moving apps and/or folders with a bluettooth keyboard

This ought to be really easy to find out, but doesn't seem to be. I know how to start editting the home screen with a bluetooth keyboard, equivalent to double tap and hold on the home screen, and I know how to move the app or folder around etc. However can I work out how to drop the app or stop editting or whatever. This is driving me completely insane, as I used to know how to do it, but have forgotten. Any ideas?


#1 moving aps or folders withbluetooth keyboard

I dunno if this will work.
When you get the app where u want it, just hit the home button.
or space-h on the keyboard.
Seems like it otta work.

#2 Didn't think of that, I'll

Didn't think of that, I'll let you know, I'm sure there's a keyboard command though

#3 using the home button space bar or enter key

While these were excellent suggestions, unfortunately they don't work.

#4 Try just pressing the ESC key

Have you tried just hitting the ESC key, if there is one?

Greg Wocher

#5 pressing escape

I do have an escape key, and this doesn't work either, sorry.

#6 Hi,

Try VO plus H, control-option H togo to home page. I actually don't know the move commands on the BT keyboard. Using a Logitech keyboard if that helps.