A Blind Legend - Scene 14

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hello again,
I'm back with another a blind legend guide. So lets begin.
The goal of scene 15 is to deflect the archer's poisoned arrows with your blade and fight two monsters.
So lets begin.
Follow Louise till you reach the section where the game plays on auto. Louise will get shot in the leg and then Blake automatically will draw his sword.
In order to block the arrows you will need to swipe in the direction the arrow is coming from. Using your shield will not do anything, unless you would like to sit there with you shield up all day. LOL
Anyway, here's an example. If an arrow were to come from the right side, I must swipe right to deflect it. Once you have deflected all the arrows, you must fight a few monsters.
IN hard core, the arrows vary in speed and damage. So be careful.
Hope this helps.


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Submitted by bonerobot on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I played this scene today. First I followed Luis until she gots a arrow to her leg. Than I easily push all this arrows with my blade away. But after this big monster fights against me I die again and again. I beat this monster strait ahead so forward. but than this monster moves on the left site and hits me. I can't do anything. If I swing my blade on the left site I hit on an empty space, but the monster is on the left site.
Could you help me please???