A Blind Legend - Scene 17

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Your daughter has took a poisoned arrow from Scene 15. She cannot tell you or lead you to places. You only have a man.

The man leads you to the forest, saying that he can't go with you any further and gives you instructions to follow the song and that it will guide you to a demon's lair. More information about the demon from the man is from Scene 16.

When the man leaves follow the wind so that it's in the center of your head. If it shifts to a different direction in your headphones, go in that direction. Eventually, Edward Blake asks, "Who are you?... Are you the demon?" to a sound of a rustle followed by a roar. This is a monster.
Do not strike when he is growling at you in a nice way. Attack at a not too soon, not too late moment.

After the monster falls, Edward automatically puts away his sword and says for the daughter to stay with him.
Now, you've guessed it, follow the song. In about 2 minutes, you will hear wind. Head straight for the wind. You've reached the demon's lair, except you have to fight her first to get her to help your daughter.
1. Blocking is hard, so don't do it all the time. I struggled on this level because she hit me when she was on my right side and I went down, followed by the dying music because I blocked too much.
2. Do not strike at her while she's getting ready to hit you. Strike when she's just about to hit.
3. At the end, the demon goes "you must die!" If she says this, even blocking won't do you any good. Strike her. Kind of like the king. Don't let him breathe. Strike him.

At the end, she finally saves your daughter.

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Hope this guide helped. I had the same problem as well, I couldn't get past the demon level.


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hi. I have an problem in scene 12. How do you complete the scene 12?