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Posted on Wednesday 23 April 2014 by mehgcap
Partitioning a Drive

When you partition a drive, you essentially make your computer see two different drives where there used to be one. This is useful for a variety of reasons and is something you may find yourself needing to do, but the process on a Mac is a bit complicated. It may be easy to do visually, but using Voiceover, there are some...

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Posted on Saturday 19 April 2014 by mehgcap

Safari is the Mac's default web browser, and it does all the usual web browser things - opens webpages, downloads files, plays audio, all that. It has some neat tricks, too, like the Reader that can show you only the meat of an article.

However, if you are coming to the Mac for the first time, especially from a Windows background...

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Posted on Friday 18 April 2014 by mehgcap
What's a Commander?

A commander is a really handy feature of VoiceOver. With it, you can quickly move around, change a setting, or even run an app or Applescript file. Commanders are very useful and, among many other things, they are an easy way to give the Mac a way to speak the time and date with a single keystroke.

There are four...

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Posted on Tuesday 8 April 2014 by mehgcap
The Finder

Finder is the Mac's file browser. With it, you can look at files and folders on internal, external, and network drives; copy, cut, and paste items; tag files for easier locating later; search for files; and more. The problem is that, particularly for those transitioning to the Mac from Windows, Finder is a confusing mess that makes...

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Posted on Monday 10 March 2014 by Christopher Hallsworth

Hi all I have some good news if you want to use Windows on your mac using VMWare Fusion. I can now tell you how to re-map one of the keys on your mac keyboard so it becomes an insert key. Here we go.

  1. Open Fusion.
  2. Press command-comma to open preferences.
  3. Interact with the toolbar and click on keyboard and mouse...
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Posted on Monday 10 February 2014 by Craig Werner

Note October 17, 2016: a new and updated guide on iOS text editors is now available here.


iPhone and iPad users have a bewildering abundance of plain text editors from which to choose. For projects not requiring complex formatting, there's really no need to bother with a word processor. Devotees of minimalism will revel in...

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Posted on Saturday 8 February 2014 by mehgcap

So, you're a developer of Apple software. You've followed Apple's guidelines for making your iOS app accessible , or making your OSX app accessible to Voiceover users. Your controls are labeled, you have hints set up, you have things grouped into containers, and you've made sure everything plays nice when Voiceover is running. First of...

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Posted on Sunday 26 January 2014 by Piotr Machacz

iWork 13 was a big update. One that excited blind people, and at the same time annoyed power users. Because the iWork apps were rewritten from scratch, not every feature was included at first. One of these features is assigning hotkeys to styles, which later was brought back in an update. A couple times I’ve seen people asking how...

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Posted on Friday 24 January 2014 by mehgcap
What Are Tags?

Starting in macOS 10.9 Mavericks, files could be given one or more "tags", to help users keep things organized. A tag is simply a text label you can assign to a file, letting you organize your files with categories instead of, or in addition to, folders. For example, a student might have a science folder, holding a textbook,...

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Posted on Thursday 21 November 2013 by blindgator
As VoiceOver users on the Mac, we all love short cuts. They make our life and computer experience easier. Most of us are familiar with the basics, when in mail Command N for a new message, and Command Shift D to send that message. We have to learn all of these keyboard commands to use our Macs. I am here to tell you that once you have gotten...
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