can't ad audio track or music in reaper for mac

hy guys, I can't ad audio track or music to reaper for mac,
what can I do?


A little more info

There are probably a dozen reasons this can happen. Can you be a little more specific? Have you added an actual audio track, and can't import an audio file onto it? Are you receiving an error message/ I'm a pretty heavy Reaper user (On the PC mind you), so if you give me a few mored details I might be able to help.

I try to

I try to open A spesific file such A mp3

importing files into reaper.

Ok, so do this.

  1. Go to the track you wwant to add the music at.
  2. Go to the time you want to add said track
  3. Hit command I
  4. Browse to the file(s) you want to add.
  5. Hit open or enter. If importing more than 1 file you will be asked if you want default which is tracks or all on one track. If all on one track you will have it as items.

I would google for the reaproducibility podcasts by garth humphries. I think I spelled his name wrong but he is an excellent teacher.

Thanks Ke7Zum

I didn't know there was a podcast out there for Reaper. I use it frequently, but just know there are faster and easier ways of working with it than I currently use. I'll have to look into this.

Regarding MP4s, I don't know about importing, but when rendering files to MP3 from Reaper you need the Lame MP3 Encoder. I imagine you need it to import also. Would still be really helpful if you gave us the error message you're getting if any. Anyway google Reaper MP3 Lame and there will be a file you'll download. It'll allow you to export your project as MP3. Hopefully that'll solve the importing of items too.

Maybe you don‘t notice it worked?

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Well, I just started using Reaper myself. This is what I do:
1) I open Reaper. Reaper opens to a blank, new project.
2) I open the „Insert“ menu.
3) There, I select „Insert Media“.
4) I pick my file.
Reaper now does import the file.
HOWEVER: The Play-Curser is now placed at the end of the file and hitting Space Bar does not actually play what I just imported. Therefore:
5) I hit CTRL+Home (May be CMD+Home on a Mac) to place the cursor at THE BEGINNING of the audio.
Et Voilà: Now hitting Spacebar actually does play my file.

Does that work for you?
If not, you may want to describe what you do and what actually happens, step by step, as already requested by other commenters. No single phrases, but more detailed descriptions.
Good Luck!

W will also get you to the

W will also get you to the beginning of the file. And remember that is the item it gets you to the end of not the track. Remember, reaper is context sensitive.