Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger bigins to be in accessible with Voiceover, for example when I swipe to delete a conversation nothing seems to happen. Is it any other app available wich works with Messenger I can use instead?


It works fine here.

It works fine here.

I was able to deleate a conversation I forgot I had and it worked the same as it always has.

Ok. Have you the latest

Ok. Have you the latest version? I am using the latest version wich came for a few Days ago and Ios 12.1.

Yes, I updated mine yesterday

Yes, I updated mine yesterday.

Are you trying to delete a conversation or an individual message.

Conversations are deleted through the actions rotor, whereas individual messages are done by double tap and swiping left or right, then finding the delete button.


I am trying to delete a

I am trying to delete a conversation and I do it through the actions menu. But when I double tap voiceover doesn't give any respons and the conversation doesn't delete.

Annoying iOS 12 bug?

Hi, maybe the iOS 12 bug I've discovered ever since the very first betas is coming into play for you. Sometimes, and I haven't yet discovered any regular pattern in this behavior, VoiceOver just stops performing any action in a given app after a double tap, even though it does register the gesture and make the corresponding sound. Basically, you double tap on anything in an app and nothing happens at all. This can happen any time, in any app, sometimes it doesn't happen for three days, sometimes it occurs 5 times in a single day. AT least, this is how it goes for me. The only thing that helps to fix this for me is to restart both VoiceOver itself and the app in question. Once or twice, I even had to restart the entire phone to get rid of this behavior. This was happening both on my iPhone 7 Plus which I am about to get rid of, and on my brand new iPhone XS Max which I've only had for a couple of days.

New update

New update and it still doesn't work to delete conversations etc in action menu.