nls book player app?

There have been rumors in the wind of an nls book player app for ios for a long time now. Does anybody know (or know how to get) any information on the state of this app? As an every day user of the National Library Service, and a long time fan of the program, I am very much looking forward to this app, as are many others I know. I think we would do well to find out how the progress on this project is going, and offer our support as a community to whomever is developing the app. It goes almost without needing to be said that having this app would be a huge asset to many of us. Being able to have access to these books on our i devices, without having to buy a third party device, or use a not very portable table top player from the library itself would be a revolutionary step forward in access to much of the mainstream material that our sighted contemporaries enjoy. Any info or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


No information

There will be no information. Either we'll get an app or we won't, but they are not going to announce it to us. They are not a business, and only run the system because it gets our approval. They don't really care if we use it or not, and won't notify us. When it's available, I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about it.