A ranking of the life simulators I have on my phone.

So I have three life simulation games on my phone, bitlife, alter ego, and the life simulator, Yes, that really is the name of the game.
So in the first place there is bitlife. Bitlife has the best interface and it is very funny at times. You can do a lot of things and the constant updates make it the best.
Next, we have alter ego. Alter ego is a good game, but nowhere as good as bitlife. You can control a lot of things about your life, but you can’t get a pet, get surgery, go to the movies, or do a lot of the things you can do in bitlife.
In last place, we have the life simulator. It’s a good concept, I’ll give it that, but it does not have a very good interface, it takes a long time to even complete one year, and overall the game seems unpolished.
If you know of any other accessible life simulator games, let me know. Also make sure to comment your rankings of these games or any games you may have


I have alter ego and bitlife,

I have alter ego and bitlife, but I'm not sure which one is better. Alter Ego is better if you haven't played in a while and have a lot of time, but bitlife can get boring after a while if you're just sitting there playing for more than an hour. A game I wish was accessible is Instlife. Everyone is trying to argue that bitlife is a copy of instlife or the other way around, but I've watched videos of people playing it and they're not really the same. You can do different stuff in instlife, like have art lessons or sports lessons, and earn money by selling paintings and releasing albums. Also I'm pretty sure there's more stats and it's organized more into tabs.


Yeah, if that game was accessible it would be nice. However, I don’t think it can be made accessible because of its very visual nature.

Alter ego

Now that I have bitlife I kind of hate alter ego now. I might take it off my phone some day since I haven't played in a long time. And they don't update that game anyways.


Personally I don't really like alterego. The genders are very steriotypical, just let me be my tomboy self for goodness sake! It also shames you for picking certain choices and pretty much everyone is a jerk or a pervert. Your mother leaves you in the kitchen alone so you could get poisoned, or even if you don't she still scolds you for playing somewhere you shouldn't even though that never would have happened had she done what my mother did and put a baby gate on the door. I could provide more examples, but I think I'll stop here.

About alter ego

You’ve got to remember that alter ego is a port of an 80s game of the same name. Certain things, like gender stariotypes were normal in the 80s and therefor they are in the game.

Re: About Alter Ego

I know that, and I'm not blaming the IOS devs for that. I'm just expressing my opinion. AND I'm pretty sure they did have baby gates when this game was released so there's really no excuse for the poison thing. It was all the parents, not me. I was just doing what babies are prone to do.

Baby gates

they purposely didn’t put those in. That scenario is made to be used to raise your intelligence.

Wait a minute

Gender stereotypes normal in the 80s? I love this comment - it makes the 1980s sound like the 1950s! It's nonsense though, I'm afraid. There were many things about the 1980s which were different. TV sitcoms were of a higher quality (this is the UK I'm talking about), you had to wait four weeks to have a telephone installed, and five gold medals at a summer Olympics was considered a very good performance by the British Olympic Association. But I do not recall any gender stereotypes except in Enid Blyton books, and she was writing in the 40s. That was another thing about the 80s - I don't recall children's programmes having the degree of soul-searching in them as they do now, The Story of Tracy Beaker and all that is far more geared towards social responsibility than was, say, Grange Hilll.

my two cents on this toic

I started playin alter eggo back in 2006 using the web browser based version during the days of good old windows xp. How I miss that ralyable version of windows, but that's not part of this topic. Anyway, I could never figure out how stats like gentleness, expressiveness, and other things were determined. I remember the first time I played this game and it said that I had to learn how to be nice. I don't really think I was much of a brat as a baby in that game, I mean, all babies are bound to throw fits every once in a while, speaking from personal experience as an aunt of that one. And as I got older, I noticed that my stats seemed to drop, even though as a child and later a teenager, I don't think I was a brat.

The devs

The devs or who ever made that game is a close-minded person and I have proof of that from reading the app reviews. People suggested lots of options and different life events and they did not want to put it in the game. When last has that game been updated? And if they do update it its nothing major other than bug fixes. I finally deleted it from my phone. I did get my money's worth though.

Re: The Devs.

That game is a port of something made for one of those really old computers that took a heck of a lot of time to set up and beeped a lot. I can't remember what they're called so we'll leave it at that.Think of it as a PC emulator for an NES game. They aren't going to add anything that wasn't originally in that game, they're simply making it available again for those who don't have that system but want to play.

Alter Ego

Alter Ego is not a life simulator. alter Ego is, in fact, a game created by the same guy who went on to create Choice of Games. It is, in essence, a choice of game without the COG label.

It is a story of what life could be, thus not a lot of replay value. I do wish a game could be created that combined the elements of BitLife and a COG game for narrative prose.