How to wipe iPhone data permanently?


I got a new iPhone 7 and want to destroy all the data on my iPhone 5S. Factory reset is safe enough to protect the data? I heard the data could be recovered.


You can try

You can try to restore from an iTunes or iCloud backup. If you've never backed up your old iPhone to iCloud, you will have to set up your iPhone 7 as a new iPhone.

Erase all content

Use the erase all content and settings item once then, at the setup screen, don't sign in with your Apple ID. Once you complete setup, use erase all content and settings again. This will insure that the data has been erased twice and also insures that the old encryption keys are removed from the security hardware.



If the normal erase all content and settings option doesn't work, restore the phone using iTunes. Doing a rstore this way is probably better since the entire device is being formatted and a new copy of the system is downloaded and installed.


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Truth to be told nothing is totally secured. For the most part you will be just fine. I also recommend that one do a wipe of your device from your iTunes. Although using the Erase All Contents and Settings would also be my second choice. In the end most people would not be able to recover you data. But, it is possible and for those that really know how to do it. Yes, it is possible. What I have heard is the best way to protect yourself is to delete important apps you don't want people to recover. Like Banks and other important apps that you deem sensitive. Also, to be sure to log out of everything including iCloud and your AppleID. Once that is done. Now do a wipe of your device.