Does the new file system in OSX 10.12.4 cause any problems when using bootcamp?

I would like to know if anyone has updated, who is running bootcamp.. With the new APFS, I'm worried about how it will behave with my bootcamp. Any information?



Do you run bootcamp on your iPhone?? Somehow I doubt that... And I also doubt that you have figured out a way of installing iOS on your Mac, so anyway you should be fine! :)


I meant osx 10.12.4. I was so distracted last night.


just assumed apfs would be on all of them. ok


The new APFS is on iOS for now, but apple will expand to all devices in the future. It's no big deal for me, as I haven't noticed anything new with the new file system except older apps that were never updated will now not work after future updates to the iOS.

Just guessing here, but...

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Given how different APFS is from its predecessor, HFS+, and given how complicated the Mac is compared with iOS, I imagine that Apple will not convert Mac drives to APFS automatically with an update. Too many things can go wrong, especially since some HFS+ features, most notably hard links, are not supported. It's much easier to update iOS to the new file system, because it is a much more controlled environment, but a general purpose computer would be a lot harder to migrate.

More likely, I think Apple will eventually start using APFS on newly formatted drives, such as those in new Macs, and possibly give the user the option to continue formatting drives with HFS+ if they need it. The new file system will eventually spread, but it will happen slowly, giving Apple time to get it fully stabilized.

As for Windows compatibility, I don't think there should be much of a concern, since Windows uses its own file system anyway, so you already have to handle two file systems side by side. That said, I would definitely be cautious when switching from HFS+ to APFS, making sure everything you use will handle the change properly. This, by the way, includes backup solutions like Time Machine.

While APFS is currently

While APFS is currently available for Macs, it is not at all recommended for someone's main machine. there are issues with whether or not filenames can or can't be capitolized or not, plus many dozen other issues. many and I mean more like most Mac apps will brake horrendously if you try to boot an APFS formatted drive. don't do it, unless you know what you're doing, or you don't care about that machine/partition braking.

that being said, APFS should have no issues with bootcamp. they are separate partitions and don't interact at all. if you are talking about reading and writing between the two of them, that is still probably a know like the situation is now with the current hfs++.