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Description of App

Audio Game Hub is a set of eight experimental arcade videogames that use audio as their primary interface – making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users.

Dive into a rich world of sounds and experience the unique collection of mini audio games. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow.

Play in the casino, attend the medieval archery contest, escape the dark labyrinth, fight the finest samurai warriors and improve your memory at the animal farm. Play it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

- Slot Machines (Casino)
- Archery
- Hunt
- Samurai Tournament (up to 4 player)
- Samuari Dojo (up to 4 player)
- Labyrinth
- Memory (Animal Farm)
- Blocks (Bejeweld)

Think you can do it with your eyes closed?



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Accessibility Comments

very accessible, and easy to use. Contrary to the opening statement, VoiceOver does not need to be disabled.

VoiceOver Performance

Not applicable for this app.

Button Labeling

Not applicable for this app.


The app is fully accessible without the use of VoiceOver

Other Comments

the sounds are well done, and the games, while easy, are a good time waster.

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Submitted by tunmi13 on Sunday, May 1, 2016

I just completed the memory game, like the whole thing. 24 boxes surprisingly only took me 8 minutes.

Submitted by Ornella on Sunday, May 1, 2016

wow when I reach down to the last 2 boxes sometimes they won't open making me looze time.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Sunday, May 1, 2016

Anyone complete the labyrinth game? Seriously, I don't think I will ever play that again...
Wrong!!! Lol! Because then I find myself playing it again.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Sunday, May 1, 2016

I don't know if another user said this, but the Samurai Tournament has no play value. It just tests how fast you can tap before your opponent. I would prefer Samurai Dojo than that game.

Submitted by rdfreak on Monday, May 2, 2016

What a fantastic group of games.
I am having trouble understanding how to play samurai dojo and blocks to be honest.
I think I finally understand how to play Memory as I read above there seems to be a bug whereby the bottom to doors won't open; I thought I was doing something wrong.

Submitted by Khalfan Bin Dhaher on Monday, May 2, 2016

I currently got this game installed on my iPhone 6s Plus and I'm loving it a lot. The game is very entertaining and fun to play, it is well designed.
Special thanks to the developers and to the poster of this game.
Enjoy and happy gaming. :)

Submitted by Ornella on Monday, May 2, 2016

I can't believe it but I bet real big and now I have 3 million coins. lol

Submitted by Ornella on Monday, May 2, 2016

I was able to play the labyrinth game and the 3 level is kind of hard so I will continue that later on. the 1st 2 doors were a little easy. the groaning sound was kind of creepy though

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I think it's rated 17 plus because of the gambling and the sward stuff. No, the software is fine.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hi all.
I am a tester on the hub.
In fact if you click me on the credits there I will be in them.
I have just been given this link to this via a trackback.
Now, your comments, are interesting.
I have direct access to the lead developer of sonnar nz the company behind all this and others.
Audiogame hub will eventually have 10 games, and more games from this company will be coming.
There will soon be a support page on the website with in app donations for ios and android as well as a paypal for the pc app and a donation button as well as an indiegogo campaigne.
Some games will go comercial to this game maybe going that way to maybe I am not sure right now.
games may sell for 3-10 dollars.
Right now 1500 is needed to continue development, so stay tuned for things.
No there is and probably will not be realistic online multiplayer, these are our first games so that may not happen.
Yes the sound fx issue is known.
Ok, never finnished archery laberinth or memmory.
Its good to see you guys are podcasting about the game.
if you go to you should find links to my podcast, as well as the thread on the audiogames forum.
We now get to your comments.
I will try to as a rep of sonnar try to answer all I can but I am only a tester.
Ok yeah the boxes in memmory are tricky, been there, done that, hard as heck!
What do you mean the last 2 won't open, it is hard to get in the right spot I admit I quit on 12 boxes first run.
It was like that in the beta.
what is the scrub jesture?
I need to submit this and I need to know what the flack I am actually talking about.
Blocks well tones go left to right you simply put things in the right places, 4 boxes 5 item types just go how you feel.
If you get 3 of a kind it will make a noise.
If you don't you just get a score and a buzz eventually.
Just make sure you don't have the block clear the screen it speeds up as you go.
How is it confusing.
I am concerned that so many are having issues with memmory though.
How would you like to improve it.
I assume you want multiplayer on hunt as being online, right now we have 2 players per device.
What I was thinking was having someone each of you with a device in the same room and doing it over bluetooth.
Since this is not a subscription based game to be online you would need a server, I guess you could host your own but no, same as why we won't be going multiplayer, I mean I can ask.
How would you do that.
How would you have the samurai dojo and tourniment improved.
I like the idea of hitting the players till you beat them how would this work exactly.
I like the idea of blocks to.
but hmmm could get harder.
How would you want realistic fights to work?
Comment here or via my contact form or details on my profile.
email is probably the best.
if you are on the forum crashmaster is my username, pms don't show up on that, but you can email me from there or post to the audiogame hub topic in new releases and I will get it.
I will keep this thread round so you can comment on this to.
I will submit all the current dump of comments and other things to the devs now. thanks for your support, continue playing and commenting.
Also if you do know where I can go to get comments for those playing android that would be good to.
There is not any mac version in fact I had to push for the 32 bit as it was not origionally there, but I will ask.

Submitted by The podcast junky on Thursday, May 5, 2016

I like this app. I&#0392d like to see more games though.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ok there will be 10 games from sonnar and we plan to release audio drama books of which I can't exactly tell you the hub will have 10 games once we have funding and since I havn't been told anything I assume its ongoing.
In other news, thank you vary much for the issues, 8 bug catogries from the memmory game, to the sword games, to the online scores and a few other things to do with sfx have been submitted and accepted to the production cue, now they are in the cue so they will get worked on previded ofcause we get more cash and I am unsure what is going on in that ariea but things are posted and such.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hi all.
Ok guys new version is up on, ios version will be up in 4 days, we have online scoring.
Tip, get your sighted friends to play without their eyes thats all.
I'll let you figure that one out.
In other news, we have a pr event next week at one of our major university sponsors.
Its for tv but I will make sure we have some sort of podcast released for international users.
This looks to be a generic interview, as far as I know, it will be jarek probably and myself.
Comment on the new version.
Enter your nick when the game starts, crashmaster is mine.
Comment here if there are any bugs to report, a lot of fixes have been done but I don't know what exactly.

Submitted by Joseph on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

So I have a question. instead of having users of this application upload scores directly to your site, why not find a way to have this game intigrate with game center? Other developers have done this and it works well. Plus it simplifies things for the end user. That's just me though.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Going to try to keep this as positive as I can, but implementing game center sometimes is unsuccessful, because people don't use game center as much.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hmmm I have passed your comments to sonnar they will be able to tell me why and then I can tell you.
Why not use game centre.
What is good or what is bad about it.
Why does it not work, remember I am not an iphone user as such.
I just joined here because I am part of sonnar nz and nothing else.
While I know the basics and have used these and yes have heard vague descriptions of some apps I am not always as up with the play with the internals of the os as a user is.
Ok, so the question of why not immediately gets me to wander about multiplatform support, we actually support pc, android and ios.
I think the web posting is probably the best multiplatform method for doing things and not relying on spaciffic functions of a given platform.
Now, this doesn't mean we should shoot down the question.
I am dissatisfied with the way its intergrated right now.
I know with a lot of audiogames that your nickname is entered in a configuration in a game at least on windows and then you post your score to a score server by hitting a submit score button in the program and it just does it.
You view normally though although you can view scores within the game to or at least the top 10 table.
I have seen games just do it without anything at all needing done.
And others that has you have an account on the site and then you have a profile and that has features for sharing scores, etc and thats the way I am pushing it at least thats what I am trying to do.
I am however still a predominantly windows 7-10 and simbian 3rd addition user with the minimal configurations on a c5 00 at this current time.
That doesn't mean I won't change as I hear there may be an 5s just not doing anything.
Your comments are valid.
Please remember that we want to avoid any functions that can not be transfered from platform to platform.
On another note, for windows users, the 32 bit version and 64 bit additions are now 1 file as it was intended for pc users.
How it was done before was a mistake we never meant to post 64 bit only so yeah now that works as intended I think.
Let me know if there is anything else you guys want help with.
On that note remember the pr event coming monday.
While I can't give exact questions out there, I am thinking if I have time I will try to make a vertual event based on the actual event.
Sadly There will be no actual prizes maybe I can make some up this is prity much up in the air its not like we have any t-shirts or something to give away though I wish we did.
Anyway let me know if there is anything else you need, intergration is a good question so let me get it sorted and I will tell you.
Note that sonnar only works during the business week, they don't answer emails in the weekend they may answer direct calls from me but the only call I will need to make is one about the event which I have not had just yet.
Anyway laters just now

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hi all.
Ok, got the turn around just now.
As I thought, no spaciffic functions so for those that want game centre it aint happening, in fact its not going to happen period.
For the rest, the highscore system is a temperary solution right now.
Its totally shit I know but it appears that we are now not at the stage of needing more funds but rather that we are now out of funds.
I do hope we get more.
One part of getting the extra features I wanted at this time means more voices, that aparently does cost something.
I have yet to see the developments for the site to get the paypal up or in fact any other campaigns, however I suspect this event is the first public user event of many to come as we at sonnar move forward.
In about 2-3 days, we should have it on the droid and ios.
I have tested it on pc and most of it looks good, it should be stable, and I assume all bugs are now fixed.
Saying that, I will need all users to play this thing till it crashes and your devices melt, I want to know what is left to fix.
Right now, don't mention the scores or sfx, we don't have the cash right now so we can't do anything with these though they are cued.
Report any issues here in particular, since the memmory game was talked about a lot and so on I'd appreciate it if some of you stress tested that thing to see if it still fails at being nice.
Any programming issues can still be fixed.
So any bugs on the software and extra stuff as long as it does not need extra voices or sounds can be made.
On the other hand if any of you are sound people and would like to contribute sfx or anything go ahead my profile should have my contact address for those and the audiogame hub website has a contact form where you can submit materials if you wish.
We can't offer any cash for sfx, but maybe if you add enough or something you may hit the credits list who knows.
As usual, keep sending comments in.
I will be around till friday, the weekends can be a bit busy though, but I will get back in when I can most probably saturday night.
Once monday comes round, I will be getting ready for the pr event, and will not be online for any reason.
Never the less if I am able to make it I will try to answer questions but lets hope the next ones will be when I actually have some audio.
On that note, if you want to get me a bit faster, signup on, and create a topic about this game in general and I may respond.
I do check that forum more than here.
If you still want more of a responce, email me and you will definitely get me though there may be a wait still.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hi all.
I just want to alert users to a couple things just submitted and tried by me.
1. donations are coming, don't donate right now because if you do at least on pc you will get to a page with nothing on it they are still being worked on.
2. This is in pc but I am not sure if its in other platforms, in archery it appears that the target flits accross the screen.
It maybe only a pc issue, trying to trace it with the developer.
It does look like the memmory issue is fixed but the boxes can be tricky to find at times you have to move round to get the right ones.

Submitted by MsHollyWeezy on Thursday, May 19, 2016

I agree I think the Memory game is fixed!! I finally finished it. Keep up the great work with this game.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hi all.
For those that have used it, we are accepting usability feadback on our website at the current time.
Please tell me if you have had any issue with accessing it any device pc/ ios/droid.
2. We are requiring beta testers.
Right now we need a few more local testers from new zealand if you are from nz and want to test comment on here.
If you want to generally test, comment here.
or email me to stop cluttering the list.
my email address sm dot everiss at gmail dot com.
I will need to know your gaming and computer experiences and what devices you want to test on and then I can send you on.
if you know anyone else outside this forum that wants to be a tester send them my way.

Thanks as always.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hi all.
This is a small comment to mention that website review is complete and its looking ok.
The highscore databases and servers should read correctly.
I have a couple suggestions on improving the site layout but they are minor.
Next thing on the todo list will be the donation database which itself may be fixed right now but I will need to check that.
I will have a bit more to share after the meeting with sonnar execs next week.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hi all players.
Well no news but I thought since I am slightly ahead of some of my things for my trip, and as part of my duties to tell you the summery of the minutes of the meeting between me and the top guys at sonnar.
1. audiogame hub, not much in new things.
One bug being fixed with volume.
A lot of the meeting was on userbility we are still moving round this and at some point a servey will be coming out.
The audio games market.
It seems that the market for games has its largest concentration in europe with the second hub in us and canada, followed by aisia, japan, and the eastern parts of the globe.
Sadly the local market is to small and so international is where I am going.
I pushed for there to be more online representation via chat skype or other social networks.
In fact my idea is to get all of sonnar or as much as is needed in one online place so all can ask questions.
Right now, jobs that are open.
Testers, we need more of them, in fact we need an infinite number of these.
More people, we need more people to represent us in conferences and online we would prefur players with experience with our stuff.
Support,more users on forums are needed to answer questions of things don't bother with this one you guys seem to help eachother out anyway.
New games.
Due to a few setbacks namely that the games prepaired for us by our student teams were well not up to standard, they have been delayed for a couple months.
Tv broadcast, due to the fact after digging into it we couldn't find any real reason thats been scrapped.

Finally, keep those podcasts, tweats, bugs and stuff coming.
Keep playing our games and keep commenting.
Your support has been more than we could ever have hoped for.
Lastly I am leaving.
Thats right, I am leaving as of tomorrow night for a 2 week vacation allowing for another week for backlogged data and the like or 2 I should be back up some time in the beginning or as clost to first july as I can maybe 5th I am unsure.
There shouldn't be any issue, but if you do find something I recomend you contact sonnar directly through twitter, the audiogame hub website or what other means you have.
Due to the security of things in the places I am going to, I am not taking my laptop or in fact any internet able devices.
Pluss I am going to be chatting to people and I want to use this holiday as a technology break.
I will not be answering my mail, or anything.
I am disconnecting from the collective.
For now things seem in perfect shape, just keep going and I will come back with the next thing.
If you still want to contact me you have till tomorrow night at 4-5 pm nz standard.
After that, I won't be here.
After that you can contact me via email but your call will be in a cue.
And if I get to many they may be killed.
Its going to take a few days to update things, store my archived recordings and other things before I am ready to once again become one of the borg.
The next meeting with sonnar will be in august some time when it is hoped there will be more things to test.
Note. there may be an new version of the hub on the cards, but I have run out of time to check, but if one does come out well.
Lastly, and this is to the admins of this forum.
Is it to much trouble to keep the version uptodate in the version field.
I don't mind, but we are 1.1.6 not 1.1.3.
I would also like it that whenever a version is released or shortly after that that this string is updated if at all possible.
Its not a bad issue but I think its important that all information is kept up to date if at all possible.
Thanks muchly and see you all later.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hi all players.
Well today we put out or rather started the long road towards kickstarter funding.
The videos are recorded etc.
Below is the news article I am submitting to a few places this is one of the last.
I am trying to get more public presence so its more than me churning out news.
Hi all prospective audio gamers out there.
Well its been a long long time since a news update.
Before we start, this post is going out to many locations at once.
A few of you may have got shorter posts about whats going on depending on your position on the net and so on.
I know at least 1 or 2 others will get a taylered post asking for something.
With this out of the way.
1. Kickstarter.
Its no secret we need at least 5000 dollars to 50000 dollars of funding.
5000 is minimal for 5 extra games plus another one which will be a full on rpg and which you need to buy.
Right now its not finalised but I will get more info when that comes on stream and thats coming soon.

2. descussion group.
the link to join is
This will discuss everything related to sonnar interactive I think thats what it is or it may be sonnar, I forget.
There is a news feed at
It is currently offline but should be up tomorrow.
Also there is a forum on which all users are encouraged to join to post issues on etc currently looking for moderators.
The descussion group is also looking for moderators.
Email me sm dot everiss at gmail dot com for info.
Sadly I can't just put my email as a propper address or I'd get spammed to death!
3. completion of the hub.
After a month the compaign will be closed off and attempted completion should be finnished on feburary some time.
Several new projects are happening in the rpg and adventure airieas.
I can't tell our secret formula but I do know that one is a roguelike rpg audio with pictorials for sighted people.
I will continue to update all of you when more news comes in.
Oh and before I go, please keep donating and sending fan mail we appreciate it greatly.

Submitted by Kelly Sapergia on Friday, December 9, 2016

I just installed this app on my iPhone 5C, but apart from the opening announcement about using headphones, I get no additional speech afterwords.
All I hear is a beep on the left side. Touching the right part of the screen gives me a beep on that side.
Does the app even work on a 5C? I know I tried it with my iPod Touch a few months ago and it worked perfectly then. If yes, is there something else I need to do to proceed?

First to all, kickstart is over we have 11052 dollars not enough for our first stretch goal but good enough I guess to continue.
Second, kelly unsure.
It should work, iphone 5c was not tested though.
I have filed a ticket with opperations.
The beeps you hear are the border.
It should power a tutorial first, then a menu if its not doing that then I have no idea.
On the other hand no one has worked with this on a 5c to my knowledge so this may be a first time user no one mentioned and it was assumed it just worked.

Submitted by Chris on Friday, December 9, 2016

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If that doesn't help, it's probably your device. I can't think of a reason it shouldn't work. It works just fine on my iPhone 5S. Unless the game requires intensive processing power, you should be fine. You may want to reboot between uninstalling and reinstalling. Better yet, try rebooting once after uninstalling and once again after installing.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hi all users.
Due to inactivity on here, I am closing down the apple vis thread on this or at least my part of it. is my new blog.
Updates will be posted on the gamers descussion list at and the audiogames forums.
As I understand it for those wanting to get in because of spam and hackers all registration is banned.
So if you want in you will have to ask an admin to get in.
In this final news, audiogamehub is going subscription with a 1 3 6 and 1 year time lots either 1 game or several games or a complete lifetime package.
Testing continues as well as new game for the local cricket team so lets see what happens.
Audiogamehub is getting new menus.
Unsure about all bugs left unanswered, its hoped the game will be updated soon and that all bugs will be fixed.
For all users with questions, direct them at
This is my business address with sonnar interactive.
Due to the fact this thread doesn't generat much traffic I will probably not post much but if it ends up that I can I will.
This is it for the moment.

Submitted by JeffB on Thursday, February 2, 2017

You should keep posting here. The reason there hasn't been anyone posting in this topic because their was nothing new to report. The new games were still being made. The comunity here cares alot about Audio Game Hub and want to be able to be informed about new games.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Thursday, February 2, 2017

In reply to by JeffB

Well as long as there is interest I will try to continue posting.
While not a big issue it happens I don't post for a while and forget my password, then it happens again.
Yes, once traffic improves then I guess I can continue posting.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Monday, February 6, 2017

new news posted
Yes work on audiogamehub continues.
Apple is being really bad with us, for whatever reason they rejected our new cricket app from the store.
This means we will now have to fix this first.
Simon will make it into the hub as well as the game cricket soon.
Pc version of cricket is still in testing, forums will be back up on the 14th when our web developer comes back from holiday.
Please note, for those who can comment on the articles on the blog if you want to know things.
I will check this when I post things but this is not always where I check, but whatever put stuff wherever you want.

Submitted by JeffB on Monday, February 6, 2017

That stinks about Crickit hope it gets into the app store soon.

Submitted by MsHollyWeezy on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Did i read there will be a Simon game added? If I did. That's great!!!

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Was out for a little but now I am back.
Good to know there is still interest even though we just havn't done much for an extended period.
Yes simon will be in the hub its on the next list after cricket goes out.
Still working on the hub.
A reminder to all that if you want the hub as it is that some time soon the hub or rather the origional hub will be no more, there is no timeframe but the hub as well as all future games will be transitioning to comercial release at some point.

Submitted by MsHollyWeezy on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hi. I'm always interested in what is going on. This has been a app full of fun games I always play. What exactly will you be doing sinse there will be no more original hub? How will things work?

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In reply to by MsHollyWeezy

When I said the origional audiogame hub was going to go I didn't mean that it would be gone as such.
From what I have heard from the brass, the hub will have new menus, sounds and interfaces.
It will come in several flavours.
1 game subscription and or full subscription.
You may buy subscription keys for a month, 6 months and 12 months or so on.
Its not yet sorted out all I know is that it will be changing.
You can have as much and as little as you want, and any extra game you add will become part of your current subscription.
When it expires, the games will just not work.
You can still buy the entire lot for lifetime ofcause.
I am unsure if the subscription will effect the games allready out simple as they are.
I mean we can't exactly expect people to pay for the origional games exactly but I suspect anything else will be fair game.
There is no timeline to the switch however its worth noting that that is going on.
I have just recieved codes for the new cricket game in development so we will see.

Submitted by MsHollyWeezy on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cant wait for all the new things. Sounds like more great fun.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Thursday, February 9, 2017

This will slowly leak out as I go round the net. will eventually have this but it may take a bit.
Next week's games are blackjack and simon.

Submitted by MsHollyWeezy on Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ready to see that Simon game.

Submitted by JeffB on Thursday, February 9, 2017

I was a backer and you guys said you were making Frogger is that still in the plans? If so can't wait for that!

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Thursday, February 9, 2017

Unswer is unknown right at the moment.
I jumped the gun slightly with the news, comercialising the hub and other things is on the cue of things but at an unknown time.
More over it does not effect kickstart members.
I heard something wrong and thought it was more than it actually was, we have put checks to make sure everyone hears the right stuff.
The idea has been floating round sonnar for a little while, not long but we will eventually need to grow our business.
This does not effect the current status of audiogamehub, we have enough cash to do what is needed to add the remaining games.
There are no prices set just yet, but its in the cue of things to do,, we would like to keep things free but as a lot of the brass at sonnar work 12 hour days its needed at some point for us to grow.
This does not effect the current state of the hub or anything just yet and you won't have to worry about it till we officially announce what is going on.
Its on the cue but its not an iminent thing.
We are waiting for apple to accept our new cricket game.
After that we have simon and blackjack to add in the hub.
We have the forums to sort out to.
No idea about anything else and thats it really.

Submitted by AudioGameHub on Wednesday, February 22, 2017


This is Jarek from Sonnar.

Just few words on upcoming major Audio Game Hub update:
- new menu system (with lists)
- added achievements to all games
- added highscores
- adding two new games (blackjack and simon)
- adding blind cricket

From next update games will become paid. We would love to keep them for free, but probably you can imagine how expensive it is to create good quality games, and we devote our free time (including weekends and holidays) as well as private money to work on Audio Game Hub. I can guarantee you that the future income will be used to create more games!

After we will finish new games for the hub we will release the Whispering Tunnels - our best and biggest game ever!

Finally, it is very difficult to reach visually impaired community - please help us by spreading the word!


Submitted by David Standen on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Do you have any plans to develop Frogga in the future? I'm really looking forward to the new Simon game.

Submitted by Will on Thursday, February 23, 2017

hi how l"g will it take to play whispering tunnels? would it still be out this month? thanks.