Introducing AccessLyve; a suite of free live performance accessibility applications

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Arts Access International is proud to announce the release of AccessLyve!

Our first suite of FREE live performance accessibility applications.

AVAILABLE NOW – FREE! Real-Time Audio Streaming

AccessLyve Server – Provide real-time Assistive Listening (AL) and/or Audio Description (AD) services using your own computer and WiFi gear.

AccessLyve mobile app – Listen to any AccessLyve stream using your own mobile device.


Reach new audiences with AccessLyve Server!

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Sounds interesting

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I will have to check that out when I get home and can do so.

Ditto for Me

I just received a tweet about this from my brother. These sound very good, and when I have more time I'll definitely check them out as well.

I'll have to look at it

It looks good. I'll have to look at it. I do have a question. It looks to me, like I should be able to click on a video URL. (like something on Youtube) or somehow upload the video and play it, and get an audio disscription if I play it within the app. Am I correct in that assumption? And if so, how do I get the video on the app to play it for Ad.? Forgive me if this seems like a dumb question.

Clarification please

Hi. I am an assistive technology trainer at a local college. I think this app would be good for some of my visually impaired students. Just to clarify, the consumer enters a venue such as a playhouse, movie theatre, art museum, etc and access live will provide audio description of the play, image, or movie etc once connected to a wifi network? Sounds interesting. thanks very much.

who is providing the AD?

Who is providing the AD? If I walk into, for example, my local theatre, who will be providing the descriptions when I launch the app? Does it happen through the iPhone camera?

The organization (playhouse,

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The organization (playhouse, movie theatre, museum, etc) will have to provide the assistive audio or audio description service. They would download the companion macOS app, and stream the audio over their WiFi. The patrons would use the AccessLyve app on their iPhone or iPad to listen.

The organization provides the

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The organization provides the AD. That audio would be streamed over their WiFi using the companion macOS AccessLyve Server app, and the patrons would listen to that stream on their iPhone or iPad using the AccessLyve iOS app.