How do you generate an @ sign when using Braille Screen Input?

Hello' I am using braille input on screen but cannot at all figure out the at sign' I cannot do contracted braille wich means I am using six dots'


#1 the @ sign

Try dot 4 followed by dot 1. I normally use mine in contracted braille for braille screen input, but switched it to uncontracted and tried doing the same thing, and that worked.

#2 contracted braille for the at sign?

is it dot 4 followed by dot 1, for contracted braille as well? i amusing ueb.

#3 contracted

I would like to know how to do it in contracted because the standard didn't work. I am unfortunately using swedish keyboard. Am I supposed to do it as contracted because I cannot do it on regular.

#4 figured it out

I figured it out. In swedish it is dots 4 and 5 followed by dots 2 3 5 6. Woo!