Our new game Super Tile Smash

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We have just launched our first Accessible IOS game.
It is a sound rich puzzle game that has many tile sets and sound theme which
makes it playable by anyone with any level of eyesight.


This is our first game and as such all feedback is very welcome.
for all news and updates see our Twitter feed


Would love to try this

Hi. I would love to try this game out and play it. Do you have any promo codes for it?

It's only two dollars

If you search in the US app store (or whichever country you're in) in the US, it's only $1.99. If you open the link the developer provided, it says it's only one pound and ninety-nine pents.
I've seen people ask for promo codes before, and I would understand if it was over, say, ten US dollars.
I don't understand why people wouldn't want to support the developer by buying the game.

That's why

That's why I didn't say anything. Its just 2 dollars how expensive is that?

I purchased the game as well

I purchased the game only a couple of hours ago and love it. I'm already up to level 18. The cost is $2.99 in the Australian app store.

Thank you from the developer

App Developer

Thanks to all who bought the game.
At the present there are no promo codes.
The game ends when you cannot destroy any more tiles and have no
special tiles to play.
The new version will have a tutorial or at least more description of how the game works.

Once again thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy the game.

An idea

Thanks for taking the time to interact with the users of your game. I bought it last night and am enjoying the variety of sound and color sets. Would it be possible to include gestures to navigate by column and row, and or to be able to drag a finger aroundand hear what you are touching? I'm having trouble keeping track of what is there and am kind of flailing aroundpoking things at this point.

Love this game

Well i bought it. Love it. I put the app on here. I love the sounds. Thanks for making this game accessible.

well, i i magine the board,

well, i i magine the board, as a table with four columns, and five rows, then its doable, so no problem from my side. the coordinates are self-explanatory.

super tile smash: I do not understand queues

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I do not really understand the queues and the criterion of destroying Tiles; the aliens theme is my favourite for now.
let's assume I have Stan on the very first cell (0-0) and Stan also on the 1-0 and 0-1 coordinates.
If I double-tap on 0-0, which is the destroyed tile, or tiles?Does it destroy the tile on my right, the tile down, or both?
And if I have an equal tile on only one direction, for example Stan on 0-0 and 1-0: what happens when I press 1-0 rather than 0-0?
and, I do not understand the queues, if I have for example Sheila in queue 1, how can I behave consequently?
Despite these things, randomly playing I have beaten record to level 26.
I'll wait for tutorial and/or better description!

extra-feedback: vibration

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just an extra-feedback
consider including vibrations for when the Tiles are destroyed.
one short vib: destroyed one tile only
2 short vibs: destroyed 2 tiles
one long vib: destroyed 3 Tiles
2 long vibs: destroyed one row
2 long, one short: destroyed one column
3 long vibs: level up
one short, one long, one short: game end
this may be called "silent theme", to play in night time :)

Hello I will look into

App Developer

Hello I will look into vibration feedback, it might be alittle confusing as in theory you could score between 2 and 20 tiles at any one time.
If you want to play silently you can set the volume to 0.

Thank you for a very interesting idea.

Version 1.0.1 so far

App Developer

So far I have added
A help text at the bottom of the main menu which go some way
to explaning the game.
Also Announcement options of how the game announces the tiles i.e
row column
column row
or just the tile contents.

At the moment I am planning on sending the update to Apple on friday so have plenty of time to add more features and other stuff.

Many thanks for the wonderful feedback so far.

Great game

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi, thanks so much for going to the effort to make your game accessible and for reaching out. I bought it as soon as I saw this post. It's a very addictive game but I would agree with others here that it really needs clearer info on how the game works. I'm not too clear on which tiles will be destroyed with any given action, and what way the tiles around it will be affected. Also whether the new tiles that enter the board are totally random or what. How does the points system work? If you VoiceOver swipe beyond the 5x4 board, there appeared to be descriptions of more tiles, though since I updated to iOS 10.2.1 today I believe, these are now showing as unlabelled buttons. They just seem to take me back to the main screen. Also, I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'd prefer if the rows and columns were labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 rather than 0, 1, 2, 3; or perhaps rows could be numbered 1-5 and columns lettered A-D, just a thought.
Thanks again and I look forward to the update.

yes, that 0 thing can be

yes, that 0 thing can be confused, i got used to it, somehow. as for the queued tiles. the interesting thing is, that when you start the game, the buttons are unlabelled, but as you play, the tiles appear under the board.

Queued tiles

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Ah yes the labels have returned for me. But yeah they should be there all the time. I still don't entirely understand them though, for example if I destroy 3 tiles, how do I know where each of the queued tiles will slot in?

Hi Dave82

App Developer

Hi Dave82
After destroying any tiles the remaining tiles will slide down the grid to fill in the spaces vacated by the destroyed tiles.
The gaps left at the top of the grid are filled by the tiles in the queue starting at position q1.
I hope this helps.

Awesome Game

I've been playing this game for a few days now, very addicting.

Game Improvements

I would like to thank the developer for the new game improvements with the latest update' I really like them especially choosing between the different game types. I find it is challenging to play the match game type. Keep up the great work!


Hi. There is a bug with the latest update. When I tap on anything it kicks me out of the game. I'm using an iPhone 7 with ios 10.


App Developer

The game passed review late last night so I was unable to post anything until now.
The "bug" is that the new version [1.0.1] loads the save file created by the older version [1.0.0]
due to the new features the file structure is now different. What is happening is that some control options are given illegal
values and that is making the game crash.
The solution is to delete the version on your device and download a new one from the app store.
This will clear the old save file and solve the problem.

Apologies to all for any and all trouble.


App Developer

The game passed review late last night so I was unable to post anything until now.
The "bug" is that the new version [1.0.1] loads the save file created by the older version [1.0.0]
due to the new features the file structure is now different. What is happening is that some control options are given illegal
values and that is making the game crash.
The solution is to delete the version on your device and download a new one from the app store.
This will clear the old save file and solve the problem.

Apologies to all for any and all trouble.

New version is now out.

App Developer

Hello and many thanks for all the support, feedback and downloads of the game so far.
John from Woodside Appps
Version 1.0.2 of Super Tile Smash is now available.
AddedBreakdown game mode
Added Techno sound theme
Fixed Speech queue issue.
Added Onslaught game mode
Fixed Queue tiles navigation issue.
Revised help to be in sections.
#Accessible #IOS #Game

Great update

Hi. Great update!!! I love the new game modes and new sound theme. I love these types of games.

I bought the game

I bought the game today and still learning. I prefer to listen to a podcast to understand how to play.

There really is no way to

There really is no way to learn. You just have to find the pattern to get rid of the tiles. I'm not good at this but it's still fun.

I'm kind of good too

I'm kind of good too but I don't understand it much and I'm scoring good points.

Playing the game

I find it easier for me to navigate the playing board using the vertical router setting using VoiceOver. I try to find a group of two or more of the same tiles near each other to be destroyed. I find it hard at times to see the more difficult patterns. I would explore the board after the tiles are destroyed to find the next group to be destroyed. I really like playing these kinds of puzzle games! I hope this helps!

Almost made it!!!

Almost made it to level 30!!!!!! But didnt make it there yet. Lol I will get there though.

Baught the game

OK, I created a podcast which i know isn't probably the best, but i ran in to something i don't understand. I don't understand match game type. I read the manual, and at timesI score points, and others i get to 0. I like the onslaught one, and I definitely like the colors they are easy to see as a person who has some vision. The breakdown is kind of interesting as well. I can upload the podcast to my sendspace for people who would be interested, it will be part of muy podcast series 256. Interesting game, in a way it reminds me of the blindfold game color crush which I play in relaxed mode and at over level 150 of that game. They've got gem packs, similar to how this works with the various tile options.


This game is fun but i h a feeling i'm n doing it right. The different game modes are a little confusing.

I get a bit of it

I get a bit of it, and I have a podcast available but ran in to some things which the developer mentioned. There definitely needs to be clearer instructions on the match game, I do get the normal and I forget the other i played and enjoyed, but it does not save the levels if you change the mode of play. It is an interesting game just the same, I'm not sorry I paid the money, it is an interesting game. I'm hopeful he'll chime in on this thread for updates if I'm wrong.

Worth the money

This game is worth the money if you are in to games like this. I have one small wish/suggestion though. Saving levels. I made it up to almost level 30 until I lost. And I had to start over from level 1. Can the game just be restarted from the level you left off at if you lose? Or is starting over just part of the gameplay?


App Developer

The simplest way I can explain Match game type is that it is like a
fruit machine. The idea is to get a line of 2 or more tile types to line up on the same row.

As for losing on level x it is a gameplay thing you lose due to having no more tiles to play.

Currently working on 1.0.3 so far have added
Side winder and Rocket tiles to be active in breakdown and onslaught game modes.
Some description of what is found in match mode
All empty tiles now have no description.

I have now seen a couple of podcasts about STS many thanks to J.R
and have noticed that no-one uses the queue feature
is it any use to anyone?

Any and all feedback welcome.

queue feature

I have not seen anything about a queue feature anywhere. I do plan to release what I had sent, but would be interested to here about the queue feature as I have not seen it anywhere.


Hey John! I've spent countless hours playing the game and definitely recommend it to everyone! My suggestions are:
1. Make an online leaderboard so that you can compare your score to other players.
2. Add certain achievements and rewards for doing certain tasks, like unlocking modes, sound themes, tiles, etc, so it would feel like the game would give you more reasons to come back and progress.
3. Add a reward for reaching certain levels, for example: on normal mode each 10 levels would give you an extra life, and you could decide when to use it, alternatively you could have an inventory with items you could Hearn and use besides the special tiles. Perhaps a new game mode!
4. I use the queue feature, if you decide to remove it please add a preference to keep it!
Keep up the awesome work!

What does the queue feature do?

Hi! I enjoy Super Tile Smash, even though I've only played the default mode so far and have somehow got points by randomly tapping tiles without being sure of what I'm doing. I've never used the queue feature, because, quite frankly, I don't know what it is, nor how to make use of it. Can someone please explain the queue feature, for those of us who don't understand it? And are there any tips anyone can pass on which might help the games played by us Super Tile Smash beginners to be less random?


Yay just bought this game! I got my gift card today and bought the game! It is awesome. I like the cat sound theme and the alien tile theme. I am so adicted I am glad I have no other thing to do. I think it took some time to learn how to play but I figured that out through trial and error. This game is awesome! And it is fully accessible. I like the cue feature too. And the app is very customizable. Thank you for making such a cool game accessible.

Game Options

I am pretty addicted to playing this game. I really like the different game options for a player's game preferences! For example, I have my feedback on speech. It helps me know how many tiles I have destroyed etc.

Keep up the great work!

Keep the queue

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Please keep the queue feature. I wasn't sure about it at first but like it now. As you progress to higher levels, my best so far is level 34, the queue can be important to play tactically.

I also don't get the queue

I also don't get the queue feature. I read the instructionsbut I'm just confused I guess lol! Keep it though.

I don't see a queue

I don't even see a queue, and I've played various modes today, so I'm totally confused. I'm starting to understand the match a little bit. Normal I got to level 31, then it said I had no more moves and kicked me back to the menu. The colors are easy to see, nice job. I've read all the comments here, this game does sound cool and people are liking it inluding me.

The queue is at the botom of

The queue is at the botom of the scren. If you tap it it will take you back to the settings where you can adjust, but in that wueue there are 5 positions, that's as far as I get.

Thats what I understood

Thats what I understood, looked at it, but never understood it except to say what was next.

I agree

I agree to that silent theme too. Because now it is in the middle of the night, I cannot sleep and cannot play in fear of waking up the whole house with all sound. It would be awesome for nights like this. I have only gotten the hang of normal mode yet so I am not doing a podcast just yet. I got the game only yesterday. I love the nature tiles and techno sound theme. Actually I like all of them. But I have a couple of favourite combinations.

Version 1.0.3

App Developer

Thank you for the continued feedback I am afraid that some of the
ideas will not make it, well at least not now.

The new bits are
Side winders and Rockets are now active in both Breakdown and Onslaught game modes.
Added Duel game mode
Internal fixes
Star will now destroy the tiles to the left,right and above and below it.
Vox sound scheme might have made the build too this
is very new and not sure about it at all as needs a lot of work.