Questions about the gaming apps in the AppStore for the blind

Why are apps like, Blind Memory no longer available for us. Where did they go? How can I get the app now? We are going threw tuff times and we need more free accessible apps to play! Apple Arcade needs to be and Game Center both need to be 100% accessible for us too! When will these changes be made?



Spellstack was a really good game, I wish the game was updated and the game shouldn’t have been taken down from the App Store. Is it possible that there could be a game similar to that one? Another game that I would like to see in the App Store is the game of Candyland, sorry, life, Shoots and ladders,Uno, A accessible restaurant game and trouble.

get realistic, please!

Why do you feel that all games and the game store need to be 100 percent accessible? I agree with the store part, but, really? All games? With "all" as the key word, it is not realistic, nor is it necessary. Picture oriented puzzle apps would be an example. If the app is color oriented, it means nothing to a blind person. This would be like demanding that a music player be accessible to the totally deaf. Making all apps accessible to the blind is an unnecessary expense of time and money even if it could be done. I, for one, would get nothing out of an app that shows awesome sunsets from around the world.

It will never happen

We will never have accessibility for every single game release. Firstly, some games are too complex to be made accessible. Secondly we are in the minority, and there are a lot of game developers out there who wouldn't even know about Voiceover. In answer to another question, "Blind Memory" and "Spell Stack" were released several years ago and have not been playable since IOS 11. It is possible that those developers are no longer creating games. Yes, there are games I still would love to be able to play on my device, such as "Sixth Sense", "Audio Defence" and "Ear Monsters", but again, those games are no longer supported. Some cool games I highly recommend are "Audio Wizards", "Feer" and "Audio Rush", all of which are listed in the Games app directory. They aren't free, but by purchasing, you are supporting the developer.

favorite games

My favorite iOS game of all time was Stem Stumper. It had a real challenge to it and I felt like I'd accomplished something when I 100 percented the whole game, and I hadn't felt like that since I could beat NES games with the little bit of vision I had as a child. I met a friend through the Twitter hash tag for Stem Stumper and we and another friend would play that game while talking on Skype. I think that game was the only thing that got me through the summer of 2011.

Ing I agree, Spell Stack, that dev's other game, was pretty cool, but my friends thought it was too challenging. I'm not much of a word game person, but I loved that one. I also loved Ear Monsters... it was a fun little time waster especially with all the achievements you could get. I also enjoyed the somethin Else games, though I only made it about half way through Papa Sangre 2. It's a shame those games were all lost during the 64 bit app upgrade a couple years ago.

As for current games, my favorite is still Apple's own Texas Hold'Em game. Apple nailed it by making the rerelease last year 99% accessible... that 1% that isn't is just little things that I'd like to see fixed but don't affect the gameplay at all. I've never played poker in real life, but during lock down I've been watching several poker tutorials on YouTube just to try and get better at that game. For now, I'm still stuck on the fifth tournament. Since it's a mainstream game and it's free, I be able to convince my family to download it and play multiplayer with me next time I see them.

There's also still the ever-present games in Dice World, just because it's turn-based. I've also in the last couple days picked Fruit Pot back up. Too bad that game also had to go.go.