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Does anybody know how to use the app SayText



Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Thursday, January 31, 2013

not at the moment but I can research the app and come back with some more info.

Submitted by Esther on Thursday, January 31, 2013

There's a tutorial you can access from the opening screen of the SayText app. Just flick right once from the "Take Picture" button and double tap on the "Tutorial" button. I'll paste in the four steps given in the tutorial that are also given on the app's support page: 1. Place the iPhone center of a document and double-tap the “Take picture” -button 2. Slowly elevate the iPhone upwards from the document, until the whole document is in picture. A beep sound indicates, that the document has been detected. The camera will shoot automatically when focused 3. While the OCR is running, tap the screen to hear the progress status 4. When the OCR is ready, swipe right on the screen to listen the document Some comments. You don't mention what model of iPhone you have, but this app runs much, much better on the recent models. One dramatic difference that I didn't expect is the better performance of the iPhone 5 at lower light levels. I just tried running this app on a document with an iPhone 4 and with the iPhone 5, and got better than 95% accuracy from the iPhone 5 and just a few punctuation marks and letters from the iPhone 4. I think the difference is that I was in a room with light, but not the LOTS of light that is better for OCR. You can run this app with the screen curtain on, by the way.