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Posted on Thursday 9 February 2017 by Tunmi

Hello again,
I'm back with another a blind legend guide. So lets begin.
The goal of scene 15 is to deflect the archer's poisoned arrows with your blade and fight two monsters.
So lets begin.
Follow Louise till you reach the section where the game plays on auto. Louise will get shot in the leg and then Blake automatically...

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Posted on Thursday 9 February 2017 by Tunmi

Hey AppleVis community, Haven't done guides in a while, but back with one based on A Blind Legend. Scene 15 is sometimes a little hard to understand. The goal in scene 15 is to reach the door to the place where they will attempt to help Louise. When it is your turn to play, orient yourself so you are lined up with the chimes. Walk...

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Posted on Thursday 12 January 2017 by David H. Cohen
I needed to have Windows 7 with JAWS on MacBook Airs. However, Windows 7 is nor supported on newer Macs via Bootcamp. When running VMware Fusion, the Caps Lock key was not passing through as the assigned JAWS key and there were issues with VMware Fusion's built in key mapping feature. Here is a workaround that I developed. Note that this should...
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Posted on Wednesday 7 December 2016 by Kerry

If you open a webpage that doesn't have access to the Safari Reader and is difficult to navigate you could try saving it as a PDF. Admittedly you won't be able to interact with it and open links and drop down menus etc, but if you just want to be able to read general information more easily it may be useful. Just select the share button and...

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Posted on Wednesday 30 November 2016 by Deborah Armstrong

First, let me thank everyone who kindly answered my questions in the forums here about how to do this efficiently. Now that I've mastered the skill, I felt I should summarize it in this guide.

Sharing the information you get in a text message is easy, but not always ovvious. And to do it rapidly takes practice.

Let's say your...

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Posted on Saturday 26 November 2016 by Tunmi

This guide's been corrected a bit, please read on.


Welcome to Blindfold RS Games, where the RS Games client may be played not only on your Mac/PC, but also your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Blindfold RS Games gives you access to all the games found on the RS Games client. This is a beginner's guide to guide you...

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Posted on Wednesday 2 November 2016 by Toonhead

With the release of iOS 10, Apple introduced new visual effects that you can attatch to iMessages, to enhance the experience. Some of you may be asking "why would I want to send visual effects"? The short answer is because it's fun, and the great news is that Apple has made the process fully accessible, and when someone sends you a message...

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Posted on Monday 17 October 2016 by Craig Werner

Note: This guide is an updated version of my article “An Overview of Five Text Editors”, submitted to the AppleVis community in February, 2014.


iPhone and iPad users have a bewildering abundance of plain text editors from which to choose. For projects not requiring complex formatting, there's really no need to bother with...

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Posted on Sunday 16 October 2016 by Tunmi

This guide will explain the features of WhatsCall and how to use them.

What is WhatsCall?

Pulled description from the app store:

WhatsCall is a FREE global calling app, even the recipient doesn't have the App nor internet connection. Stop paying for expensive international minutes & landlines. Make a free call with crystal...

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Posted on Sunday 21 August 2016 by Igna Triay

If any one here uses quicktime on the mac to record the output of an ios device, or just to record something, you might have noticed, that there is an option to stop the recording, but not an option to pause it. As a matter of fact, the recording can be paused. Here's how.

So, when you are recording something, and you want to pause the...

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