Introducing the all new Factory Theme for FEER

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with the brandned theme of FEER, we added new features, robots, saw-blades and gantry cranes
and bridges.

every bridge is placed only on one lane. on the others you will fall down.
before the bridges you step on a metal grid, that indicates a bridge is coming.
Listen careful to the sounds on the grid.
More information would spoil the experience.

all the best and much fun with the factory Hansjörg from FEER
ps. thank you all for voting FEER the best game 2018


Good morning! Could anyone

Good morning! Could anyone please tell me how I can overcome the bridges in the factory? I tried in every way but nothing, it seems impossible. Thank you!

Jumping over maybe?

Sometimes I can jump about 5 or 6 times after hearing the metal and get past them, though I'm not sure if that's what I'm supposed to do. I also have some other problems with the new sounds. I find it distracting that the saw blades and the dropping items pan as the sound continues. Also, the very beginning of the crain sounds like the saw blade at first until you get used to the sound. I'm glad I bought the factory to ensure continued support, but not sure I'll stick with it.

easy when you figure it out

Hi, the bridge is actually quite easy once you figure it out.

I don't know how I can explain it without spoiling the experience.

I was lucky enough to get two bridges a few seconds apart, which gave me enough time to work it out.

I won't be the one to spoil things, but I know someone else will, that's usually how these things go.

Let's see if anyone else can work it out without resorting to spoilers.

Maybe I'll get lucky then

I'm getting closer, maybe putting on my better headdphones later today will help, but that's just a guess. Finding several in quick succession would certainly be handy.


very nice theem. I love it.


I'm glad to see that FEER is getting more content. I like the new theme.

I'm glad someone else mentioned the similar sound of the saw and crane, because I thought the start of both sounds were rather similar. There was no confusion between the ground creatures and birds in the forest theme.

I usually catch on to new audio game mechanics, but am also apparently bad at figuring out the bridge thing. Most of the time I get killed, and what I originally thought I had to do didn't work. The bridges are still giving me trouble, and I know it shouldn't be that hard...

Loving this theme

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I had the same issue with the factory til I listened very closely to what I was doing. I got it now but not going to give anything away. Its a fantastic theme this one better than the forest. Cheers and thanks.

Certainly Harder

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I find this one is harder, but that also rackets up the enjoyment level. What would be really cool is if after a certain level, or after you score a certain number of points, it would randomly switch you back and forth between the forest and the factory. Also, would absolutely love a river full of croco-zombies!

The Bridges

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One thing I noticed was that in this original post, it was said that if you go in the wrong lane, you will fall down. To me it sounds more like you get squashed flat by a slamming door. Just my observation. Oh, and the shield will absolutely not save you on the bridges.

How to pass through the bridges

High folks,
The bridges are not so difficult as it seems. When you step into the bridge, change the direction with left and right swipe. In one of the three positions, you will here additional metallic sound, which comes far in front of you. It's like "Boom, bam, bam". When you hear it, stay in that direction and will pass through the bridge.

Very well deserved distinction

This game is, simply, wonderful. Thanks to the developers for making it even more interesting. Congratulations on the new theme. Also, congratulations on The magnificent distinction this game has earned. Good job, guys. Please keep it up. This game is splendid.


congratulations! to the developer!s! It is one of the great games.
keep it up!


App Developer

I know it feels good, to share and spoil the secrets in a game.
But maybe you can think about, that you ruined an experience for everyone now, since it is written in stone now here, for ever.
All the gamers, which cannot come over it, write to us via email and we give little hints NOT TO SPOIL it.
so do all the new gamers the favour and delete your SPOILER.

I was hoping for some sort of

I was hoping for some sort of inticement.

The factory theme is pretty cool and all, certainly more difficult, but lets face it, with certain quests, people are just going to switch to the easier theme to complete.

In other words, how about theme specific quests.

Make it so we have a reason to play those themes, not just because we want something different.

People are already having trouble with some of the obstacles in the factory, so they'll switch to the forest.

How about something like boness points for crossing 10 bridges in total.

They don't even have to be boness points, you can have rewards, like extra lights, although that would probably defeat the purpose of the whole game.

A weapon that can blast enemies in all three lanes, but you can only get it by blasting robots with the regular weapon.

I'm just throwing out ideas at random here.

Yes, that of the metallic

Yes, that of the metallic sound in addition I understood, to cross the bridge we must pass where we hear that. The problem is that when I go at top speed I do not have the time to go from one lane to another looking for that sound, so I wonder if there is a way to understand where the sound is in addition without having to go through all three lanes.

A few comments

I also love the new theme, despite it being more difficult. Even though the bridges still trap me at times, there are definitely manageable. I prefer this theme to the forest. Personally, I think the footsteps in the forest theme now are too loud. Please accept this as constructive criticism. I would also like to congratulate you for achieving a golden apple award this year. I was one of the people who voted for the game. Keep up the great work.

Re: @stefan.tsvyatkov

My only wish was to help the people to understand the game mechanics better. When I am wondering how to make something, and have no idea, and trying over and over without success, it's not good experience for me.
Since sharing of knowledge and useful tips is spoiling for you, I agree to be a spoiler.

Re: Spoilers

I think the developer’s original clue was adequate to help a player work things out for themselves. I too had trouble figuring it out at first, but when I actually stopped and used the thing sitting on my shoulders, the answer was obvious. Listen carefully? Obviously, but don’t forget to think.

Thank you, Stefan.

I want to thank you, Stefan, for your help. Far from spoiling the game for me you have helped solve a problem that had been frustrating me for more than a day.

Game developers, people are different. Some people like to work out very difficult puzzles, but some just can't. Do you think it's fun trying to figure something out over and over and over and over, failing over and over and over and over till you could almost cry with frustration? It isn't fun. It's not cool. If people don't want to see how to get past the bridge and would rather figure it out for themselves, they don't have to read that post, it's clearly subject marked. I'm extremely grateful to have been given some help, though I still think I'll struggle with it.

Wile I am here, could I please ask why the sound balance in the forest has been altered? Now the wind is so loud that the whole ambience is somewhat spoiled, I can't hear any of the other layering that used to be there. Also the footsteps are far too loud. This means that I have to turn the game's over all volume down, which means I can't hear zombies or lights as well, which means I die sooner, which ruins my game experience. You know from other comments how much I have loved this game, and I'm just so sad that this update has given me so many problems.

I, also, would like to thank Stefan

While I like the fact that the bridges were left to players to figure out as a fun brain puzzle, I also agree with Lulu that not everyone is quick at figuring things out or wants to play games in the same way. And while I have huge, huge issues with spoilers that are not marked as such, I've not found that here. So thank you, Stefan, for posting your thoughts, the sound of a body slamming into something hard was actually starting to bother me, because I felt so absolutely helpless to stop it. All that said, wonderful game at large, and the new theme is quite creepy. I really like the way you've tied it into the world you've started to build, that's a golden apple well deserved.

Thanks for the bridges tip

Thanks to Stefan for his tip about crossing the bridges in the factory theme, even though I eventually worked out how to cross bridges myself last night, it's good to see a confirmation of what I found out by pure luck. Now, once I'm on the metal grid before the bridge, I change lanes till I feel I've found the right one: sometimes I guess wrong, but that's just part of the challenge. I'm hardly an expert on running in the factory yet, my scores there are nowhere near as high as they have been in the forest, but, even though the new theme is more challenging, I feel I'm making good progress with it, even though I may well alternate between the factory and the forest, not just for variety, but also because there are some quests, such as notching up a huge score in a single run, which simply aren't possible for me in the factory yet. This game simply gets better and better, and it truly deserves its Golden Apple award for best game of 2018.

RE: How to pass through the bridges

Hello Stefan. Thank you for describing the bridges. Like many others, I haven't been able to make it through those. I will go see if I can make it now.

RE: Certainly Harder

I agree with sockhopsinger's recommendations. I would love to have the option to switch between themes, randomly, after a certain point value or some other target has been reached. I do think it should be a choice to turn this feature on/off, however. I also would like to see some croco-zombies or something else menacing like that.

Game Paused or App Switcher Activated During Game Play

I use the iPhone XS while playing this game. I haven't tried the forest theme, since upgrading my phone so I don't know of these problems occur in that environment. When I am running through the factory, in hopes this would solve these problems, I try to play in the middle third of the screen, I still get knocked out of the game with either the game being paused or the app switcher being actibvated. Any ideas as to whether or not it's because of the device I'm using or do you think there is something wrong in the game itself? Any help is appreciated.

RE: Spoilers

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I like the idea of posting spoilers, but in future, how about putting a spoiler alert so that those who wish to actually figure things out for themselves can skip the post!

The middle bridges are a great idea. The implementation could ha

The idea for the metal Bridges was seriously good. It was a great knew seem to add. It would have been better if the sound that shows you when you’re not on the correct lane didn’t sound so solid. I would actually assume that it’s backwards the booming metal sound is more Hollow I would think a better sound for, you’re not on the correct lane. The solid metal sound would be a better sound for, you were going the right way. This is why I believe everyone got confused. It was a small mistake in the sound design. Keep it going you’re seriously good and learning!

It Was Clearly Marked.

In fairness, that comment was subject markes something like: "How to pass through the bridges". Exactly how much clearer could it have been? ☺

RE: Just a Suggestion

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I was just suggesting the word spoiler be used. Just my opinion. For the record, I had figured it out before the message came across.

Totally awesome!

I love that new factory theme! That bridge thing was actually very easy for me to figure out. I think some kind of a river theme should be next, with alligators and crocodiles.


Love this. Have not figured out the bridges yet. Will figure that out. Right now I am just falling from them a thousand miles down into a dark casm.


Yay got the hang of the bridges. I don't know why but this feels a lot harder than the other one. I love it. So now I can play both. Got a gift card for this upgrade.


I love all of the souhnds in every detail. Really nice. I don't mind that the jumnp and slide things are panning it just makes more atmosphere to it.

*possible spoiler* New Update, Thank You So Much, Developers!

A new update just came out, I have it within the last ten minutes. The audio mixes are fixed, to my ears, and I for one am so grateful I don't have words. Now the forest is how it used to be and if I want to play easy I can play there. The factory, now I can hear what I'm doing and actually got over four bridges before I died, unheard-of! It's still a lot more challenging and that's as it should be, but it's not undoable for gamers like me who really can't play the harder high end kinds of game. Thanks so much for this awesome update. I should add that I'm just an ordinary person, not a tester, so I'm not talking about anything I shouldn't, I just put that alert there in case anyone wanted to find out about the update for themselves without reading my thoughts. Have a great Christmas.


hi all, how can i re-hun the factory tutorial once it has played?

RE: Tutorial

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Once you select the factory theme, I believe you go to settings, help, and find the tutorial option and select replay. Sorry it's not more precise, but I don't have the game open in front of me right now.

Idea for a new theme

How about a hospital theme with nurse zombies? That would be awesome. I can’t take credit for the idea though, that came for my girlfriend. not

Ice theme?

Ok, so I have another idea for this game. It would be cool to have a lake or something like that that's iced over, and we would try to avoid the thinner ice, so we wouldn't fall through it. Also put polar bears and things like that in the mix.

a new theem from me.

I have an idia from my mind that if you make a theem about medieval casol. and you add old wepons like swords, spears, dagor, act. and about enemis, put spikes, and booby tracks. and

What’s going on?

What’s going on? The game has not been updated in three weeks. What theme are you guys working on now? I really hope this game has not been abandoned

London´s calling

App Developer

to wave with some good news, we have been invited for the PocketGamerConnect to London next week and preparing for this big event to pitch, meet and talk to publishers and the press. Since everything has to fit into a tight bag, we need to decide, what we shall leave behind.
on the longer run we are drafting game ideas and future plans for FEER and more. and not to forget we need some fun and relax time too, since we´ve been working daily up to 16 hours for quite a long period. We thought, you all would be busy with the bridges in the factory, to have some time, but alas. so we keep you all in touch, if news appear on the FEER horizon.

Good luck at the Conference

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We shall look forward to your report after the conference is over. And don't worry about rushing out new environments before they are ready. Some people are naturally impatient.

three weeks is hardly a long time.

Developing anything takes a good deal of time, games especially so. I am sure things will come when they're ready and that there is always a reason for when things hit our hands/ears. Also keep in mind there have been no dates given as to when anything new will be coming so really there's no need to rush. Best of luck with everything and there's no hurry!

Good luck

That’s great! The game is going mainstream! I’m sorry if I came off as inpatient, I just love this game! I only bought it on Sunday but I am already addicted! As soon as I bought the game, I bought the factory theme as well. Great game!

any free trial available?

Hello all, is there any free trial is available for the game? i want to try before perches

Meanwhile, thank you for this

Meanwhile, thank you for this wonderful game! I have an idea in mind! It would be possible, besides saving the fairies, to be able to save mermaids, nymphs, princesses, kings and queens from monsters. It would be beautiful!

Love this Theme!

I love this science-fiction theme. It's definitely more challenging, and I like that. Keep up the great work, guys!w