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Posted on Sunday 18 November 2018 by jack

This is the first wearable Bluetooth keyboard to hit the market! This keyboard allows you to control your phone using various tap combinations on any flat surface.

Physical Description

The keyboard itself actually consists of a wrist-strap with five touch-sensitive wrings, one for each of your fingers. It is a comfortable fit, and four...

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Posted on Monday 29 October 2018 by HoldenM

Here I am with another review. It's taken me some time to write this one.

Today I have the Skullcandy Crusher 360, which I will say is definitely an upgrade from the original Skullcandy Crusher Wireless I talked about quite a while ago.

There are some cons with this one, and I will discuss those, but let's start with the layout of...

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Posted on Tuesday 2 October 2018 by thebigt

The earphone jack on my ipad mini recently gave up the ghost, so i was on the hunt for a pair of cheap bluetooth earphones as i didn’t want to be spending a lot of money on something in case it was a bit more than the earphone jack not working.

These earphones are a similar shape to Apples’ earbuds that come with an...

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Posted on Saturday 29 September 2018 by jack
Upgrade your mac's storage in a Flash...

We all know that Apple isn't the biggest proponent of on-device upgrades, and sending your machine in to get upgraded will likely result in a charge double to that of upgrading it yourself thanks to the travel/labor expenses involved. Yet, you've probably made the mistake of cutting back on storage...

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Posted on Saturday 29 September 2018 by jack

After comparing this with my Trekz Titanium, I can say that this successor to the Trekz Titanium is definitely their best model yet. It's lighter, runs on Bluetooth 4.2, and sounds better.

No More Plastic

In order to make the unit lighter, Aftershokz have completely done away with the plastic part of the frame, making the only plastic...

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Posted on Tuesday 31 July 2018 by a woman


Let me start this by saying that, for reasons of morale and ethics, I would never advertise any device—even if I was paid for it. The reason I decided to take the risk, and buy the Dot Watch, is simply that I am a 'braille person'. The more braille/haptic feedback, the less speech, the better for me. So I felt it was worth a...

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Posted on Wednesday 25 July 2018 by Trilobite27

I got my first Homepod when they were released in the UK back in Febuary of this year. I loved the sound quality from it and loved being able to play my Apple music on demand. I got the Homepod simply for the sound quality rather than the “smart features” as at the moment they are a little bit lacking. Hopefully, this will improve over software...

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Posted on Wednesday 27 June 2018 by Raul

I needed a new Speaker for me and my family. A few years ago I heard about the Denon Envaya Mini and its great performance but I never got one. Finding out that Denon released last year a new array of products I didn't think twice and bought the bigger one, the DSB-250-BT.

Package Contents

In the box wi find the speaker itself, a...

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Posted on Sunday 3 June 2018 by Rachel Rebecca

I have experimented with different microphones. Out of those that I have recorded with on iOs, I sincerely think that this one is the best at stereo recording representation. There is great news for you folks who are thinking, oh goodness, a good stereo microphone? I can't afford that! Nope, This one is really cheap, about 18 dollars on amazon...

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Posted on Wednesday 16 May 2018 by Voracious P. Brain

A post on security cameras for the blind? Next up, a goldfish's review of mountain bikes. Right? I do not plan to argue that a camera system is as useful for a blind or low vision person as for someone sighted. In fact, I argue that it may be even more important, thanks to two factors. First, most units include microphones that deliver...

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