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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Description of App

Audio Game Hub is a set of eight experimental arcade videogames that use audio as their primary interface – making them accessible for both sighted and non-sighted users.

Dive into a rich world of sounds and experience the unique collection of mini audio games. Close your eyes and let your imagination flow.

Play in the casino, attend the medieval archery contest, escape the dark labyrinth, fight the finest samurai warriors and improve your memory at the animal farm. Play it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

- Slot Machines (Casino)
- Archery
- Hunt
- Samurai Tournament (up to 4 player)
- Samuari Dojo (up to 4 player)
- Labyrinth
- Memory (Animal Farm)
- Blocks (Bejeweld)

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Accessibility Comments

very accessible, and easy to use. Contrary to the opening statement, VoiceOver does not need to be disabled.

VoiceOver Performance

Not applicable for this app.

Button Labeling

Not applicable for this app.


The app is fully accessible without the use of VoiceOver

Other Comments

the sounds are well done, and the games, while easy, are a good time waster.

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Submitted by JTran2013 on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Would we be able to purchase Whispering Tunnels or is it strictly a Kick Starter reward? I'm interested in playing this game! Keep up the great work!

Submitted by MsHollyWeezy on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hi. I want to buy the games but have a question. If I buy all the games I have them for ever right? What is the difference between that option and anual?

Submitted by David Standen on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I also tried purchasing all games for $24.99, firstly from within super simon, secondly from within bomb disarmer and thirdly from the purchases menu, and nothing happened. This needs to be corrected asap.

Submitted by DMNagel on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The app have been removed from the South African app store.

Submitted by Will on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

hi this has not even shown up in the uk store, which games are now available? all of them? from the kickstarter?

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Sunday, June 11, 2017

Well till I get an official responce this is what will have to bee.
1. coins and games, assume a bug, have reported it.
2. buying the game, same as coins, its a bug, I don't know, sonnar havn't advised me.
3. the game disappearing.
I don't know exactly why that is but I was doing a lot of serious beta testing on the game a little while ago last month I did a big test.
I am unsure what this means I doubt sonnar is going offline for ever.
Its more likely the game 2.04 or whatever the next build is is actually released but I am not advised of releases they just happen.
In loo of any official responce my official line will have to be for now that audiogamehub has either closed due to technicall difficulties or is in process of being released or well something I technically should actually be slightly more informed not that I could have actioned it last week even if I was.
And thats another thing, I appologise not responding to these basically week old posts for the simple reason I couldn't.
For those technical among you, for the last while the net has been slow, the usual speeds of the net are 16mb down by 1mb up, its always been a bit slower with crappy phone and data from time to time but since things oculd get rebooted/reset I just got round it as best as I could.
Last sonday I was working on an upload for another person of some sound stuff for a project and the entire thing just took all bandwidth and phones and everything signal wize. results had me quite slow and router stats the same.
After following the usual troubleshooting steps on the router, cord removal, reset, restore, several reboots, and security checks, I determined that updating the firmware was the next thing.
I had done this on dsl connections and it worked.
A note to all it appears that routers especially isp supplied ones and others you may own on vdsl and fibre can not be updated by you, well they can but then you loose connection and everything on refresh.
They need to be updated serverside and usually you don't but you should be able to request from the isp if you need one.
So I bricked my router.
Not to worry assured my isp we will send another which they did.
And so I plugged it in only to find that bar google most websites and the phones didn't work and a strange ip was in the unit and a lot of other things.
Well this is where it starts going wrong.
We had been out for about 3 days now, and it seemed fine enough however now we had no net still and phones.
Ringing to the isp and working for 2.5 hours checking the router and systems had them convinced that we were to blame, it wasn't till my dad threatened that we would leave since we weren't getting the net that we actually got something done.
It ended up with them basically admitting to having issues with their servers.
It took another day of doodling instead of the 10 days they said it would take to get the net fixed.
And even once it was fixed the net was still broken, it wasn't fixed just restored to what it was when I reported the issues which was really not good.
That night friday it was I put in a request and after a lot more resets well 1 and some other line resets they decided to send out a technition saying it would take another 3-4 days to get the lines working.
On saturday I came in from gym only to find the phone not working or the net, it was like this for about an hour I was about to call the isp again but then it came back and at full speed.
I havn't been contacted again but the net is now working at the 16 down and 1.2 up I payed for.
To be fair the support for the isp I have is really good usually and their uptime is actually really good, the ratio I need to contact their local support callcentres is almost 0 which is saying something for them especially with other isps I have had to deal with in the past.
I certainly have no intentions of moving and to be honest it probably wouldn't have been that bad if things hadn't happened all at once.
It probably won't matter anyway, in 4-5 years counting this one the government is shutting down the outdated, slow and crappy copper network so we will have to go to fibre or the slightly slower wireless cell system.
That in a nutshell is why I wasn't online.
If there are any blessings I could take from that experience was that in all the days we had no net it was sunny, and there was no rain in sight.
I was able to enjoy things a lot.
I hope things are more stable at least for a while now.
I have also got a few family issues going on, my grandpa is on his last legs and this means things may jump round.
Hopefully this won't effect work to much but if you suddenly don't see me then you will know I guess.

Submitted by Will on Monday, June 12, 2017

Hello,to be honest i find it quite frustrating. the app disappears and sona themselves do not even apologize, tell us what's going on, give us no updates or anyshing, not to mention let those who supported them know what's going on. iniaj, and i understand why, but we get someone who is meant to know what's going on, come on to this forum and just say oh sorry, don't know what's going on i'm just the mimiddle-man it's a bit of a joke to be honest, either you are informed rriably if you work for a company what's going on or you are not, why act like you are just thrown some food every now and then? sorry but it just seems a shoddy way to do business, with no explanations as to the lack of the hub or progress, i won't be giving me money to this developer. if i could i'd get my meney back that i wasted donating

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Monday, June 12, 2017

Well I must state first off that we at sonnar strive to do the best on our customer base.
Things are going on, but at no real speed.
I do agree with the frustrations in communications and the traffic put out, I have mentioned this several times to the management Its not like we are bad or anything its simply that they don't email me unless its needed, they are busy I do contact them via phone from time to time, and I don't think they go out of their way to just piss off users thats bad for business.
I would like a bit more presence, ie a bigger pr and coms team, however we are only starting, traffic is low but its getting really old fast.
Not that I'd ever leave the software is top notch when it comes out and we are only just starting out.
I don't think we have stopped as such, but with no notification feed as such I am unsure.
the last twitter post was last month but the development is in fits and spurts.
I hope things do pick up once we get more stuff out there.
The issue is continuity, then again we can't exactly post about nothing.
I am sure that the reason the games are gone is because either there is a new release or someone forgot to pay for keeping them up or something I can tell you the last thing I did was test the v2x hub so I assume thats whats going on right now.
Due to life I havn't had the time to actually contact them on anything important, and its actually possible that they are so busy they havn't had time to even look at this for a bit, I have asked for more people doing more than this sort of thing, its vary well me being pr and all but I don't have much to put out and while its fine that things are slow, I would really like to hear things first hand and not second.
Not that I complain exactly, I am not payed its just a small thing I do as a side project, there are actual projects I am payed for that while not as frequent as I do are more difficult and challenging than sonnar has ever been.
I know sonnar exist here and on a couple other forums and to be honest its up to them to either get back to me or respond themselves.
I do know we are roling on and thats about it.

Submitted by TJT 2001 on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I believe that the app is gone because either they or Apple decided to remove the app because the functionality of buying the games from within the app is broken. They are probably working on an update, however they cannot offer an app that does not work as this violates Apple's guidelines for apps.

Submitted by Joseph on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sounds like i won't be redownloading this app even if it does come back. Meh.

Submitted by DMNagel on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I find it hard to believe that an app would just disappear right after it got new games. Remember that we just had the same problem a few days ago with blindfold home run derby. The only difference is that in the case of blindfold home run, the problem was fixed much faster. All we can do now is sit tight and wait. I don't think it is much to worry about though.

Submitted by Will on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

i understand the app is being worked on etc. but just to be told oh i should know what's going on but don't is rediculous, as people who supposedly are meant to be in touch with the company they are work with, clearly don't communicate.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Friday, June 16, 2017

Well sorry it took a while to finally get an answer to this.
The usual contact with sonnar just didn't work including the company number I have because the management are not in the country at the moment.
I was able to get in touch with a contact in the development branch.
If someone should be yelled at its apple itself.
As you know a new version of the hub was released.
On that release apple rejected the in app purchices god only knows why.
A reworked app was resent to apple, who then rejected it again.
As a result audiogame hub has been removed perminantly from the apple store and will remain so till apple accepts the app which we have yet again sent for review.
So if audiogamehub never comes back then suddenly does then goes down again, then it seems we are again in the apple trap.
I don't exactly know why apple don't like bits of things, I mean we are making an accessible app, I hope its not images, or that we are trying to use google play or something stupid like that.
We are using apple game centre for the apple app anyway.
I really hope that its not something stupid like an image.
There is secure then seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecure!
Seriously, we had issues in the past but its like we are in a cycle of rejection here.
The app will be restored when apple is happy with it.
The app is removed till apple is happy with it.
We will continue working on the app to make apple happy with it but to be honest it really sounds crazy to me that a platform distributer will give us this much trouble.
Its not my concern but still its a problem.
I have again asked for pre information so I know a little more than the average user, but still.
Anyway thats the situation, the app is down till apple want it back.
Lets hope they eventually get something they like.
I really hope this doesn't happen on a regular basis.

Hello All,

We are sorry for recent lack of communication. I was out of work for couple of weeks due to my surgery. I'm feeling better now and we are getting back on the track.

We have submitted iOS update two weeks ago but Apple is constantly rejecting it. Some reasons are very unreasonable - such us: entering options should be not double tap or inability to go to Page 2 in order to find other menus.

We have wrote several appeals from application rejection and waiting for approval - hopefully in next few days.
For now application is removed and unavailable for download on iOS - we are very sorry for that.

We will announce when it will be approved on our website and Facebook page.

Thank you for understanding

Submitted by Teresa on Friday, June 16, 2017

Jarek, I'm glad your health is better. I love this app, (Blocks is my favorite game.) and I hope things are straightened out soonest.

Submitted by SoundSchemer on Friday, June 16, 2017

You should send their rejection response back to apple, and then submit a copy of the app every 3 minutes until they obey. If they do anything else to you, you should send back this message:

"Your message has been rejected by the audio game hub review team, please try resending the message in another 120000 years".

That'll show those evil apples how to work

Submitted by Joseph on Saturday, June 17, 2017

Um. no. no no no and no. That's a good wy to get the app removed for god.

Submitted by DrummerGuy on Saturday, June 17, 2017

I agree with Joseph in that taking such an action would only make matters worse. Let's hope that both parts can come to happy terms. I love the app and I certainly would not like it if it just disappeared for good.

Submitted by David Standen on Saturday, June 17, 2017

It would be such a shame if audio game hub was permanently removed for IOS. It's a great little collection of games, my favourite of which is also the Blocks game.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Saturday, June 17, 2017

Thanks for all the support.
Yeah, I can't speak for sonnar but personally, security asside, this kind of makes me want to just say fork you apple, fork you and your os.
Because you reject my stuff for some stupid reason all the time I just can't be bothered developing for you, you can take your store and shove it up your beeeeeeeeep!!!!
I don't want audiogamehub and the other sonnar games to be not on apple devices but a large part of me feels like well maybe its time to cut our losses and let it go and just do android and maybe pc the path is certainly easier in that direction.
A developer lworks has already indicated that it is not renewing their subscription and who knows why.
That means their apps are now dead and no longer on apple.
I'd really like to do something evil to apple I really would.
Seriously though, if apple want to play the rejection game, we will continue soldiering on, appealing and revising and just gnashing our collective teeth at apple's stupid rejection reasons as we go.
Its life, apple is closed and secure but I do wander if that will bite them back in the rear at some point.
Things like where options should go and that there is no graphics.
imagine if you started your screen reader of choice and were told, because you don't have a mouse the licence key doesn't work or something.
I am unsure about comercial readers but with nvda I was able to trouble a system with a dead video card and still get sound and data.
On another occasion I am able to administrate systems without the use of a screen and only a keyboard and dropbox account.
I really hope rejection will not be the norm.
If it is, I don't know.
My idea will to push for android first and formost, then ios, at least have ios started before droid and only announced when apple allows it in.
'd also do pc if the game can be played on pc some games are just not pc compatible like bomb disarmer and simon but I know they are fine on touch.
I will be posting on a note to mention that the apple stuff is down on the hub anyway and leave it at that.
Like jarek my life is just not in a good place.
Mum has had issues with teeth now solved we hope, however as I mentioned my grandpa is dieing of heart failier and is in the final stages.
Life is quite messy as you can imagine.
So this stuff is taking a back seat, never the less I am trying to fit in whatever I can manage with some family going away in the next month for at least 1.5 months, life is full of getting things out of standard activity.
I expect to be semi like this till october but the family issues will continue till they are done.
That could be the end of this year maybe next who knows.
But right now things are a bit hecktick so please bare with us.
I have asked sonnar however for more notifications so I don't know as much as a user and have to go chacing around for information.
Still life is life and we can't do much about it but continue.
On that note, if you guys need a responce quickly maybe you should try emailing contact at audiogamehub dot com or contact at sonnar dot nz for your questions.
Ofcause you can put them here.
I am also on and you may have better luck contacting me either via the forums or emailing me directly, login and email crashmaster through forum mail and I will get it.

Submitted by Joseph on Saturday, June 17, 2017

You could still do mac as well, but just host those versions on your website instead of on the app store. as long as you have a valid certificate you'd be fine. I think.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Saturday, June 17, 2017

I am unsure how legal that would be, pluss what in involved in installing apps not in the store for the average joe, you probably have to jailbreak your device or lower security or something and hmmm I don't know doesn't make me feel safe, we don't need ransomware in iphones and devices just because we wanted to have our stuff installed and then have bricked devices.
I am sure we will work on this but thanks for the support though.
I did put this stuff out on audiogames yesterday and it seems that blindfold has gotten past this junket and successfully navigated the apple requirements code.
Once I get a contact mail and I will ask him.
Ofcause if someone does know what the address is can they send it to me or mail him and ask him to contact me, I am going to try to get it myself I think I know where I may be able to get it possibly.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hi all.
A report on states if I read right from the text I will paste below that in landscape mode in the formentioned games in subject line well bomb disarmer really but simon and memmory use similar systems, that in landscape and portrate modes the positions of some icons and items ie numbers or touch screen arieas are in different places.
On a completely unrelated note, there is a bug in Bomb Disarmer, not an urgent one but more something to watch out for. In the tutorial, assuming you are holding your phone in landscape with the home button/navbar pointed to the left, the bottom left hand corner is the tone for 1, the top left is for 2, the bottom right is for 3, and the top right is 5. For those who aren't getting it, figure out the dtmf phone touch tones that denote the various numbers of the keypad, those 4 are used, and read that again. Anyway, this isn't correct in the actual game. Bottom left=1, bottom right=2, top left=3, top right=5. Remember that and you should have no problems.
Is this correct that things are changing, and is it a problem for users.
The bug has been reported but I am checking if this channel has had issues with the bug in question.
In other news on audiogames side, a lead into the death of audiogamehub on the apple side is being investigated, it seems another developer blindfold games while not compleetly successfull has navigated the burocracy of the rejection system in apple inc.
I have been able to obtain a support email and have sent a request.
Its about all I can do in pr, once I get that its going to go to dev branch.
I will keep you posted in the struggle to continue.

Submitted by Khalfan Bin Dhaher on Sunday, July 16, 2017

Audio Game Hub for iOS 2017th edition is here.
Audio Game Hub version 2.0 bring 3 brand new games. Blackjack, Bomb Disarmer, Super Simon, 58 achievements remastered menu system, leader boards for each game, integrated news section, scalable fonts, high contrast mode and more.
Starting from version 2.0 games are paid. There is an option to play for free by watching advertisements. BlackJack and Slot Machines remain free games.

Hello Jeff,
If you put on the upper left corner of your screen, just the tap, the boys will say returned. Double tap on this, and you should be at the game menu. Hope this helps. It did for me. I would say you can put returned again again with two tabs and get back to the main menu and games.

Submitted by ming on Monday, January 25, 2021

is there any new games coming up in 2021?

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Monday, January 25, 2021

Hi ming and all.
Well, here's the situation with audiogame hub.
No, there will not be any games this year nore will there be any games for the forseeable future.
Contract for me ended with sonnar a couple years back or rather no more work came from them.
However according to the last update which is not even updated as I haven't contacted sonnar for a while now is that while gaming hasn't stopped its not paying the company as much cash as they would like.
You will have heard about the new subscription model put in place.
Lets just say, mobile games don't really make the cash.
With all the extra restrictions put in place by apple for apps and other such crazyness even before covid19, the situation is that sonnar would like to continue making games, but they have to eat.
So they have been doing accessibility systems instead.
Those that use the local nz blind lowvision library alexa skill will be happy to know that sonnar wrote or helped with the alexa skill.
The last I heard thats what sonnar are doing now.
Gaming has not stopped and will remain one of the main business drivers, but the core has had to shift.
At the end of 2018, and start of 2019, contact with sonnar was lost and I have not even attempted to reestablish it.
I may try later on, but to be honest the craze of mobile games while still about has dropped to the background.
Its a mix, of pc, pc over ich and steam, mobile, some console.
The biggest thrust is alexa but nothing has really peaked.
For those that care, audiogame hub on the phones and such is at 2.0 and the pc is at 1.7 and likely to remain that way.
Then again I am out of date.
It was fun while it lasted, and maybe later on I may try to contact sonnar again.
For now sonnar is no longer making and until anything happens is probably not making anything, I just don't know.
I have allready closed pending business the sonnargames wordpress blog and as far as I know thats that.
Sonnar is probably still active, I have had other things to do other than check them out and to be honest I all but forgot them and their site.
According to their site, sonnar seems heavily focused on the smart speaker technology.
I probably will try to see what is going on with what has happened before, but don't be surprised if nothing happens.
Thanks for continuing to show interest though I suspect no one else on other communities has actually asked in the last 2 years since all notifications stopped.

Submitted by kool_turk on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

seeing as it was last updated about 2 years ago, I highly doubt it.

Look to the future, not the past.

Unless they've been quietly working on new stuff and not told anyone, then I wouldn't expect anything new from them.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if one day they quietly disappear from the app store.

Submitted by DMNagel on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Not even a subscription service is enough to sustain audio games. It's yet another blow. In my opinion, the problem with these games is that they are simply made to be. There are no unlockables, no hidden achievements, no Easter eggs, no cheats, no extra weapons, no new updates, nothing that wants you to play a second or even a third time. Absolute boredom is the only feeling that draws you back to it. To be fair, PlayStation and other console games doesn't always continue to update either, but at least they are already packed with enough Easter eggs, weapons, cheats, unlockables that makes one want to play and replay. There's got to be some award of sorts at the end. Take space wave race for example. They have the right idea with spaceships and tracks that are locked. The only way to unlock them is to play through the championship. However, more unlockables could always be welcome. Not that these are bad games mind you, I'm just saying. Game devs shouldn't just focus on the plot alone.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Well Don't know.
I have not recieved work from sonnar interactive for some time.
However the last I heard was this.
Due to the fact audiogames just were not selling as expected other projects have been taken up.
Now who knows where everything is and I'm not even going to try to guess or even wander at it.
There hasn't been any work from sonnar for the last 4 years nore have I even kept up communications.
They moved from games to library and other skills and that was before covid.
Now that we are in the apocolipse I don't even know if sonnar exists or what its status actually is.
And since we are now stuck in perminant lockdown for maybe the next 100 years or so unless delta shifts or the government decides that maybe its time to actually bail out of the sinking boat who knows.
I know they were struggling before covid cash wize and were seeking funding from places constantly.
But since the main dev is from poland and travels constantly who knows.
My guess like just about everything else game wize its been shelved.
A lot of stuff is concentrated on the amazon platform but who knows who thats racket is under now.
There were projects in the works but audiogames just are not the mainstay it was hoped, still on the back burner.
Put it this way if sonnar came to me with some more work I wouldn't say know but they aren't and I am not pushing it.
And now with just about everything put towards the current war effort I am concentrating on mundain things like keeping everything active and online.

Submitted by Ashleigh Piccinino on Thursday, January 13, 2022

I deleted the app and canceled the subscription, of course before its due date. About all the amazon/Alexa stuff, will any games work in the Fire tablet version 7? Also, where to better discuss things like that, skills for the Amazon assistants?

Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Thursday, January 13, 2022

For the Kindle Tablets, do a search for ' Visually Impaired Kindle users Group'.

As for anything to do with Amazon A-Lady Skills, check the Articles Room of the Audio Games Forum, for a list of Alexa games.

Also dive into the podcasts of 'Dot To Dot' and 'The Echo Show', for a plethora of skills daily and weekly.

Sadly, I do not know of any E-Mail groups pertaining to Alexa Skills.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Thursday, January 13, 2022

well do you guys want a spaciffic alexa email list to be created.
I have time to do so on but I would have no idea what to put there, it would be an unmoderated list though because I can't be bothered doing all this as such. is the channel of liam that used to do l-works but he does wanderword and poptale stuff now on various games.
I have not heard about much more from sonnar on anythhing if anyone is keeping score so assume its all but done.
Then again I have had no need to even bother contacting them for anything.

Submitted by ming on Friday, January 14, 2022

hi! Jarek
good to hear from you.
and also good to know that audio gam hub is still have some update.
I hope the hole audio game hub can have a monthly subscription
and then we can play the hole list of games.

Submitted by ming on Friday, January 14, 2022

I hope it can have some shooting games.
simple fighting games.
and yeah....
the pvp kinds ofgames tooof games too.

Submitted by Shaun Everiss on Friday, January 14, 2022


Hmmmph, there technically is a subscription.

As for the updates, there are no updates.
The last official updates were 2018 for the hub I think september and 2019 for the stories stuff on twitter.
There isn't an update and probably never will be.
Sonnar interactive no longer exists at least my involvement in it is no longer.
I have not had a need to contact their bosses for at least 3 or so years now and I doubt this is going to change.
The last official update I posted whenever the heck that was is that due to the fact games were not making the cash they were, that they wouldn't be the main business of sonnar.
They are working on the alexa system now and with libraries for the blind.
However unless they still stick in the mobile page and with no updates on their official twitters I am assuming that sonnar no longer exists or its quiet doesn't matter much anyway.
The point is, there will not be any more updates, at least for now, may be never, no updates on their books twitter has been since 2019 and nothing on audiogamehub from 2018 so technically 2-3 years.
It doesn't mean sonnar isn't about but with covid and all who knows.
I know that the ceo was always looking for cash all over the place and traveling to poland a lot his home country.
We can assume that thats probably stopped.
So I can imagine without any funds that sonnar is now closed perminantly.
Of course the fact they are not communicating doesn't mean much but I am assuming that they are closed effectively.
Weather they actually say anything is unknown.
My involvement with them ended some time in 2016-17 and after that I don't know.
That was a pitty because they had a rewrite of the last crusade done in xml format that had been sitting about on their servers for 10 years but was never finnished.

Submitted by ming on Friday, January 14, 2022

oh! I see
thanks for the info...