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I just upgraded to a new iPhone XR.

I am confused about how to use the emergency calling feature versus rebooting the phone when using VoiceOver.

Apparently if one holds down the power button while simultaneously holding down one of the volume buttons the phone will either reboot or call emergency services. How do I make sure that I don't accidentally call emergency services when trying to reboot the phone when I'm using VoiceOver?

I'm surprised there would be a single method for doing both very different actions.




Submitted by Lee on Friday, December 28, 2018


My understanding is slightly different from what you state. I suspect you googled this and it does tell you exactly what you said. I have an iPhone 8 but I believe the xr would work the same. To call emergency you press one of the volume buttons and the power button. To reboot/reset your phone press the up volume button then quickly press the down volume button then press and hold the power button. That reboots the phone. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but that is how I do it. I've nearly called emergency by doing your method and you have 5 seconds to press cancel!

Submitted by Humberto Avila on Friday, December 28, 2018

Hello, If you don't want the risk of calling the SOS emergency services, I believe you can just press and hold the power button on the phone for about 3-5 seconds and some options will appear. VoiceOver will focus on the 'Power off' button. Then you can just hit that button, and start up the device again by holding that same power button for a couple of seconds. This should work on all phone models. Unless, your phone is unresponsive / voice over doesn't work...

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