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Thanks, Marco, this also worked. I appreciate your help, as well as the help from Bahzad. Any tips on adding contacts? I seem to hear voiceover change voices as I navigate the different contact screens. It seems like VO will read a button, then the voice will change slightly. I have turned off the compact voices in the VO settings. I will still keep plugging away. I am determined to master this! Susan



Submitted by Shersey on Friday, January 18, 2013

To add a new contact, follow these steps: 1. Find the "Phone' app on your iPhone, and open it by double tapping (tapping twice, in quick succession), on it's icon. 2. Along the bottom of the screen, after the app has opened, will be five tabs. From left to right, they are: Favorites, Recent's, Keypad, Contacts, and Voicemail. Tip: the "Contacts" tab is right above the home button 3. Double-tap on the contacts tab. You will hear a rapid sound of three ascending tones. This tells you that the screen has refreshed. 4. In the top right-hand corner, you will find a button labeled "Add." Double-tap it. A new screen will open. The first item on the screen is a "Cancel" button. Upon flicking to the right, you will find the "New Contact" heading. After that comes the "Done" button, "Add Photo" button, and then all the contact entry fields. 5. To enter data into any of the fields, double-tap on them. A corresponding keyboard will pop up. To move onto another field, just place your finger on the screen, a little above the keyboard, and you should land on another field. 6. Enter data into as many fields as you would like, then press the "Done" button. It is in the top right-hand corner. If you would like your contacts to be sorted or displayed differently, i.e. last name first, follow these steps: 1. Find the "Settings" app on your iPhone, and double-tap. 2. Flick right, or feel around on the screen until you find the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" button. Tip: It should be about an inch from the bottom of your screen. Double-tap on it. 3. A new screen will open. Move the roter to the "Headings" position, and flick down until you reach the "Contacts" heading. To move the roter to different positions, place two fingers on the screen, a little apart, and turn them to the right or left; turning to the right will move you to the next roter setting, while turning to the left will move to the previous roter setting. If you find this too challenging, you can, of course, flick to the right until you reach the "Contacts" heading. 4. After reaching the "contacts" heading, flick to the right until you hear "Sort Order." This control is a button. There will be some more text in the name of this button, such as "First, Last." This tells you that your contacts will be sorted by first name first, then last name. For example, if you had two John's in your contacts, one with the last name Wilson, and the other with the last name Carter, the John Carter entry would come before the John Williams entry. Double-tap this button if you would like to change this behavior. 5. The button after this is the "Display Order button. Again, there will be some more text in the name of this button, such as "First, Last." This option tells the iPhone how to display contacts. For example, using the John Williams/John Carter example, you can have the iPhone sort contacts so that John Carter comes before John Williams. You can also tell the phone to sort them in that order, but display them with the last name first; so, John Carter would be Carter, John, and John Williams would be Williams, John. Of course, you can always just do what I do, and have the iPhone sort and display your contacts by first name, then last. When I first got my iPhone, I didn't know why my contacts were sorted so strangely. Then I saw that you had the ability to tell it how to sort your contacts. I was so relieved that I could find people easily again. After all, you don't think of someone as Williams, John, you think of them as John Williams. The only things I sort by last name first are authors in my book collection. It's easy to fix how contacts are sorted, but it can be rather baffling, too. Hope this helps, Shersey