzes how good you are as a parent, storing all data in a log. Compare your progress with recommendations to test yourself. There is also an ability to share your experience within the community and ask for advice both from baby care experts and from the other community members.
We would be grateful for your feedback and impressions about the game. We would also appreciate an information about any bugs or errors (hope you`ll not face them), and we’ll do our best to fix them.
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My Baby Sim is now available for Android! It works with Voice Assistant (Talk Back) and is ready for download! Please, tell your friends who have Android device about us and share this link:


Notes about MyBabySim Game modes!
- Game Mode:
actual game time is equal to 16 days if you wish to grow your child from the very birth up to 4 months (4 days= 1 month).
- Training Mode: actual game time is equal to 7 days of the game time (7 days=1 month). In this mode your child does not grow, you simply choose baby’s age and play the game, in this mode you have no possibility to save the game.
- Fast Forward mode (paid feature) speeds up the game in 10 times.



The only time you get to save the game is when the baby is older. So if you made a game today the baby is already 1 month old. By this time tomorrow if you get a notification to save the game he or she would be 1 month 1 week. That's why they do it like that. But It would be nice to save it when ever you want.

I understand

Yes, I understand the saving concept, I just can't always remember which day I started the game on. LOL!


well what ever age the baby is remember 1 day is 1 week but the first day you start the game the baby is already 1 month.

I wonder why the game starts

I wonder why the game starts at one month, and not at birth. Like, the first thing the baby sys is `The world is a new and interesting place. Help me to settle here` or something along those lines, which makes it sound like the baby was just born.

was thinking

Was thinking the same. I wanted the baby to start at birth and the next day could be week 1 and then move on. I suggested a hospital theme. Like when you start the game you're in the hospital. The nurse brings you your baby and congratulates you. Then you get the baby checked out to see if he or she is healthy how much they weigh then you get to walk home.

Hospital, great idea!

I love this idea about starting out in the hospital. That would be so fun.

For those who wanted to pretend they adopted their baby they could begin in an adoption agency with them handing you your baby and congratulating you.

And I always did wonder why they never started the baby out at birth.


I love that idea! That would be sooooo fun!!!!

getting baby to wake you up at night

Hi. I have been a user of this app for almost a year now. My only problem is hearing the baby go off at night when she needs attention and being able to wake up to take care of her. I can't charge the phone next to my bed because I don't have an outlit. At times I can be a heavy sleepr, so more times than I care to count, I miss the notifications and only discover it several hours later. I do buy credits every month, but I don't want to use them to hire a nanny at night. I want to save the nanny for the times when I really need her. Having said this, what suggestions do you guys have so that when my baby wakes up in the middle of the night I can actually take care of her.

taking care of the baby

Well the notifications are softer now so its impossible for anyone to really hear it. If I'm going to sleep late I make sher the baby is changed if needed. What ever her food level is I bring it up with water to reach 99 percent. I play with her a little then give her one of the toys put the pacifier in her mouth and put her in the cradle and then I go to sleep. If I wake up late her energy will probably be low, her comfort will be at 0 percent and her food might be 14 or 18 percent. At one time I woke up so late her food level was at 4 percent. But remember before you do anything check if the baby is sick first because at 1 time my baby was sick and I was feeding her and the game just ended on me. So when I wake up, I check if she's sick and if so I give her medicine and then I clean and feed her and play with her till she's very happy.

Same Thing

I do the same thing, and I always walk her around outside before leaving her for the night because I've noticed that babies survive longer when they're sleeping to begin with. I don't know exactly how many hours they can survive alone, but usually if she's comfortably sleeping at 9:30, I can wake up at around 7:00 and try to care for her, and sometimes I'm too late. It's not ideal, but it's better than using my credits for nanny all the time.


I take my baby out to all the locations. At each location I let her stay for 25 to 30 minutes. So that is like all day. Because I got up late. her energy was very low so I woke her up and cleaned and fed her and she fell asleep again. So when she wakes up she's going to the park.

Never Had a Sick Baby

Hmm. I've never run into any sickness. Every time I check his temp, he's fine.
If you really want to make sure you never miss a notification, keep the ap open. Don't close it. The baby will wake you.
Mine wakes me, and I'm a heavy, medicated sleeper.

USB Possibly?

Hi. Do you have a laptop?
If you can, place the laptop on your bed next to you with the phone plugged into your computer.
You can use a USB cable, just as you do when downloading programs from iTunes onto your phone.
Then that baby will surely wake you.

Walk Home? I Think Not

After having just had a baby, the last thing you'd want to do is walk home.
You get a taxi, costing 1 of the three credits you have, or they could add Daddy, or a friend who drives you home for nothing.
In fact, I think they should have a Daddy available.
And why, pray tell, do they assume single parenthood?
Why not add a partner? This person could also serve as helpful hint giver, somewhat like Papa Sangre's nameless guardian angel.

Speaking of Age

Does the game end the day your baby reaches 4 months old, or does it end at the end of the 4th month?
Reason I'm asking, Maurice is 4 months old but the game is still going on.
I'm kind of anxious to finish the game, take a break from baby care, then start with Rosalind.
Or not.
Not sure what I'll do or when I'll pick the game up again. But I'd hate to finish the game this close to the finish line, that is, if there is a finish line.

Boy Sounds VS Girl Sounds

It's just that my daughter made way more pleasant sounds than my son did.
She could gurgle and burble the heart right out of you.
My son was in need of anger management from the cradle. He tended to scream and cry demandingly, like the baby in my baby sim.
Most of the sounds in this game, I find, are quite irritating. I'd like to see a lot more pleasant sounds.
The nicest sound I ever heard a baby make was in church one day. This was long before I had kids of my own. The baby sat there, saying "tha, tha, tha, tha", not the breathy 'tha', like in theater, but the sort of tha' like in 'that'.
Oh God, there he goes again!
Why can't this kid give me a nice 'tha tha tha' once in a while? God!!

the game ending.

The game ends when the baby reaches exactly 5 months which is equal to the 17 days of game time.


Misthea your lucky you haven't had a sick baby yet, it's stressful, lol!!

Very frustrated

So last night I hired a nanny for nine hours. It charged me the correct amount of credits, but it said I only got three hours of nanny time.
But here's where I'm confused. All night I didn't get woken by my baby, then this morning it still said the nanny was watching him. It has said this throughout the entire day, and I even had the option to stop having the nanny, which I didn't do.
Now I've just gotten a notification saying I've neglected my baby for too long and now he's sick and he needs an ambulance.
The ambulance costs a ridiculous thirty credits, which I can't pay, so my baby has died now.

So what do you guys think is happening. I'm really confused, and this game is beginning not to be as fun as it used to.
Sorry for the rant, I'm just disappointed, and a bit frustrated. I don't like the feeling that the game makes me feel when it tells me my baby has died.
I don't intentionally neglect him, so I don't know what to do.
Thanks, all for listening.

The Nanny, Vulcan Summer

I'm very sorry to hear about your baby, VS.
I wrote to my baby sim support about this.
There's a voice over bug.
The nanny costs 3 credits per hour, and if you want to be sure how many hours you're really getting, go out of the ap and come back in.
When you get a notification, check the log. Make sure the nanny has left. You'll know because you'll get that "your baby was so sweet ..." bit.
That releases him back into your care.
At that point, dismiss the nanny. But so you don't lose any money, make sure your log says she has left, with that farewell message.
Then care for him normally.
I understand how you feel. Having a baby die and hearing that you've been neglectful is very hard.
After all, this isn't just any old game. This is dealing with babies, not word puzzles or fantasy monsters.
I feel bad when I get irritable with Maurice. I simply can't stand that crying and those awful supposedly happy sounds.
They come across to me as demanding, querulous, they just get on my last nerve.
Regardless of how romantic my back story is. He just drives me crazy when he yells out. I wish the devs would put headphones on, close their eyes and really listen. I don't mean the crying because he needs something. I mean the so-called happy sounds, the normal sounds. Anyway, I feel bad, I feel guilty that I'm feeling irritable with him.
I so often have to remind myself this is only a game, but it doesn't always work. I was irritable in real time, too. I found my babies' voices shrill, piercing and nerve-racking.
Anyway, Maurice just woke up, and he sounds like he's in a good mood, thank GOD!
Anyway, I hope that helped: Check your log to see if nanny has left you that goodbye message, then if the dismiss nanny button is there, go ahead and dismiss her. It's a bug.

Thanks, MissThea

Thanks so much, MissThea, for clarifying things.
I did get out of the app several times, then check it several times during the night and then today as well. It still said the nanny was there. I never got any sort of notification to indicate she was finished.

I hope they fix this bug, otherwise, I don't want to play the game anymore.

I Assume You're in Game Mode?

The nanny's goodbye note should be in your log, so if you press on 'show log' button, it should say something like this:
"Your baby is so sweet. It was a pleasure to look after him. Now he is in your loving hands."
I can certainly see why you wouldn't want to play any more if the bug is not dealt with.
Have you written to my baby sim support?

I feel like I'm a bad mom just because Maurice goes around with a soother in his mouth.
They say people with synesthesia find noise hard to deal with. I do have synesthesia, plus depression, anxiety, borderline personality and several debilitating pain conditions, plus the meds to go with it.
But I still feel bad when I get irritable with Maurice.
When he's not yelling out in that unattractive manner, when he laughs or says 'hi', he's really quite a treasure.
I think the devs need to cull more happy baby sounds, though, really.
Good luck with your next game, if and when you feel up to it.
You can always give up. I don't know what happens when you press that button. Maybe someone comes and takes the baby away, or maybe you go back in time and you never had him.
What was your baby's name?


That is a bug and you should write to them. And to misthea I my self sometimes i feel really bad when the baby is just crying so I just put the pacifier in her mouth and take care of her. When she's clean I take it out and she doesn't cry unless if she's hungry. My baby got sick probably 4 times this week. And twice yesterday. I did a little experiment I checked if she was sick and she was. I fed her and cleaned her up real quick then I gave her a toy and she stopped crying. I checked if she was still sick and she was so I gave her the medicine and she was okay. I guess the toy made her stop crying.

Poor Little Maurice

I'm afraid I use that pacifier quite a bit. I think he thinks it's part of his mouth. LOL
Yes I also play with him, give him toys, and sing to him. But honestly, the devs really need to find more pleasant, love-inducing, care-inducing sounds.
Babies can be irritable, and it seems the devs got alot of their sounds from babies who weren't feeling that great.
There's a biological reason babies gurgle and coo. It's their way of wooing us to take care of them.
My daughter could burble me into letting down milk; she was that good. She could woo, and I'm not kidding.
My son wasn't thus gifted, I'm afraid.

When you give up

MissThea, when you give up on the game, it says something like, "No point in giving up now is there? Yeah.
I hate this because it sounds so rude and spiteful
I haven't written to the devs yet.

My baby's name was William.

I like the baby sounds when he's happy, accept for one which sounds like he's fussing when he's happy.

To vulcansummer

I agree with you but when you click on give up and you get that message you could just click yes and you will be back to the main menu. And to Misthea I agree with you too I like when the baby is very happy but when he or she is happy you could hear that they are fussing. And you hear a sound like if she wants to cry but she doesn't I think you may know what I'm talking about.

My Little Charmer?

I hired the nanny for 12 hours. When I went into the ap, Mr. Irritable and Fussy was making the most adorable sounds.
So we do this with nanny but not mommy?
Hmm. Not sure I like that. LOL

finished the game.

My game challenge ended today. I got a message that I was a good parent to my daughter. So I played the game for 7 days with out it having to end on me like that. I will make another game maybe tomorrow.

Giving up on the game

Ornella Jagdeo, even if I don't give up, my baby has still died, so there's no way of playing anymore. And besides, the messages when you give up don't have to sound so harsh and rude.
I don't even dare hire the nanny now.

Mazel Tov, Ornella

That's great that you finished your game today.
I have a few more days to go before I send Maurice off to college at the ripe old age of five months. LOL
This is a very addictive game.

Oh Wow

I'm sorry to hear that the game has proven difficult. I've never had a baby die, and I can't imagine how that would feel.
Good thing it's only a game.
The devs do have a few things they could improve on.


Congratulations on finishing the game, Ornella Jagdeo

To vulcansummer

I understand about the messages. They do make you feel bad. When I was learning the game and I was heating up the water, the baby got burned and the game ended and the message was worse than that. I think it was like damn that's terrible. I think a lot of people complained about it on the app store reviews so that's why they changed it but it is rude.

Re To VulcanSummer

I once burned the baby trying to bathe him, and got a game over message saying "Perhaps you'll take better care of me next time".
I realize we're talking about babies here, not word-solving problems.
Still, the devs could give kinder messages


That is exactly the point I was trying to make. There's no need for them to be so harsh, especially when there is no intent of harm.

what levels do you guys play the game on?

Hi. I was wondering what level do you guys play the game on, beginner or advanced and wy? I'm asking because I have a friend who has an ipod, and she wants to play the game, but she's not sure what level to use. Personally, I can play either level, but she's looking for more than one person's opinion.

Masking Sounds

I found a simple way to mask baby sounds, at least when he's supposed to be normal but still making those annoying sounds.
Honestly, I've bought enough credits I think the next pack should be a sweet pack: baby sighs, gurgles, cuddly cute sounds that would make anyone flow with milk, and get rid of most of the sounds no on tap.
Anyway, except for the bitter crying when he needs something, I've found something to keep him quiet besides the pacifier. I take him out to the lake. And if he wants to yell out, the water and birds mask it somewhat.

Game Levels

The difference in levels is this: In advanced level, you have to heat up milk for the bottle and water for the bath.
In regular game mode, you don't.
I play in regular, since I can't be bothered listening to all that harsh crying while I'm trying to fiddle with heating up the bottle.

It's Only a Game

It's only a game, folks, and the developers shouldn't make you feel worse than you already do.
I actually have a few things to write about to them: the main being the irritating, harsh, querulous sounds made by the baby in normal and happy modes.
I feel like a bad mama because these sounds irritate me so. I don't feel like doing anything extra for Maurice because he yells out and makes these awful sounds.
Kids do have piercing little voices, and their cries for real needs are not nice to hear.
But really, for a game? Maybe these devs are all sighted, and for them, it's the visuals that count.
But for me, it's the sounds. I don't feel like playing with my little guy when he sounds like a querulous, grumpy old man.


I agree with you misthea and vulcansummer. I think I could remember one of the messages. It said damn that's terrible you messed up. Its not like I was doing it intentional. And honestly I don't like heating up the bottle every time the baby takes a few sips. Why can't we do it just once and be done with it. And to stop the baby from being fussy, try to keep him or her very happy. like every 30 minutes the toy will fal out of their hands and they will need a massage or a kiss or something. So just try to do it every 30 minutes or use the pacifier. And I play in training mode and beginner level that way I could get more sleep and more time for my self.

to Ornella

Hi. How does playing in training mode help you get more sleep?

training mode

if you put the baby's age at four months the clock doesn't run down a lot. Things happens much more slower and the baby stays awake long so that they could sleep longer.

Shoot, I Wish I'd Known

If I'd known training mode was less demanding, I'd have chosen that.
But I didn't know. Well, all the nanny time I've bought ought to send someone's real time kid to college. LOL
Maybe I can get the ear of the devs about a few things.
Not to get off topic, but I have alot of pain conditions and I'm on alot of pain meds and other type of meds and I really need my sleep.
If you're really training for becoming a parent, keep the ap open, never close it. That baby will squawl loud enough to wake the dead. I know, I played it that way for a day or two.
Now I'm ready to keep the nanny on for the weekend. Haha.
Next time, I'll play in training mode.
I'm not trying myself out as a parent. I've already done it. I was just looking for something more fun, more of a warm fuzzy.
Well, they state outright that this is for parent hopefuls, to see if they're ready. I wish I'd had a game like this before I became a parent.
In some ways, a real baby is easier, and in many ways, it's harder.


I don't like to leave the app open. If I have to sleep I have to sleep. The baby will be taken care what ever time I wake up. When they had the crying notifications before this soft one I used to be able to wake up and take care of her. But when you're starting the training mode and you flick right to where its says 4 months double tap it because its not really on 4 months its set to 2 months so you could adjust it to where you want it. When the baby is four months I don't really have to do a lot.

Level And Thanks

I play in beginner mode only because I am frustrated you ha,le to heat up the bottle for every two sips instead of only once, otherwise I would probabln play advanced. And Thanks Ornela for the tip on training mode, I'll try that after I raise Anastasia.

a bug

A previous bug that I use to get is now back again. When my baby is crying I sometimes hear 2 extra babies crying and one laughing. This is making me crazy. I just walked away from the phone. I'm guessing that if they do decide to let us have twins this is exactly how its going to be or worse.

I Won The Game!

I won the game. Well, sort of. LOL
I was told I appeared to be a damn good parent for Maurice.
Thing is, though, the nanny has 3 hours on the clock.
Some parent. I used nanny quite a bit. But I won. Hahahaha.

Tha's Happened to Me

When Maurice is crying or fussing, and I tickle him I get two babies. One laughing and the other crying.
Definitely a bug.


Congratulations misthea on completing the game. if you want you could play with the same baby if you haven't deleted it already. I don't think you will get notified how the game is over. you could just take care of him when you want. Nothing bad will happen. But if you delete him and make a new game then you have to do everything you were always doing.